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Mr Men and Little Miss Gifts

Do you consider yourself to still be a kid at heart? Our Mr Men and Little Miss gifts and merchandise are ideal for providing fun for children and a dose of nostalgia for all the adults out there, too. From homeware and wall art to clothing and phone cases, you can box off all manner of occasions and never be without a unique gift idea that caters to a variety of personalities. Shop our range of officially licensed merchandise from this loveable range today to start building out your collection.

92 Colourful Characters

In the 1970s, the father and son duo Roger and Adam Hargreaves began rolling out a book series for children. Two decades later, and it was adapted into an animated series that aired in both the UK and France, with each episode lasting around half an hour. Episodes would showcase a different personality that represents a unique mannerism or characteristic, with the likes of Mr Bump, Little Miss Greedy, Mr Brave, and Little Miss Lucky to name just a few. Within the franchise, there are 92 characters in total.

Adorable Gift Ideas For Every Personality 

Our gifts are in the prime position to represent the personality of practically any person in your life, making them suitable for whichever recipient you have in mind. Consider yourself to be quite the talkative type? How about a Little Miss Chatterbox phone case? If you're lucky enough to be blessed with a comedic genius in your life, then why not give them the gift of a Mr Funny round cushion? Speaking of homeware, we've got eight different round cushion designs for you to take your pick from, as well as a range of mug designs branded with these loveable characters. If you want to spruce up your bare walls, an original giclee print wouldn't go amiss.

We've also got a massive collection of greeting cards to delight someone special on birthdays or Valentine's Day to name just a few occasions. 

Courtesy of our Mr Men and Little Miss gifts collection, there's a whole host of gifts and merchandise waiting to be discovered that are suitable for all ages, from kids to "big" kids. Don't be Mr Lazy - shop the latest deals across our t-shirts, mugs, wall art, phone cases, and cushions from this iconic children's series.