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Explore: Scent From Barcelona

How like time this scented candle journey has flown: ¡Hola amigo! ¡Bienvenido a Scent From Barcelona!

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In April, our seventh scented candle stop centres on the Catalan capital, where, like Joan Miró brushstrokes, voluptuous vapour streams from airplane arc over the pencil-thin lines of the Castell Montjuïc Cable Car. With your back to the sea and the soft sun on your neck, you zigzag up the perma-hectic Las Ramblas past the not unpleasant cool and shade of department stores and fashion houses, through the surreal Semana Santa Easter Festival procession and back into the spring-shine up towards Antoni Gaudí’s pulchritudinous Park Güell. From the peak of Carmel Hill, looking back onto the city, scintillating zephyrs suggest citrus – certainly mango. While a saxophonist croons into the early afternoon, you plan the rest of today on the now hazy horizon: Sagrada Família, Casa Batlló, Arc de Triomf and then, maybe, home.

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Why Barcelona?

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The slightly surreal Semana Santa Easter parade inspired Scent From Barcelona; the sweetness of spring in Spain – in terms of in-season fruit – was also a factor.

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Barcelona by Number

  • Coordinates: 41.3851°N; 2.1734°E
  • Language: Spanish/Catalan
  • Religion: Christianity (Catholic)
  • Population: > 1.7 million
  • Temperature: around 13°C in April
  • Currency: Euro
  • Popular music: Catalan Folk, e.g.

What’s in Scent From Barcelona?

Reed Diffuser – Tropical

Recreating the inviting scent of a summer breeze, with its sweet and soft hues, this diffuser will disperse the smell of summer throughout your home.

Hero Candle – Mango

With a 40 hour burn time, this fruity fragrance is irresistible and fresh; just sit back, close your eyes and experience the scent of ripe mango.

Iconic Spanish Coaster Set

These bespoke retro coasters will add an eye-catching hint of Spanish culture to any room, with fun, quirky phrases adorned in warm colours.

Incense Cones – Honey Vanilla

Entice your senses with the use of these incense cones in sweet honey vanilla and come with a small ceramic resting plate.

Scent From So Far

We’ve been to Marrakesh, Stockholm, New York, The AlpsParis and Bangkok so far on our travel-inspired candle journey. Where’s next? From fact or fiction, where would you like to go to? Let us know on social @iwoot with #scentfrom!

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