The Valentine's Day Love/Hate Competition

Some of you, we know, will love Valentine’s Day. Some of you will hate it with equal vigour. But who is right? Should we dote unknown expense on those we love for this one day of the year above all others, or is it a cynical money-making exercise exacerbated by greetings card companies and the like? Well, either way, we want you tell us what you think of this most dividing of occasions – in a t-shirt slogan!

We want you to come up with a pro or anti-Valentine’s slogan that would look good on a t-shirt. The top ten we receive (five pro, five anti) will have their t-shirts made and, even better, have their efforts judged by the harsh critics of our Facebook page! The writer of the most popular Love slogan will win an amazing Couples Experience, while the most popular Hate slogan will win an Adrenaline Experience. You could end up powerboating through single life or Jet-skiing with the one you love – it all depends on how you feel about Valentine’s Day!

There are three ways to enter:

1: Fill in the form on the competition page with your slogan and your details.

2: Enter via Twitter, making sure to include either the #ilovevalentines or #ihatevalentines hashtag.

3: Visit our Facebook page and leave your slogan as a comment under the Love or Hate pictures in our photo gallery.

All this info and competition terms and conditions are available on the Competition Page, at this link.

Good luck, lovers and haters!

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January's Review of the Month Winners

January was a great month for reviews – all your Christmas presents got rated, snapped and video’d! So, as you’d expect, it was an especially difficult task to sift through the thousands of reviews we receive each month and select the very creamiest of the cream of the most carefully harvested crop.

First of all, and winning a satisfyingly chunky £50 IWOOT Voucher, is Timboosler. His review of the ol’ faithful Cash Stash is below:

“Such a good idea:
Remember when your Mum sewed a shiny shilling into the lining of your pants so you could always make a phone call home if you were lost? No? Then you’re obviously too young!
This brings that concept right up to date with a key ring containing a craftily folded tenner, a score, or even a half a ton if you can afford it…enough for a phone call, a kebab, and a luxury cab-ride home…maybe even stopping off at the ‘Offie’ as well.
Never get stuck again with the moths flying out of your empty wallet… this is your emergency lifeboat should you fall asleep on the last train home, or just forgot to go to the cashpoint for more beer tokens.
The only thing to remember is if you use your sneaky secret cashpoint, remember to replace it as soon as possible. And of course, it goes without saying… never, never, ever tell your girlfriend what’s inside!!”

Sage words indeed. For submitting our favourite picture review, someone referring to themselves as Kaleidoscope (enigmatic, eh?) wins a suitably beefy £75 IWOOT Voucher for this picture review of Henry The Hoover at work:

Nice one, Henry. Now can you do my kitchen floor?

And finally, we went for PlinkyPlonkyDonkey’s Twilight Turtle video. One can only assume that that is a self-applied pseudonym. Nevertheless, a whopping £150 IWOOT Voucher is on its way to you – well done!

Don’t forget to enter this month if you buy one of our products – you could win some serious, err… “wonga” to spend at IWOOT!
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iPad of Paper

The superbly-named Peter Serafinowicz has effortlessly lampooned the iPad hype and pointed out what JennaWoot argued in our Skype-aided dissection of Apple’s latest method for taking money off of their cult-like followers. Won’t stop people buying them though, will it?

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The iPad – The IWOOT Verdict

At last! It’s here! But is Apple’s brand spanking new tablet-y, computer-y, entertainment-y, eBook-y, baking-tray-y iPad worth your time and money if you already have an iPhone or an iPod Touch? Via the medium of Skype, we Wooters have a little look at what Steve Jobs spent last night having nightmares about…

Danny Woot: So the iPad – doth it rock or doth it suck?

Jimbo Woot: Don’t you mean the Really Big 3G Ipod Touch?

Danny: I think it looks like a baking tray.

Jimbo: I am an Apple snob. So obviously love everything about it. I just don’t see myself ever needing one.

Jenna Woot: It could be the new version of the Trigger Happy “HELLO!” sketch.


Jimbo: I would definitely consider buying one if my daily commute was an hour or so, and if as Jenna suggested earlier in the kitchen, it had an amazing sketching app. I also think that it is quite a bold move for Apple to rely on the delivery of saucy apps determining the success of it.

Jenna: Yeah, I’d love it to sketch on, thing is you can get this awesome stuff – paper and pencil – that costs next to nothing…

Danny: Oh yeah, I’ve heard of that.

Jenna: I’d buy it if it would let me play super flight control.

Danny: So what other apps are going to be available? I’ve read about the New York Times one, but that’s another “should we pay for the news?” issue.

Jimbo: They have the basic word processing and spreadsheet apps.

Jenna: They have plenty games.

Jimbo: Sky News is free on the iPhone. Again, the relevance of the device is determined by third parties. Weird.

Dino Woot: Not really, look at the original iPhone. It was massively successful without an app store.


Dino: But the app store definitely blew it away.

Jenna: Otherwise you have a glorified mp3 player and web browser.

Jimbo: HAHA! I would love to buy an iPad just to walk around pretending to talk on it!

Dino: That would be classic. I am disappointed that it runs on the same OS as the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Danny: What kind of OS would suit it better?

Jimbo: The OS is irrelavant if apps are created properly. This set of pics gets me excited about the iPad.


Jimbo: Imagine walking into a job interview, and showing your portfolio on it. THAT would be sick.

Jenna: If you could use a stylus with illustrator it would be really good for logo design/illustration.

Danny: I could definitely imagine using the bottom right image – kind of like an old word processor machine.

Jimbo: Have you guys ever seen this video?

Jimbo: It’s about Multi Touch interface. Imagine taking some of this and adding it into it – and this was in 2006!

Jenna: eBooks are really popular and they cost £150+.

Jimbo: The new Kindle is £200.

Danny: And what’s the RRP for the iPad?

Jimbo: No one really knows yet.

Danny: Care to hazard a guess?

Jimbo: Starting @ £400? It says it will start at $499 in the US. The Kindle DX Wireless is $489.99.

Dino: That is stupidly expensive for en eBook reader.

Danny: So, without the opportunity to get one on contract like an iPhone, are people really going to pay that much?

Jimbo: Good question. I might actually get suckered into a £20/month contract if I get one for free.

Danny: They can bill you at the same time they bill you for your iPhone.

Jimbo: The standard rule of thumb is generally to wait for 3rd gen anyways :)

Jenna: You can get Apple products on credit, it would be sort of like paying for a contract.

Danny: I suppose so, but I think you’re right about waiting – how much of this will be obsolete by the time the next one comes out?

Jimbo: Well for a start they are going to have to increase the memory size.

Danny: Any more physical size and you could do oven chips on it.

Jenna: You could have your steak cooking on the PS3 and chips on the iPad – thats multi-use technology!

Dino: The option for removable media is also disappointing. The lack of, anyway.

Danny: So final thoughts – good or bad?

Jimbo: Only time and the app developers will tell.

Jenna: If I had a private yacht I would totally get one to use on it- it would definitely be my web browsing/word processing device of choice

Danny: I still struggle with an iPod, so I’m going to wait until five years after everyone else has one and then consider getting one second-hand.

Dino: I really think that it has potential in terms of what third parties will do with it, and I am quite excited to see what they will put out. But at the same time I am quite disappointed that it doesn’t seem much more than an enlarged iPhone. Maybe my disappointment will turn around when I see what is really possible with it.

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Stylophone Plays Zelda Themes

It seems that our humble buzz-toned friend the Stylophone is high in demand with geek musicians everywhere. After the original product video and last week’s epic demonstration of how the Stylophone Beatbox can be used in dance tracks, we bring you this truly insane medley of tunes from the popular Zelda Nintendo games played on various instruments including our very own cheesy 70s classic with Beatbox upgrades.

Sit back and marvel at the wonder of someone with too much time on their hands a natural, incredible talent:

Originally posted on Geekologie.
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We're Still Rubbish at the Nighthawk









Oh dear…

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A Kindred Spirit!

We’ve received some correspondence from the good folk at Dog Fouling and Red Rubber Bands, informing us of their mission to rid the streets of the titular foes. Though we approach the issue of red rubber bands in different ways – we opt for creating new life forms, they just want them off the streets – we are at least united in our cause.

So we salute you, oh creators of Dog Fouling and Red Rubber Bands, though we think the emphasis on the former in your content is a little misleading. Having said that, we mostly blog about helicopters and Mortal Kombat, so who are we to judge?

Anyway, for those who might be interested in Pepe’s health, here’s a photo of him from this afternoon:

Whoa fella.

Doesn’t he look well?! If you fancy sending him some red rubber band DNA, then all you need to know is here.

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Mucking about with the Nighthawk RC Helicopter

It’s a lot harder than it looks. Honest.

We’re currently trying to master the dark art of successfully piloting the RC Nighthawk Helicopter, but it’s proving to be something of a challenge. First things first, we can barely get the thing to stop spinning long enough to actually fly it in any particular direction. Apparently it’s all in the ‘trim’. Whatever that means. Second things second, out attempted course from Jimbo Woot’s desk to the lockers and back again has yet to be conquered. We’ve made it to the lockers safely, but the return flight always seems to end in either hilarity or us worriedly checking for damage. Good thing it’s durable.

Anyway, have a look at us being jolly terrible at aviation in general:

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Great Stylophone Beatbox Video

One of our favourite products, the Stylophone Beatbox, is also one of the most prone to being a hit on the internet thanks to its ‘anyone can have a go’ status. While it certainly is true that anyone can have a go, it takes quite a bit of mastery to make something wholly listenable, maybe even something we could call ‘music’. Look at the official video if you don’t believe us.

We came across a great YouTube video of someone (named, for reasons best left unknown, Psychopath3000) who’s given it a fair crack of the whip:


Very impressive, you’ll no doubt agree. You can hear some other similarly glitchy ambitronica (that’s probably what they call it… right?) at Mr. 3000’s MySpace.

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Oxford Students Banned From Using Spotify

An unspoken reliance seeps across the nation’s offices and bedrooms. It is both a quiet and publicly-known phenomenon that, until now, has been operating unfettered throughout establishments big and small, industrious and lazy. Spotify, as you probably know, is the music streaming service that has deals with most of the major record labels and subsidiaries, makes scores of back catalogues available for all to hear, and distracts all who use it from doing something more important.

With that in mind, some senior sorts at Oxford University (don’t ask us to name the college, our research team is on holiday) have banned Spotify from student accommodation in an effort to get them to not only free up some much-needed bandwidth, but get them to concentrate a little harder. Though why they think that nixing Spotify access won’t prompt them to just use iTunes or, gasp, an actual physical CD is something of a mystery.

Having said that, IWOOT Towers would most likely crumble to a paltry pile of rubble if this most necessary of applications was taken away. No longer could we Skype each other links to obscure punk covers of hip-hop classics, and gone would be the days of the shared playlist. I asked JimboWoot what he would do if Spotify was banned from the office, and this is what he had to say:

“Resign. With immediate effect. Because the actions that would occur straight after that would result in me being fired. I’m talking chairs through windows, bums in photocopiers and vodka in my coffee. And lets be honest, resigning first before I got fired would look better on my CV.”

So, Oxford high-up bods, think of what damage students could do to your lovely buildings with their pent-up Spotify aggression.

Original story posted at The Guardian.

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