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Subbuteo Gifts

Subbuteo is colliding the two worlds of novelty goodness with sports to bring you some unique present ideas. Browse our Subbuteo Gifts collection now - featuring board games, t-shirts and more, don’t miss out on charming that sports fan in your life!

Play a World-Class Game of Football in Your Own Home!

What exactly is Subbuteo? It’s a table-top football game where you move the miniature players by flicking them into the direction you want them to shoot in, invented by Peter Adolph and first released in 1947. You’d be surprised at how much skill and hand-eye coordination it takes to succeed at this game, so gather a group of your friends around the table, pick your side, devise your game plan and strategy, and unleash your competitive side with this hilarious and tactical game of two halves.

At IWOOT, you’ll find the original Subbuteo game available to buy right now, featuring a UEFA Champions League edition which would make the ideal gift for a full-time footy fanatic. Plus, it makes for a great game to have on hand for gatherings at home, or when you can’t get yourself to the nearest pitch, so get the party started now and be the host with the most with this game of precision.

Shoot and Score With Subbuteo Clothing

If you’re on the hunt for a truly iconic present for a football fan, whether that’s your partner, sibling, or a grandparent, and everyone in-between that fits this description, then we have in stock a range of t-shirts for men and women. Available in inclusive sizing starting from small and to double XL, we also stock children’s sizes, so the younger ones can also get involved in this nostalgic sports sensation.

We're confident that you’ll be able to score an impressive amount of brownie points and complete your goal of making someone’s day with a Subbuteo gift idea, so get browsing the range now!