Chocolate and Sweets

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Chocolate gifts

Chocolate gifts are some of our favourite kind of gifts at IWOOT towers. There's just no getting around the fact that chocolate is very very tasty. The levels of tasty present within chocolate it makes a great gift for a kid , gift for a man , gift for a woman and gift for anybody else . Aside from the multiple health benefits of chocolate (somebody told us that once and we've been holding onto it ever since) there's another clear reason for buying it as a gift. It's pretty much the social norm, on receiving an edible gift, to offer to share it with the gift giver. #winning.

Sweet Jars

Sweets are a lot like chocolate. They make great gifts for grandparents and gifts for kids . Equally, for those thinking about either becoming a grandparent or reverting back to a state of childlike glee, sweets are the way forward.

Chocolate & Sweet Occasions

I know, I know ... it's always the occasion for chocolate and sweets right? We agree but there are some times where it's almost foolish to not be eating chocolate and sweets. These make great stocking filler gifts , secret Santa gifts , gifts for teachers and gifts for students . Get them something tasty and get a little bit yourself!

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