Apple employee leaves iPhone prototype in the pub

What happens when one of the world’s most loved and, importantly, most secretive brands accidentally leaves a prototype of their forthcoming iPhone update in the pub? Obviously, someone picks it up and manages to get it over to the folks at Gizmodo for a once-over.

The results seem to suggest that this new version of the design classic is pretty darn good, but that’s not the real story. The real story is of how the prototype came to be lost in the first place. It might be a tad cruel to place the blame based on one picture, but we think that hiring this guy and giving him the phone to look after was the first mistake:

Would you trust this man with something important?

Visit the ever-excellent Gizmodo for a full run-down of the features and how they managed to procure the phone itself. Cheeky chappies.

Picture via The Guardian.

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Is IWOOT Clairvoyant?

Well? Are we?! We reckon we might have something special, seeing as one of our April Fool’s products has been made into an actual thing you can touch and buy and everything. Our Pad-Dock iPhone to Tablet Converter caused a bit of a stir on the day and after, but thanks to the folks at Elonex, it looks like we’ve either predicted the future or been the victims of intellectual property theft. Knew we should’ve applied for a patent.

Still, looks like it could be quite a fun product:

Of course, not all our April Fool’s products end up being made into actual items you can buy. Imagine though, if you will, half a stadium of irate football fans at the forthcoming World Cup simultaneously turning their Win-Win Supporter’s Shirts inside out and turning defeat into victory. Or perhaps being able to converse fully with your canine chums, the world teeming with completely comprehensible speaking dogs…

We’re taking over, one product at a time.

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April Fool's Day worked for us…

If you’re one of our email subscribers, you may have noticed that we monkeyed around a bit with our products on April Fool’s Day. Of course, this was meant purely in jest and we were horrified to learn that some people took it seriously. So, to those who rang in, emailed, left comments or otherwise inquired about the intricate features of the Pad-Dock iPhone to Tablet Converter: it was a childish joke. We’re sorry.

Except this is REALLY funny:

“Dear in charge person,

I’m **** ** of **** *** in Korea.
I guess you have the sales right of the Pad-Dock.
Is it right, If so, please reply.
If not, please forward this mail to your supplier.

We are looking for the good idea product for Korea market.
I just see the news about the Pad-Dock and got impressed about it.
It is really good product and want to buy item for iphone users.

My colleagues and I have been in electronic field more than 15 years for each member.
And we set up the company 6 months ago for the iphone accessory and idea product.
Now we have on/off line sales channel in Korea.
I’d like to promote your product in Korea market.

If you don’t have any distributor in Korea, please inform me for the Pad-Dock.
Price : For sample, MOQ for initial order, 500pcs, 1,000pcs.

If you have any qty rule, pls let me know.
Payment condition
Delivery lead time
Hope to get your favorable reply soon.

Best regards,

*** **”

Again, we’re sorry. Kind-of.

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Dr. Steve Fabes is Cycling the 6!

IWOOT is proud to be supporting the incomparable Dr. Steve Fabes as he attempts a quite-frankly ludicrous challenge. Cycling The 6 involves the intrepid Doctor cycling across the 6 continents, non-stop over a period of four-and-a-half years in support of Merlin, the UK specialist charity that gives international aid to health services affected by natural disasters, conflict and disease. He set off at the beginning of January, so let’s hope he remembered to turn the heating off. In purely mathematical terms, this huge challenge encompasses 50,000 miles, 1,800 days, 60 countries and 6 continents.

Because he’s evidently a techno-savvy sort of chap (he’s being sponsored by IWOOT, remember!), he’s keeping a thoroughly entertaining blog about the whole adventure, the latest of which details some canine encounters and a sinister flag. And some cycling, of course.

Dr. Steve camps

Here’s an extract:

“Even the Albanian flag, a black two headed eagle on a red background, to me looked decidedly sinister. I decided my idea of adventure probably stopped short of risking losing vital body parts in exploding land mines and on my journey I reasoned my legs would be quite useful accessories. I would get my head down and edge northeastwards.”

Crikey! He’s like Michael Palin with added explosives or something. If you want to read the rest of this scintillating entry, go here. To donate and learn more about the Good Doctor’s challenge, go here. More as we hear it!

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IWOOTers meet Jason Bradbury from The Gadget Show

Here’s the proof. Hello Jason.

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Amazing Video of Pixels Taking Over the World

Remember Donkey Kong, Tetris, Space Invaders and Frogger? You’re safe from them now, aren’t you? Because they’re locked up behind your console screen where they can’t hurt you.

Well, apparently that’s no longer true:

This incredible video features, as you can see, all your favourite retro pixelated characters gradually taking over the world by bashing it up with Tetris blocks and stuff. Hands up anyone who didn’t get a genuine pang of fear when the Pong bats turned up… mental. Anyway, this slice of anarchic fun comes courtesy of a chap called Patrick Jean, about whom there seems to be very little information apart from this breakthrough piece.

We hope to see more from him in the future. Something about pixelated characters taking over the universe will do.

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Review of the Month Winners for March

It may have been April Fool’s Day last week, but the only fools around these parts are those who don’t submit a review when they buy something from IWOOT (not really, we love you).

As always, we’ve got a plethora of vouchers to win for the best written, photo and video reviews. The best of March’s bunch are below, and what a bunch it is too…

First up, winning our £50 Voucher for best written review, it’s LOCNEVER (3908575) tackling the virtues of the Power Plant Growing Machine:

“Good Lord!

This has to be the best thing I’ve ever bought!

The name aeroponics conjured up images of Star Trek-esque technology, and although this isn’t quite replicator material, it is still a fantastic bit of kit!

Being a serial killer when it comes to plants, I was absolutely amazed to find little green shoots appearing after just three days of planting! The humidomes (Don’t you love the terminology?) are in place and I’m expecting my first Jalapenos to fruit in a month or two!

This machine has far exceeded my expectations, and IWOOT delivered next day! It came well packaged and even after our postie dropped it there was no damage!

I couldn’t be more pleased! I think I’ll buy 10 of these babies and start a garden centre….or a forest….”

You had us at “Good Lord!”. TeaMan (3916840), on the other hand, has submitted this picture of the Terrorist Teapot in order to win a £75 voucher:


Well done, sir. Well done. Scooping the biggest prize this month, though, is Simul (3897968) with this excellent video of the Action Camera being given the Snowmobile treatment. Vroom!

Don’t forget to submit your reviews via the IWOOT site product pages if you’ve bought something from us – you could be in our hall of fame and get your hands on even more of our gubbins for free.

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Want to see an iPad in a food processor? Yes, yes you do.

It seemed a trifle unnecessary to snap it in half first, but this is another classic from the folks over at Will It Blend. The answer, in case you can’t be bothered to watch to the end, is obviously yes. Puts up a good fight, mind.

And we’re yet to learn whether or not one of these would blend too. We’re pretty sure it wouldn’t.

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Egg On Your Face Competition Winners

As you may have noticed, there’s been some serious competition for the most embarrassing story over on our Facebook wall – truly, it’s been like walking through a gallery of humanity at its most unfortunate.

Someone has to win, however, and won someone has. So without much further ado (well, maybe a bit more ado…), we’re pleased to say that Alison Reid is our worthy winner. A pair of Walkie Talkie Watches will be winging their way towards her very swiftly indeed.

Here is her story, unedited to preserve the shocking embarrassment:

“i have a job interview in an hour, and its a 50 minute drive to get there (at least). so, the mad panic is well and truly setting in, get dressed, put on make up, no time for a shower so lets try damage control on the hair…not to bad thinks me, a passable effort at humanity looks back at me in the mirror. i get to th…e interview in time and not too frazzled, it goes well, i think i’m in with a good chance, i’m even getting the little tour of the office before i leave. i get back in the car feeling like i pulled of the save of the century., only to look down and realise that i not only have two different shoes on but i also have my knee length pyjama bottoms on under the skirt that i pulled in in my hurry that morning and they certainly dont emit the air of professionalism i was aiming for…i didnt get the job, and to this day i firmly believe that i was taken on the tour of the office so that everyone could see exactly how stupid i looked!”


The five runners up are Hel Cruse, John Hynes, Lee Perry, Julie Booth and Nikki Knox Parsons. Well done chaps, have a Food Face Plate each!

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Twitter Bird Gatecrashes Twitter Convention

The Twitter Bird is about as iconic as they come nowadays, sort of like a social media version of the Golden Arches or that dog that says “Wall’s Sausages”. Well, some pranksters operating under the name of Zug (visit them here for more silliness) have hijacked the poor bird and made it into a criminal by gate-crashing the keynote speech at the SXSW festival in Texas, which was delivered by Twitter founder Evan Williams. Goodness knows what he thought of the whole thing, but we can assume that he didn’t condense it into 140 characters.

Pay particular attention to the Hanna-Barbera-style chase with a net sequence – golden.

Via Robot vs Badger.

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