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Bed Of Nails Divya Mat

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If the idea of a bed of nails conjures up bizarre rituals and acupuncture sessions gone wrong, it's time to try something new. This incredible Divya Bed Of Nails Mat is a fantastic solution to muscle pain, tension, stress, insomnia and fatigue. It might not cure these conditions outright, but results show that the Divya Mat can significantly help with ailments and generally make you feel more positive.

Of course, being a bed of nails makes it sound scarier than it actually is - the nails themselves are small and stubby as opposed to long and sharp. You can lie on the mat, stand on it or rest whichever bit of your body is giving you grief on there for as long as you like, and the tension will be released by the soothing nails. There are 230 individual nails (or 'buttons') on each mat and 27 points on each one, giving a grand total of over 6,000 points of contact when you lie on it - perfect for releasing that inner tension.

Tests have shown that sufferers from stress, insomnia, back ache, depression, fatigue, joint pains and muscular tension can experience noticeable relief if they use the Divya Mat once a day for half an hour or so. It can also improve circulation, increase energy levels and improve sleep patterns too, so it's useful even if you're already in tip-top health. In short, the old bed of nails has changed - the Divya Mat is here to make your life easier.


  • The Divya Bed Of Nails Mat can help a huge number of ailments.
  • Styrofoam mat with 230 individual rubber buttons (rather than nails).
  • Good for pain in the back, neck, shoulders, hips and joints.
  • Can provide relief from muscle tension and improve circulation.
  • Great for relaxation and increasing energy levels.
  • Encourages release of endorphins.
  • Recommended for up to an hour of use at a time, but longer periods will do no harm.
  • Sufferers from eczema, psoriasis or any other allergic skin conditions should consider wearing a t-shirt or using a towel on top of the mat to prevent irritation.
  • People with substantial skin damage on their backs should not use the Divya Mat.
  • Anyone taking blood-thinning drugs, people with serious heart disease and pregnant women should not use the Divya Mat.
  • Suitable for ages 12 years +.



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a greaaaaaaaat product

Wow this Bed of Nails Divya Mat is fantastic. It hits all the right points and is supplied with a travel bag to carry with you. I love it.

I bought it because...

I found the Bed Of Nails Divya Mat and read the description. I sometimes suffer from back pain so I decided to try it. At the beginning it seems a little painful because of the needles, but when you stop moving and forget about the pains, the magic starts. The first day I felt just a little better, but the second went pretty better and so on, until my back pain was close to disappearing. Some weeks later, I was talking with my cousin and she told me that she had hard pains in her back because of a malformation in one of her vertebra. I lent this to her and immediately after using it she called to tell me that she wanted me to lend it to her for a few more days because she thought she was feeling better! Now, she uses it everyday and this gadget makes her life a little better.


This Bed of Nails Divya Mat is great for relieving stress before you go to sleep!

tons of nails

I have been in pain with my back and legs for 18 months. I've been using my Bed of Nails Divya Mat and it has helped me to get up in the mornings pain free.

why suffer?

I bought this as a gift for my husband. After a week his back pain decreased. It's really wonderful to see that he has more strength and energy. He said that this was one of the best gifts he has received.

Bed Of Nails Divya Mat

This actually really works and feels amazing if in the right position! At first it can feel like it's burning, but after a few minutes, it's really relaxing and you soon find yourself becoming addicted! Great price, also!

Bed Of Nails Divya Mat

This was delivered very fast, and provides an easy way to get rid of stress when returning from a hard day's work.

Bed Of Nails Divya Mat

Bed of nails just sounds plain wrong! Something for the circus etc, however all the blurb aside about, natural this and healing that, with a sprinkle of ancient eastern promise (not Turkish delight) thrown in! This is a tricky object to review as everybody is going to have an individual experience with it. I can't confirm if it de-stresses me or if it improves my circulation but I can tell you that I am a man, and as such, I disregarded the instructions and leaped straight on it! I lay on it, I stood on it, I sat on it, I rested my legs on it and I even put my face on it! The initial feel for me is very prickly (no surprise), however after being on it for a short time, I was blissfully unaware of the prickliness. I do hope to build up my usage/tolerance for standing on the mat (as per instructions). I do like to sit on the sofa with it at my back, as it is an amazing scratching post (maybe not what they had in mind). So make sure you read the instructions, and enjoy.

Not bad for the price

I suffer from back and neck problems and i don't know how but this little gadget just seems to do the trick. it does cause slight irritation after pre longed use (over an hour), but it is worth it, not having an aching back everytime i wake up now. Id say anyone that has back problems should at least give this a try

Bed Of Nails Divya Mat

Everyday I look forward to at least 30 minutes on this mat. I recently purchased as I get a pretty bad back from lifting heavy things at work, and I love it! Straight away I find it helps with tense shoulders, and the more I use it the more relaxed I feel. It's also very portable, and a very good price. I have already recommended it to many people.