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Powerbanks & Portable Chargers

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Whether we like it or not, we're all hooked on our phones and there's nothing worse than that dreaded low battery message when you're on the go. Well at IWOOT, all this can be a distant nightmare with our range of powerbanks and portable chargers that ensure you're always one step ahead of the game. Running out of battery can be an absolute disaster with things like our cards, tickets and many other important pieces of info stored on them. But we have have you covered with a range of charging options. Whether you're looking to wirelessly charge your phone in the office or be covered on the move, IWOOT is the place to go. We have some of the best portable chargers & powerbanks with funky designs which mean you're not only keeping your battery topped up, but looking pretty darn good in the process. Accessible through USB meaning that you can charge any device which includes Samsung, iPad and iPhone charging - stay ahead of the game with IWOOT's powerbanks and portable chargers. You can also personalise your phone further with our funny and unique phone cases.
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