Father's Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day Gift Guide

How hard is finding the perfect Father’s Day gift? We can honestly say that we have spent days trawling the shops in search of a great present. This year, we’ve taken the stress out of gift giving with our Father’s Day Gift Guide for all budgets.

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BB8 and Force Band to hit stores in September

Come September the BB8 Sphero is back and better than ever. Showcased in its prototype form at CES in Vegas earlier this year, the droid has been a major hit with Star Wars lovers all over the globe.

This year the droid will be controlled via hand gestures thanks to a wearable remote attached to your wrist in the form of a bracelet. The tool that looks like a fitness tracker measures hand orientation in order to control BB8 in its flight across the room.

The droid will also include a Watch With Me Feature where BB8 tunes in to any Star Wars film and immediately recognises where you are up to and issues reactions.

Check out more of BB8’s adventures here

Here at IWOOT we can’t wait to meet the new BB8 baby, let us know what you thing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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The Ultimate Guide to Experience Days

Instead of boring with your loved ones with socks or unwanted bath bombs, why not treat them to a new brand of gift, the experience day. With a great range of days out at even better prices, IWOOT tells you why you need to jump on the experience day bandwagon, ASAP.

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The Breakfast Club

Here at IWOOT, we scour the internet to bring you the most up to date news. This week we are crushing over the most delectable breakfasts on Instagram. From the weird to the wonderful, the symmetric to the chaotic, these are the best accounts to follow because let’s face it, who doesn’t love a #foodporn.

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Memorable Moments from the #DadsPlayDate at Paladone

We had fun with Paladone at their #DadsPlayDate

It’s hard to pick just four memorable moments from the fun filled afternoon that we spent with Paladone at their #DadsPlayDate. We weren’t sure what to expect from the Willy Wonka of toys, but boy did the afternoon surpass anything that we imagined. Throw six dad bloggers and twelve kids in a toy factory and I’m sure that you can imagine the chaos that ensued, however from the ruins of Paladone’s showroom emerged some great moments.

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star wars

What is Star Wars Day?

Today we are celebrating Star Wars Day here at IWOOT, May the 4th be with you all. To mark such a sacred event we have decided to look more into the history of the event and how we think you should join in with the festivities.

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star wars

5 Celebrities Who Love Star Wars More Than You


Finally concrete evidence that celebs, just like us, can’t help but fan girl over their favourite films and shows. In celebration of Star Wars Day, we’ve picked the best celebrity fan girl moments from the past twelve months.

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Interior Inspiration: Retro Home Update

Back again for Summer 2016, the seventies street style trend  has really been taking our wardrobes by storm. From bell bottom jeans to dreamy blouses, we have fallen hook line and sinker for the Woodstock vibe. After conquering runways, magazines and our wardrobes the summer styles have finally infiltrated our homes.

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International Earth Day: Think Green

‘It was a gamble, but it worked’ recalls Gaylord Nelson, founder of International Earth Day. This week, we celebrate another International Earth Day and bring you all the info on the date and what you can do.

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Garden Essentials

Here at IWOOT we feel it’s our mission to bring you the greatest and most fanciful home inspo. This week we are looking at the best ideas for reviving your Spring garden, from lighting to planters we’ve picked our garden essentials to share with you at home. Don’t have a garden? No worries, our ideas cover inside as well as out.

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