With Back to the Future day finally arriving (oh hello the 21’s October 2015) we thought it would be fun to write some fun facts that you probably don’t already know about the Back to the Future films so you can WOW your friends later! Enjoy!

Back to the Future October 21 2015

The Back to the Future script was rejected over 40 times by numerous studios, including Disney & the writers were told that ‘time travel movies don’t make any money’ –how wrong they were, eigh?

Johnny Depp Back to the Future

Apparently Johnny Depp auditioned for the part of Marty McFly but producer Bob Gale doesn’t even remember! Johnny is much better suited to Burton films anyway!

Michael J Fox Family Ties

Michael J Fox was still a full time cast member of Family Ties & filmed most of his Back to the Future scenes at night & on weekends.

Back to the Future 2 Doc Brown's shirt

Doc Browns eccentric shirt in Back to the Future 2 hints at the last scenes in BTTF 3, we love a foreshadowing moment! 😉

back to the future Jennifer

Unfortunately, due to her mother being diagnosed with cancer, Claudia Wells gave up her role of Jennifer after the first film & she was replaced by Elisabeth Shue in Back to the Future 2 & 3.

Pizza Hut Back to the Future sunglasses

Pizza Hut sold promotional sunglasses from Back to the Future 2.


Sid Sheinberg, of Universal Studios, didn’t think anyone would watch a film with the word ‘future’ in the title & requested to change it to ‘Spaceman from Pluto’ Whuuut?

Back to the Future Einstein

He was however right about one thing, Doc Brown’s pet! Emmet’s furry friend was originally supposed to be a chimpanzee but after Sheinberg claimed that ‘no one is going to see a film with a chimpanzee in it’ the idea was dropped. Enter Einstein the dog! (Dogs are the best though, right?)

Back to the Future Jaws 19 Max S

The cinema in 2015 is shown to be screening Jaws 19 by Max Spielberg, Steven’s son.

Back to the Future Elija Wood

The Back to the Future films debuted both Elija Wood & Billy Zane! & Flea from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers cameos in BBTF 2 as Marty’s boss in 2015.

Back to the Futre Nikes

Tinie Tempah bought a pair of the Nike MAG trainers when they were auctioned on Ebay for the Parkinson’s Research Foundation in 2011, they sold for $37,500!

So there you have it! Can you think of any that we might have missed? Tweet us @IWOOT #IWOOT

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