Egg On Your Face Competition Winners

As you may have noticed, there’s been some serious competition for the most embarrassing story over on our Facebook wall – truly, it’s been like walking through a gallery of humanity at its most unfortunate.

Someone has to win, however, and won someone has. So without much further ado (well, maybe a bit more ado…), we’re pleased to say that Alison Reid is our worthy winner. A pair of Walkie Talkie Watches will be winging their way towards her very swiftly indeed.

Here is her story, unedited to preserve the shocking embarrassment:

“i have a job interview in an hour, and its a 50 minute drive to get there (at least). so, the mad panic is well and truly setting in, get dressed, put on make up, no time for a shower so lets try damage control on the hair…not to bad thinks me, a passable effort at humanity looks back at me in the mirror. i get to th…e interview in time and not too frazzled, it goes well, i think i’m in with a good chance, i’m even getting the little tour of the office before i leave. i get back in the car feeling like i pulled of the save of the century., only to look down and realise that i not only have two different shoes on but i also have my knee length pyjama bottoms on under the skirt that i pulled in in my hurry that morning and they certainly dont emit the air of professionalism i was aiming for…i didnt get the job, and to this day i firmly believe that i was taken on the tour of the office so that everyone could see exactly how stupid i looked!”


The five runners up are Hel Cruse, John Hynes, Lee Perry, Julie Booth and Nikki Knox Parsons. Well done chaps, have a Food Face Plate each!

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Twitter Bird Gatecrashes Twitter Convention

The Twitter Bird is about as iconic as they come nowadays, sort of like a social media version of the Golden Arches or that dog that says “Wall’s Sausages”. Well, some pranksters operating under the name of Zug (visit them here for more silliness) have hijacked the poor bird and made it into a criminal by gate-crashing the keynote speech at the SXSW festival in Texas, which was delivered by Twitter founder Evan Williams. Goodness knows what he thought of the whole thing, but we can assume that he didn’t condense it into 140 characters.

Pay particular attention to the Hanna-Barbera-style chase with a net sequence – golden.

Via Robot vs Badger.

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The IWOOT Egg On Your Face Competition

Easter is but a week away, Chocolate-lovers amongst you, so it’s time for us to bring you our Eggsellent (sorry) new Easter competition!

We’ve all had a moment where the Egg has been well and truly On Our Face, and we want to hear about it. If you fancy winning some super prizes from IWOOT, then all you have to do is submit an embarrassing story on our Facebook page (link) – the more embarrassing the better! We’ve got a pair of Walkie Talkie Watches for the overall winner and 5 runners up prizes of our new Food Face Plates. Make sure you tell us your embarassing story by 10AM on Thursday 1st April to be in with a chance.

To get you in the mood, we’ve had a quick ask around the office to see if anyone has any particularly choice stories to share… turns out they do. Enjoy:

Chris, Customer Services:

“I once, in my other life as a look-alike, was asked to go and audition for a pilot show at Endemol TV. When I got there I found out they didn’t care that I was a look-alike for David Tennant – they wanted me to pretend that I was a look a like for Peter Andre. They asked me to pretend to be him in the ‘Mysterious Girl’ video and do the dance that he did where he rubbed his abs… I did it and they filmed me.”

Kate, Marketing:

“When I was 14 I had a massive crush on Graeme Le Saux (which in itself is embarrassing enough!) I went to a charity event organized by my grandfather and to my excitement Graeme was there in real life! My grandfather took me over to meet him and proceeded to introduce me to my idol.

‘Hi Graeme, I would like you to meet my Granddaughter. I think she is in love with you or something.’

His wife looked less than pleased and I was desperately looking for a hole to crawl into.”

Has this been you at some point?

Phew. After all that embarrassment, you’ll probably want some Terms and Conditions, won’t you?

  • Entries may be submitted from 11AM on Friday 26th March 2010.
  • Entries must be submitted by 10AM on Thursday 1st April 2010.
  • Entries must be submitted via our Facebook wall.
  • The IWOOT panel of judges will select 1 fan who they judge to have the most egg on their face as well as 5 runners up.
  • The winner will receive 1 set of 2 Walkie Talkie Watches and the runners up will each receive a Food Face Plate.
  • Prizes are not transferable and IWOOT reserve the right to substitute the prize with one of an equal or greater value.
  • The winner will be notified via the email address submitted or via their Facebook address shown on the entry. If a response to this notification is not received by 10AM on Tuesday 6th April, IWOOT reserves the right to randomly select another winner. In light of this, please ensure you submit an email address that you use regularly!
  • You can enter the competition as many times as you like as long as you post a different story each time.
    This competition is completely free to enter, no purchase is necessary.
  • Employees of I Want One of Those their immediate families and anyone professionally connected with the promotion are not eligible to enter this competition.
  • No responsibility will be accepted for entries that are not received.
  • IWOOT reserves the right to disqualify any entrant.
  • If anyone is judged to have hacked, cheated or otherwise resorted to skullduggery then they will be disqualified.
  • There is no cash alternative available.
    The judges’ decision is final.
  • This competition is open to UK residents only.
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Crocheted Star Wars Characters

Does it get any cuter than this? We’re guessing not – just look at these adorable little harbingers of inter-planetary warfare and sketchy mysticism!

They come via the exceptional talents of Lucy Ravenscar (whose blog you can find here), and if ever there were a rival to these little cuties, it’s this band of crocheted characters. If you visit her blog there are some more pictures to have a look at, some of which are even cuter than these. I bet she gets inundated with requests from children of the 70s to make them for their kids. Heck, you don’t even need kids to enjoy these, look:





Via Wired.

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More Strange Dinosaur Blogging…

After we featured Dave Hone’s Archosaur Musings yesterday, the titular fellow got in touch with us and suggested an even more bizarrely named blog – Sauropod Vertebra Picture Of The Week (tagline: “All sauropod vertebrae, all the time!”). And, fair play to him, his suggestion was bang on the money.

Once you get past that quite incredible title, you’ll find a wealth of actually-very-entertaining writing about dinosaurs and such, but what hooked me were the post titles themselves.

Some examples:

“How big was Amphicoelias fragillimus? I mean, really?”

“What’s the deal with your wacky postparapophyses, Shunosaurus?”

“Things to Make and Do, part 4: brachiosaurid cervical”

Wonderful stuff, you’ll agree. Even better than that, though, is this quote from an excellent article on the aforementioned Amphicoelias fragillimus:

“Folks — please remember, the punchline is not ‘Amphicoelias fragillimus only weighed 78.5 tonnes rather than 122.4 tonnes’. The punchline is ‘when you extrapolate the mass of an extinct animal of uncertain affinities from a 132-year-old figure of a partial bone which has not been seen in more than a century, you need to recognise that the error-bars are massive and anything resembling certainty is way misplaced.'”

Who are we to argue with that?

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Cousin of Velociraptor Discovered – Yikes!

Dinosaur news now (or as we’ve decided to term it, “TyranNEWSaurus Rex”), and a new species has been discovered – a close cousin of the Velociraptor (BBC). Science chaps have named it Linheraptor Exquisitus, which seems a little too flattering. Just because you’ve given it a cool name doesn’t mean it won’t bite your arm off, Science chaps!

Anyway, here’s a picture of the fossilised skeleton they found in Inner Mongolia (you don’t hear much about Outer Mongolia any more, do you?):

Doesn't look so scary...

Which is obviously all well and good, but a little digging around the internet led us to the blog of the person that took this photo and, in particular, his interesting article about how the press have seemingly misinterpreted the whole thing and gotten their facts wrong. “Newspapers in poor research shocker”, you might glibly remark. Still, worth a read. Also, kudos on possibly the most niche blog title in the world – Dave Hone’s Archosaur Musings?! I, for one, can’t name anyone that has even heard the word ‘Archosaur’, let alone anyone who would have a differing opinion to Dave Hone and make his name a necessary part of the title.

This is all by the by, of course, because we know that no matter what dinosaurs are subsequently discovered, nothing will match the majesty of this:

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Wish I'd Thought of That: Folding Plug Wins Design Award

New Boffin on the Block Min-Kyu Choi has won the highest accolade a this year’s Brit Insurance Design Awards (do you think that sometimes they just call them The Brit Awards to try and make themselves sound cooler? I do).

Anyway, Choi has cleverly managed to design a plug that will not cause intense pain if you step on it upturned. Which is a tremendous bonus. Speaking of plug-based injuries, I’ve got a scar above my left eye from when I bent down to unplug something and smacked my head on the corner of a table. I was about 6. I’ve hated plugs ever since. Can’t trust ’em.

Anyway, as this video shows, it really is a miniature marvel:

Naturally, this is the most annoying, facepalm-inducing inventions in the world because we didn’t think of it. Damn. See the full story (featuring Janet Street Porter!) at the Beeb, here.

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Win Free Tickets to Underground Rebel Bingo this Saturday

Underground Rebel Bingo have nabbed some freebie prizes from IWOOT in the past (see here for an earlier blog post), so we thought it was only fair if we got something in return – which is good news for you, loyal readers. We’ve managed to blag two free tickets and £20-worth of free drinks for this Saturday (20th March) for one lucky person who tweets the following:

RT @iwootblog 2 Free Rebel Bingo tickets + drinks for exclusive underground London Gig this Saturday http://bit.ly/cGN9iL

We’ll pick a winner at random after the competition closes at 12pm on Friday. The winner will be put on the VIP Guest List and, as well as those drinks, will have the chance to win a stack of IWOOT goodies – always a bonus. Rebel Bingo is one of London’s best nights out, holding their events in secret locations under the auspices of things like “London Antiques Fair” or “Residents Association Meeting”. Crafty, eh? You can find more info and pictures of young people having fun and spending too much here.

Remember – the more you tweet, the more likely you are to win.

Here are some thoroughly entertaining Ts and Cs:

• The competition closes at 12pm on the 19th March 2010.
• The winner will be picked by a random generator on the 19th of March 2010.
• There is only one prize of 2 x Underground Rebel Bingo Tickets and £20 tab behind the bar on the night.
• The winner will be notified via twitter so make sure you check it on Friday afternoon. IWOOT reserves the right to randomly select another winner at 3pm Friday 19th March if you have not responded. In light of this, please check twitter!
• You can enter the competition as many times as you like. The more you tweet the more likely you are to win.
• This competition is completely free to enter, no purchase is necessary.
• Employees of I Want One of Those their immediate families and anyone professionally connected with the promotion are not eligible to enter this competition
• No responsibility will be accepted for entries that are not received.
• IWOOT reserves the right to disqualify any entrant.
• The prize is a 2 x Underground Rebel Bingo Tickets for the 20th March 2010 in London. They are non transferable and there is no cash alternative.
• The judges’ decision is final.
• This competition is open to UK residents only.

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Amazing Celebrity Caricatures

If caricatures unearth memories of traipsing through picturesque tourist traps while batty chaps in berets attempt to make you sit down while thy scratch an insulting impression of you into a pad and charge you as much as your ticket home, then prepare to be amazed. (True fact: when I was tramping around Montmartre, one such artist attempted to accost me by saying “oh go on, I’ll do it for free!” – probably should’ve taken him up on that one.)

The splendidly-named Anthony Geoffroy (now there’s a portmanteau we can get on board with) appears to be possessive of a very unique talent – his celebrity caricatures are radiant, occasionally brutal and never less than captivating – have a look for yourselves:

JD from Scrubs

Robert DeNiro

Visit Geoffroy’s website here for more caricatures and other such cleverness. Via Robot vs Badger.

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Oh crikey, there's a video of the jetpack…

Good news! After the amazing news that someone has finally made a Jetpack that both works and you can buy, the Telegraph comes up trumps and finds some footage of it in action.

Of course, you’d be better off soundtracking this sort of thing yourself. The ambient guff they’ve selected is just not exciting enough – Spotify users amongst you should click here for a more appropriate aural accompaniment.


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