Ever heard the saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words?’  Well we thought (wisely) that a blog without any words wouldn’t be worth reading so we have defied that proverb for one day only…



Here at IWOOT, we offer an amazing range CEWE PHOTOBOOKS, wall art,  posters, greeting cards,  calendars, photo gifts and prints all of which you can completely personalise. This makes them perfect Christmas gifts to recapture and share your favourite memories- or to ensure a certain somebody re-lives that ‘ground- please swallow me up’ moment, everyday! With this in mind photo gifts can be given as an ideal Christmas gift in both a genuine or light hearted way.

You can start the day with a hot mug of coffee with  a funny pic of yourself-splattered all over it, carry your favourite family photo in the shape of a bag or do your planning on a calendar featuring that amazing holiday, a different image every month.  You can even plaster your best angry face or a pointy finger all over your beloved stationary to ensure it never mysteriously disappears ever again!

What’s more we are offering buy one get one HALF PRICE on all photo gifts until 4th December 2011, just enter discount code MYPRESENT at the checkout.  What are you waiting for? Click here


It’s the ideal gift solution, specially personalised to the recipient to make it even more awesome!


CEWE PHOTOBOOKS are the latest version of the photo album, an awesome gift for friends or family to tell a visual story of your adventures. You could kill two birds with one stone (please note, we do not endorse killing birds) and get two Christmas gifts in the bag with our latest CEWE PHOTOBOOK offer.  Buy one get one HALF PRICE on all PHOTOBOOKS with discount code MEMORY, this offer ends 15th December 2011.

So if you’re having the annual struggle of finding something out of the ordinary for your favourite person get on board with IWOOT photo gifts. The ideal solution to ensure your gift is displayed proudly and not left in a dusty corner this Christmas.

Greeting cards

Don’t get us wrong Christmas is our FAVORITE time of year but aren’t you bored of the same old Christmas cards? It’s usually St Chris squeezing down the chimney or our old mate Frosty standing proud in the snow. This year it’s time for a change! Get your greeting cards in all shapes and sizes and ensure your Crimbo card makes it to the very front of the mantelpiece.

Posters and canvases

So, you’ve had your snaps printed and the best one framed but it just doesn’t have the impact you had originally hoped. Send it over to IWOOT and we will ensure your best pic takes centre stage, get it printed on canvas or in poster format to guarantee nobody misses it.

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