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The Summer Playlist You Didn’t Know You Needed

Summer is officially here. Still don't have the perfect summer soundtrack? Well look no further, the Summer Playlist You Didn't Know You Needed is Here!

2017-07-28 15:44:41By Roddy

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5 Ways to Add Hygge to Your Life

Hygge (pronounced hue-guh) is a Danish phrase used to describe feelings of cosiness or comfort relating to a situation or event. But what can we learn from our Danish friends about putting more hygge in our lives?

2017-07-25 17:17:24By Roddy

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An Introduction to Spider-Man: Homecoming

In Spider-Man: Homecoming, we meet with a young Peter Parker following the events of Captain America: Civil War, returning to live with his Aunt May and coming to terms with his powers and identity...

2017-07-01 10:00:56By Jack

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5 Reasons People Love Harry Potter!

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, the book that began it all, turns 20 on the 26th June 2017 and to celebrate the occasion we’ve put together five reasons why people love Harry Potter!

2017-06-25 09:00:58By Jack

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IWOOT Father's Day Event 2017: Build-up

On the 1st June 2017, we will be hosting a Father’s Day event in central Manchester that will bring together bloggers from all backgrounds...

2017-05-19 10:00:47By Jack

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IWOOT wins The Greats’ Best Online Gift Retailer Award 2017!

IWOOT was voted one of the best gift retailers in the UK and went on to win the award for Best Online or Mail Order finalist in The Greats Gift Retailer Awards 2017.

2017-05-10 10:00:47By Team IWOOT

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Explore: Scent From Goa

Dev Boro Dis Dium and welcome to Scent From Goa, our ninth stop on this Scent From scented candle box journey!

2017-04-28 14:00:25By Jack

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Explore: Scent From Barcelona

How like time this scented candle journey has flown: ¡Hola amigo! ¡Bienvenido a Scent From Barcelona!

2017-03-21 14:31:46By Jack

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3 Essential Appliances for the Dreaded Spring Clean 2017!

All of the tools required for a thorough clean of your house this spring can be found on our Spring Clean page; here we outline the three major appliances and two smaller ones to give your house the scrub it might not want but might just need!

2017-03-03 15:00:03By Team IWOOT

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Spring/Summer 2017: Gift Ideas & Trends

IWOOT has for years been the home of unique gift ideas, cool gadgets and hygge-oozing homeware accessories and, in 2017, we’re proud to launch our guide to the latest and greatest gifts and trends onsite throughout the first half of this year!

2017-03-02 14:30:33By Team IWOOT