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Rubik’s Cube Merchandise

Probably one of the most instantly recognisable and iconic puzzles out there, can you master the Rubik’s Cube? Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just enjoy it’s complexity, we’re bringing you a whole host of Rubik’s Cube gifts and merchandise to satisfy your inner nerd, so shop our range at IWOOT UK now!

From Local Fairs to Shelves Worldwide

Puzzle cubes were being sold in European toy fairs and markets before they hit the shelves and claimed worldwide fame, so it’s safe to say that it had humble beginnings. Invented by Erno Rubik in 1974, a sculptor from Hungary, the cube was taken on by an American toy company after being approached by a toy salesperson. The next thing you know, they renamed it as the puzzle that we all know and appreciate to this very day: the Rubik’s Cube.

After becoming a phenomenon and causing a stir right across the world, the Rubik’s brand has also introduced a competition known as ‘Speedcubing’ to find the fastest solver ever – could you manage to solve it in less than four seconds? The categories also include people that have been able to solve the cube with one hand, and even their feet! We’ll leave it to the experts...

Rubik’s Cube Clothing, Homeware and Accessories

You can pay your respects to this classic puzzle game with our range of t-shirts and sweatshirts for Rubik’s Cube fans, available in mens, womens and kids styles, starting from small, right up to double XL. How about a phone case or a mug as a present? We’ve even got cushions and mugs so you can give your homeware accessories a refresh. These would make ideal gifts for geeks.

Unleash your inner geek, or satisfy a fellow geek with our range of merchandise from this iconic puzzle game and shop the entire range now!