New Arrivals 19/7/10

Who caught the sun over the weekend? Looked like it was going to give Sunday a miss, didn’t it? And then BAM! Sun all over the place. Hope you managed to pick up one of our Zoku Ice Lolly Makers to make the most of it but, if not, we’ve got a whole heap of new stuff for you to get your mitts on. Do note that some of these are for pre-order only, but do order them anyway to get yours first!

Apple Clocks (pictured left)

Our Creative team have had a great time decking out these Apple Clocks in a Twlight style, but they’re not just for werewolves and wimpy teenage girls. Pressing the stalk will make your Apple Clock tell you, rather politely, the time, date and temperature – perfect for the bedside table, the kitchen or the fruit bowl.

Water Wars

Water Wars

Ably modelled by DannyWoot (looks a bit nervous, doesn’t he?), our new Water Wars sets are the future of water fights. Usually it’s a bit tricky to work out exactly who’s winning in a water fight, but thanks to these special vests you’ll have no trouble deciding who’s been gunned down – water turns the material blood-red.



If you love a good bath every now and again (and who doesn’t?), then the iDuck is your perfect soapy-time companion. Simply hook up your iPod to the transmitter, press play and get in with the duck – he’ll play your tunes for you without the merest hint of being frazzled by an electric shock.

Laser Sphere

Laser Sphere

In need of some serious relaxation? The Laser Sphere is, as you might imagine, a sphere with lasers that you can either project on to the ceiling, or confine to the removable lid. Leaving the lid on makes it look like something from a sci-fi film, but it’s still rather lovely to look at. Perfect mood lighting for student bedrooms.

That’s about it for this week, I’ll be back again next Monday for some more New Arrivals – be lucky!

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The IWOOT Ice Lolly Experiment

Our Zoku Instant Ice Lolly Maker has proved to be a huge hit with the sweet-toothed amongst you, so we thought we’d test exactly how versatile it really is. Over the next week or so, we’re going to experiment with all manner of interesting lolly flavours and see which ones work the best. First of all, though, we need to leave it to freeze for a day. So pop back across the next week and see which flavours rock and which ones, err… suck.

Look how excited JimboWoot is!


See you in 24 hours, little one...

Until tomorrow, lolly fans…

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June's Review Of The Month Winners

We know what you’re thinking – it’s almost the middle of July and we’re only just getting around to sorting out last month’s reviews. Well, with the IWOOT office having been turned into a flurry of catalogue production and website upgrades, it just got away from us slightly. So soz about that. Friends again?

Great! So, let’s give all these reviews the blog inches they deserve!

First up and winner of our £50 IWOOT Voucher is Sirram, for this lovely summation of the On The Run Notebooks:

“Sooo much fun:

Childish these may be, and entirely without any practical purpose, but these little passport beauties are just so much fun. Granted they are completely pointless, possibly worse than that they have the potential to entirely scupper any overseas travel plans if you are unfortunate enough to mix them up with the real thing and therefore arrive identity-less at an airport. However, I can forgive them all of that because there is something so appealing about the fantasy of escaping the harsh economic climate with a new identity and a new start overseas. I particularly like the inherent amusement in thinking a Cuban passport would be a passport to anywhere, and I have no idea what country one of the set is supposed to be from, but who cares. I got these delivered to me at work, and such was the enthusiasm of my colleagues I’ve donated some to be a prize in a Race for Life raffle… might have to buy some extra tickets myself though as don’t really want to part with them…”

Winner of the £75 IWOOT Voucher for the best photo review comes from Elijah who, as you can see, has had a rare old time mucking about with our Pandas in the garden. Kudos on finding actual bamboo.


Rather unbelievably, no video reviews have been submitted this month, so some silly sausage has missed out on a whopping £150 IWOOT Voucher. Make sure we rectify it next month please chaps. As always, reviews you submit of IWOOT products you may have bought and loved (or hated) are automatically entered into our Review Of The Month competition, so by chatting about your purchases (or snapping and videoing them) can get you even more IWOOT-flavoured goodness.

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IWOOT Camping Trip 2010

This time last year, the IWOOT Crowd decamped (well, not quite) to our MD’s Hertfordshire farm for some serious relaxation. Well, as much relaxation as a fully-stocked ice bucket and a couple of shotguns can provide (we’re not joking).

Of course, being IWOOT, we took oodles of toys and gadgets to keep us entertained while we ate, drank and were merry. Some of the pictures below show our favourite summer products in use and working beautifully. Peri Peri burgers, springbok and a whole host of delicious meats were enthusiastically stuffed into faces alongside a small avalanche of beers (though someone accidentally left the MyBreweryTap box in the office, curse them!), and a fine time was had by all.

The weather held out completely, bathing our little haven of a campsite in sunshine and, later, a dusky warmth that stayed all night. As you can see, we had a smashing time.

Croquet. Beer. Result.

Clay pigeon shooting with REAL shotguns. Yikes!

Prepping for the feast...

Happy Camper.

Hello Halloumi!

Candle Bags doing their thing


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New Arrivals 12/7/10

Are you hungry? Hungry for new IWOOT products? Hungrier than a squirrel whose winter stash of acorns has unexpectedly been snaffled by a passing pack of acorn-hungry ferrets? Course you are!

Luckily we’ve got a shedload of super new products for you to ingest, and even more to enjoy if you take a trip to our New Arrivals section (when the boss isn’t looking). Anyway, let’s get things underway, shall we?

Zoku Instant Ice Lolly Maker (pictured left)

We’re proper excited about this one in the office. Luckily we’re one of those offices that has a freezer, so with the Zoku we’re able to concoct any old flavour of ice lolly in only 7 minutes! Consequently there’s been a bit of a brain-freeze epidemic, but never mind. If you’ve got kids to occupy in the heat (or a sweet tooth of your own), then you can’t do better than one of these.



These cute little chatterboxes are just about the right side of annoying – just chat at them and whatever you say will be repeated back to you in a squealy (or sometimes weirdly deep) voice while their little noses wiggle. Aww. Perfect for anyone who can’t stop talking and loves cute animals.

Desk Top Fans

Desk Top Fans

This has got to be one of the more essential purchases of the summer. How sick and tired are you of lugging that ancient desk fan up to work, plugging it in and being deafened by the noise of passing flies being chewed up? Well, with these dinky USB-powered beauties you simply plug it in, pop it in front of your face and chill out. Who knows, you might even get more work done.

iPod Equaliser Sound Bar


The Equaliser Sound Bar is probably the best iPod dock we’ve had in the office, well, ever. The sound quality is fantastic, there’s a super-sleek display that reacts EQ-style to whatever you’re playing and your iPod/iPhone can sit proudly on top of it all. Classic stuff. Ooh, and it’s a UK first, so get them ASAP!

AstroEye Planetarium

AstroEye Planetarium

The universe may very well be expanding, but we’ve found a way for you to cram it into your bedroom. Neat, eh? The AstroEye Planetarium is an extremely detailed projector that spreads the night sky across your ceiling and, because it’s date-sensitive, you can see how the sky changes throughout the year. Very clever, but also very soothing.

So that’s about it for this week, check back next Monday for another healthy dollop of new bits and pieces. Till then, have an ice lolly!

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Maximiles Loyalty Scheme Discontinued

Some of you (well, not that many of you) may be familiar with what was our Ipoints scheme and is currently our Maximiles Loyalty scheme. Sadly it’s not been quite the resounding success we’d hoped for and most of our customers didn’t really go for it. Anyway, as of today (June 30th) you will no longer be able to earn Maximiles points at I Want One Of Those. Sorry!

If you’ve got some points left over that are burning a whole in your pocket (or at least your internet browser) then you can still redeem them here.

The good news is that we’re working on a replacement scheme that should be up and running by the end of the summer. Details are a little bit sketchy on that just now, but rest assured you’ll be sent a particularly exciting missive regarding its awesomeness. And we’re pretty sure it will be awesome.

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JimboWoot's Glastonbury Adventure

So as all people who move to London do, I embarked on an adventure to see this so called “Glastonbury” that everyone talks about. I should add that prior to this the biggest festival I had ever been to was a “whopping”‘ 20,000-capacity event called Splashy Fenn in sunny South Africa, where you drive in, park your car, set up camp and chill until you feel the need to go watch a band. As you might have immediately gathered, I was in for one hell of a shock.

Firstly, I was warned not once or twice, but at least a bazillion times to make sure I got wellies. eBay – check. With steel toe caps. I don’t know why. As I am sure you have read somewhere already, there was not even a single drop of rain. Not one, little, tiny little drop :) By Sunday morning, the medical staff had apparently treated over 3,000 people for heat stroke and sunburn – I thankfully was not one of them. Back to the point of this blog post though!

Working for a gadget retailer has serious advantages, so I used my staff discount (and persuaded Gadget Girl Ella to loan me some samples so I had more beer money) and headed off with an assortment of gadgets. Below is an honest rating of their performance.

1. Moontent

Upside: I didn’t sleep in this, Kieran (ex-IWOOTer did), and he loved the ease of putting it not only up, but taking it down as well (definitely a two man job). Again it didn’t rain so I can’t comment on it’s ability to withstand the wet stuff.

Downside: Perfect for two small-ish people. I’m a heifer though, so no good for me and the missus.

2. Festival Kit

Upside: This is a thoroughly well thought out little bag of goodies. I only used 50% of the stuff inside it (again, due to the fantastic weather), but was very happy to have all the little bits and pieces one might forget. Be careful though, probably not wise to share as it seems enough for one person. The glow bangles were a bonus, and initially I had thought of using them to highlight my tent at night so I could find it. It turned out that we were camped very close to a road and bridge, so these just turned into a silly fashion item for the fancy dress night.

Downside: The toothbrush is really soft, and the toothpaste is not enough for an entire festival.

3. Pebble Charger

Upside: Everything. We had an assortment of phones and chargers in our campsite and not only did I manage to keep my iPhone 3G up to date, but on the last day I shared out the little guy and still had half of the power left. This is a genuine winner. I just don’t know how to tell Gadget Girl Ella that she’s never getting it back…

Downside: There is absoultely no downside, excpet constant fear that I thief might rob you of this wonderous device!


4. Rainbow Lanterns 7 Pack

Upside: Lanterns aren’t new but, being an IWOOT exclusive, I thought I would have the edge and, as they’re relatively new, assumed I would be the only dude with them. Well, I was horribly wrong! Obviously some IWOOT customer beat me to it! Every evening the sky was FULL of lanterns. Aaaah – pretty lights…

Downside: When windy, these can be hazardous and catch an assortment of things at a festival including flagpoles and power lines. If not left to heat up enough they float back into the crowd. Some silly sausage tied an English flag to one (yes, after the event no-one wants to talk about 4-1) and after taker of just went crashing into a tented area. SO BE CAREFUL!

5. Walkie Talkie Watches

Upside: Had loads of fun listening in to everyone’s walkie talkie conversations – including the festival security. Very easy to use.

Downside: There were unfortuantely just too many people using walkie talkies for these little guys to be effective!

6. Multimate Mini

Upside: With so many tools this came in very handy, from minor zip fixes to turning a few porkies around on the BBQ.

Downside: None whatsoever.

7: Lightblade Umbrella

It would be a very hard thing to talk about the upside and downside of this product due to the awesome weather. It was very hand for providing shade, however :)

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New Arrivals 28/6/10

If you’ve managed to soak up your tears of disappointment and frustration after yesterday’s cavalcade of footballing mishaps, then we’ve got something to cheer you up completely. That’s right – it’s another New Arrivals email! Luckily, our New Arrivals are all excellent and gadget-y, not all rubbish and ball-was-actually-over-the-line-y. Onward…

Le Whif Breathable Flavours (pictured left)

Whiffing, you’ll be slightly baffled to learn, is the latest craze to hit the world of chocolate. Le Whif is a revolution in dieting, and will give you a satisfying taste of chocolate (or coffee, or raspberry, or several others) without ballooning your waistline to gargantuan proportions. Simply open one up, stick the end in your mouth and breathe in – yum! Perfect if you’re addicted to chocolate but aren’t too keen on the calorific content.

Balanzza Mini Digital Luggage Scale


A holiday essential. There’s little worse than having to shell out for excess baggage weight when you’re totally convinced you didn’t pack that much (maybe the rocking horse was a step too far), so use the Balanzza to make sure you haven’t stuffed too much in there. Even better, it’s light enough to take with you so you can weigh it on the way back too, after you’ve bought your body-weight in miniature Eiffel Towers.

La Siesta Caribbean Hammocks


With the weekend we just had (in case you missed it, it felt like the sun made a drunken lunge for us), it’s as well to prepare for a long summer of high temperatures. Even more so if you’re one of an increasing number of stay-cationers – which is where these beautiful hammocks come into their own. They come with a stand and are ready to assemble in the back garden under the shady tree. Bliss.

Flitter Fairies


Oooh, one for the girls, this. These lovely Fairies are a neat trick, and appear to magically float around the included magic wand. Of course, it’s not actually magic (I don’t think, anyway…), but a clever illusion, but it’s a great effect and perfect for anyone who’s discovering a vivid imagination.

That’s about it for this week, make sure you get out and enjoy the sun! And look out for some super new summery products coming later this week too…

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Someone's Written a Vuvuzela Concerto

More Vuvuzela news now, and it seems that some bright spark has come up with a Vuvuzela Concerto. Unsurprisingly, it’s one long note.

Of course, that’s a very funny joke (I laughed for approximately 34 seconds), but has the anonymous composer not realised that the blueprint for such pieces had been formed many years ago? The righteous minimalism of Steve Reich, the looping cell compositions of Terry Riley, even the repetitive drone masterclass of avant-garde noise-mongers Sunn 0)))? No? Oh well. Here’s the concerto anyway:


Good, innit?

I, for one, am hoping that the inevitable performance of this maverick work at this afternoon’s England/Slovenia match will drown out the shockingly inane brass parps of the England supporter’s band. Why do they think playing the theme from The Great Escape is remotely related to winning a football match? Anyway, good on The Guardian for spotting it, and let’s hope it goes our way this afternoon…

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IWOOT on Something For The Weekend

If you were up early on Sunday morning, you would’ve seen our very own EllaWoot showing off the very latest gadgets with that slightly sarcastic host who ignores guests unless they talk about football. Of course, they only feature the very best in new gadgets, so it’s no surprise that a couple of our own products, namely the Paper Jamz Guitars and the Pebble Charger.

If you’re quick you can see the whole lot on the iPlayer (it begins at about 1:13:40, if you want to skip all the clips of Porridge and interviews with choirmasters), but if you’re at work and unable to enjoy it on your screen, here are a couple of screengrabs:

Rockin' out...

Mind out, Ella. He's lost it.

The Veho Pebble Charger

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