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The cute droid from the new Staw Wars movie might be in your home earlier than you think…

Sphero, the company behind one of our favourite geeky toys of the past couple of years, have been revealed as the creators of the absolutely adorable spherical robot in the new Star Wars film teaser trailers.

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Virtual Reality vs Augmented Reality - I Want One of Those

The IWOOT Guide To Cheap Virtual Reality Headsets

Remember the days when virtual reality seemed like some distant future, probably filled with murderous robots or strangely circular spaceships? Thankfully, we no longer need worry about an impending robot apocalypse interrupting our 3D fun. With the advent of the Oculus Rift and it’s many competitors (like Sony’s Project Morpheus) , virtual reality headsets are already a reality.

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How to Concentrate: 5 Great Products for the Arch-Procrastinator

How to Concentrate: 5 Great Products for the Arch-Procrastinator

Procrastination is the bane of any productive existence. We all do it at some point in the day, dilly-dallying, day-dreaming and generally staring into the distance instead of getting around to those 300 emails we were supposed to reply to. Therefore, to help you learn how to concentrate, we’ve put together our 5 favourite products to stop you procrastinating and keep you focussed. 

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Mother, Father and Child

10 thought-provoking facts about Mums this Mother’s Day

They’re the reason any of us exist, so before you go and choose what Mother’s Day Gifts you’ll be buying this year, why not learn some thought-provoking facts about mothers all around the world. Whether you just want to brush up on some trivia to dazzle your mum on her card or are interested in the history of mothering around the world – get informed with our 10 great facts about mums.

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Modern Cuisine at Home

Modernist Cuisine and Molecular Gastronomy with Molecule-R

We like to challenge ourselves in the everyday of our lives. We like to push ourselves to do the best work we can, to visit new places, to try out new experiences. Often, though, what we eat is left by the wayside in the pursuit of these goals. Boring, easy, and quick meals fill those short gaps of time we have left as we move from our work lives to our social lives to our personal time, and this is entirely understandable.

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How to spoil your mum this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is always a special occasion, a day where you can treat your Mum and let her know how much you love her and how grateful you are to have her! Whether she’s a chocolate lover or got a green thumb, there are plenty of ways to let her know how much she means to you.

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Afternoon tea for 2

Valentine’s Day Experience Days

We’re all about great Valentine’s Day Gifts here at IWOOT but we appreciate that Valentine’s Day should be as much about sharing an experience with your partner as just buying them something. We have a wide range of Experience Days on IWOOT, including some which are perfect for couples wanting to do something a little bit different together this Valentine’s Day.

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#Love IWOOT Valnetine's Day Event @ Propertea

#LOVEIWOOT Valentines Day Blogger Event

Last Wednesday we headed into Manchester to the gorgeous Propertea at Manchester Cathedral for the first ever #LOVEIWOOT Valentines Day Blogger Event. We invited some of our favourite local bloggers to come down and try out our selection of Valentine’s Day gifts for him and her, as well as sample the delights of the Propertea menu.

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5 Step Plan For A Hassle Free Valentine’s Day

Another weekend is over, and with a busy week of work ahead of you, forgetting to pick something up for your loved one this Valentine’s is highly likely….that’s right, Valentine’s day is next weekend people! Don’t get caught out and settle for the last bunch of sad looking red roses in the petrol station – there is still time to plan a special day for you and your loved one, and IWOOT is here to help you plan  you perfect hassle free Valentine’s day!

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valentines day gift ideas

Exploring Alternate Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day is a funny time of the year. Whether in a relationship or not, you’re always presented with somewhat of a dilemma. For the perpetually single, this essentially boils down to whether to spend the day hidden under your bedsheets with a pot of ice cream, or to hang out with other moping single friends, clinging together as if all the happiness in your life depended on it.

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