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Bigtrak XTR

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The Bigtrak first rolled into homes in 1982, with its high tech features and programmable movement it was the perfect toy for the 8-bit generation. Bigtrak XTR completely revamps the design and is jam-packed full of onboard tecnology.

This 6-wheeled, foot long programmable rover has an exciting range of features and definitely lives up up to its name XTR (which stands for eXtra Technology Rover). Its features include: control of the XTR via smartphone (iPhone, iPod, iPad or Android), computer for driving with a joystick or use the onboard keypad. Movement and playback can be recorded and dialled in using the onboard keypad, which is a great way to plan and execute missions around the house.

With 2 accessory ports the XTR can be expanded with optional accessories (each sold seperately) like a missile launcher or IR gun which are a great way to cause mischief, wireless camera for seeing exactly what the XTR sees via the computer command centre. Its intelligent loading bay detects when you place something onto it, and is great for transporting snacks from the kitchen to your couch in the living room. The Bigtrak XTR builds on everything that made the original great, it's the ideal gift for people who have fond memories of the original or for the younger generation. - A.D.


  • Robotic rover
  • Send bigtrak XTR on a mission by entering commands in to the keypad
  • Connect bigtrak to a computer using the computer module
  • Control bigtrak with your iPod, iPhone and Android
  • 2 accessory ports
  • Wireless camera module (sold seperately) can be added; to see what XTR sees
  • Add a missile launcher or IR gun
  • Intelligent loading bay
  • Big Trak
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