JennaWoot Taken By Zombies

We did all we could to stop them.



This is all that was left. The panda is very upset.

Who’s next?

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They're Coming…


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Something Is Stirring at IWOOT Towers…

… but what could it be?

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And The Winner Is… (Week 3)

This week’s MS Paint competition provided us here at IWOOT Towers with much amusement – we’ve spent ages trawling through the entries and deliberating at length whose was the most impressive, interesting or downright amazing, and we’ve finally come to a decision.

Without further ado, we’re pleased to announce that Andrew Taylor is this week’s winner of our iPhone Competition, for his entry below:

Andrew Taylor

We though that Andrew’s entry, though not the most technically impressive, showed the most thought, the most attention to detail and the most fun. Any fans of The IT Crowd (luckily that includes us) will immediately see how crafty this picture is, but we were more impressed by the way Andrew managed to sneak in plethora of IWOOT products and how he drew our blog staff. It’s a little bit scary that it ended up being quite so accurate, actually. We suspect new office security measures could be in order. Nonetheless, we’ve printed it out and stuck it on the wall.

There were so many worthy entries that it’d take forever to mention them all, but we’ve put a few of our favourites below. If you want to check out the whole lot, then visit the photo gallery on our Facebook page while listening to this music.

Sas Taylor

Richard Readley

Ingram Wilcox

For details of this week’s competition, follow the link.

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I Want One Of Those Experiences Launches!

You’re used to finding all sorts of quirky and cool bits and pieces from IWOOT, but we also ply a noble trade in experiences too. In fact, we love these experiences so much that we’ve launched a whole new website dedicated to them – they range from snowboarding to paintballing, from wine-tasting to indoor skydiving. Or there’s always driving a sofa. We’ve called it, quite logically, I Want One Of Those Experiences (or IWOOTE, as it’s becoming known), and we think it’s top.




Whatever you’re looking for (within reason, we can’t get you onstage with Take That or anything… not yet, anyway), just have a flick through the ridiculous range of experiences we’ve got and you’ll see something you or someone you know will fancy. Some are genteel and relaxing, some are utterly insane thrill-rides, and there’s quite bit in between. Head over here to discover the new site, and say goodbye to your lunch hour as you ponder exactly how one goes about Medieval Jousting.


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Win An iPhone Week 4

The last two of our iPhone competitions have been extremely interactive, and yielded some excellent results (have a look at the Desktop Sculpture entries if you don’t believe us), so this week we’ve decided to take it back to basics. Simply, all we want you to do is tell us your best joke. As always, the best one will win – in this case, the one that makes us laugh the most. Which is pretty reasonable for a joke competition, we think.

A couple of rules and guidelines – all jokes have to be submitted to our Facebook wall by 10AM on Monday October 26th, they can’t be too long (a few lines at the most, ideally) and they can’t be rude or offensive. We’re very sensitive souls, you see. Other than that, go as surreal, as cerebral, as witty, as silly or as ridiculous as you like. And we’ll know if you’ve just copied and pasted – be as original as you possibly can.

Don't even think about entering this one.

Competition Terms & Conditions:

• Closing Date For this competition is 10AM on Monday 26th October 2009.
• Sadly, you can only enter this competition once. (You can’t fool us, you know!)
• This competition is completely free to enter, no purchase is necessary.
• No cash alternative is available for the prize(s) offered.
• This competition is open to residents of the UK only.
• Employees of I Want One of Those and their immediate families and anyone professionally connected with the promotion are not eligible to enter this competition
• The winner will be chosen by the IWOOT team.
• The winner will be notified of their win via the Facebook name submitted on the entry. If a response to this notification is not received within 14 days, IWOOT reserves the right to randomly select another winner. In light of this, please ensure you submit an email address that you use regularly!
• No responsibility will be accepted for entries that are not received.
• From time to time we may include customer comments and feedback on the site, and in our catalogue and other media. By submitting your comment you are granting us permission to publish it and, if necessary, edit it for clarity and typos.

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IWOOT at the T3 and Stuff Awards

Our glamorous representative in gadgetland EllaWoot recently ‘worked extremely hard’ at some awards dos – she reports:







“The last fortnight has seen all our favourite techy magazines go into awards overdrive. First stop last week – the Stuff Awards. I had to turn myself from Ella to Cinderella in record time – here’s me in the silver frock:


The award ceremony was held at the uber-swanky Dorchester on Park Lane. The venue was awash with all my favourite tech faces. I’m a big fan of the Stuff gang so the champagne reception immediately perked up as I saw Tom Wiggins and Will Findlater, the life and soul of all good industry parties. The award categories were relevant and interesting and IWOOT were up there with the nominees for Retailer of the Year. Unfortunately Play.com pipped us to the post – but next year vote for us and we’ll hopefully be blogging with a trophy gleaming away on the mantelpiece! And what’s a party without an embarrassing episode? Cue drunk dad at a wedding-esque moves. Here’s a pic of a guest showing us his moves.

dad wedding dance

The song he was moshing to… ‘Wild Thing’… ’nuff said!

Last night I took myself off to the T3 Awards. If you translate the swankiness of Park Lane into sheer cool, you’ve got the venue of the awards. A less formal dress code and dry ice made for an exciting ambience. I had a front row table with Radio 1 and Sky News and my soon-to-be-partner-in-crime, Jane from MSN (as pictured). Mike Brooke the Editor of T3 and Johnny Vaughn were the masters of ceremony and were very funny at that. Apple, Google and Sony won the lion’s share of awards and were all well-deserved with an expert panel judging each and every nominee.




Thanks to Stuff and T3 for having me along to their bashes and roll on the next party in gadgetland!”

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Cake Sale

As we’ve previously stated at length, we love cake at IWOOT Towers. Few things make us as giddy as the prospect of a good sponge, to be honest. So we were stoked, thrilled and delighted to raise some money for MacMillan Cancer yesterday afternoon by buying cakes our lovely Customer Service team had kindly made. Personally, I can whole-heartedly recommend the fridge cake. Delicious.

As you can see from the pictures, we truly love love love that lovely cake:






Find out more about MacMillan Cancer Support here.

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Ross Kemp… Folded

Is this the world’s best high-concept blog? I certainly think so. Like all the best internet phenomena, Kempfolds is wilfully and gleefully pointless, interactive and hilarious. It is, as you might imagine, a collection of photos of ex-Eastenders hard-man and erstwhile armed forces reporter Ross Kemp that have been strategically folded to achieve a mildly amusing result. Maybe it’s by virtue of Kemp’s near-circular face, but almost every single Kempfold is a work of quiet genius. Whether he’s oddly contorted so he looks like a baby or apparently shouting without a mouth, these photos have brightened many a mood.

Here are a few favourites:




The best thing about this is that, as long as Ross Kemp continues to be photographed, the concept is potentially very open-ended. There is a surprisingly low amount of Kempfolds in circulation at the moment (currently standing at 326 sent in), but the concept itself is ripe for the big leagues of viral stupidity. One wonders whether or not Mr Kemp himself knows about the whole thing, and what his reaction might be. The makers have stated, sadly, that there is to be a final, ultimate Kempfold at some stage. I for one hope it’s not for a long time yet.

Check out the Kempfolds collection here.

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Another Satisfied Customer

In the midst of all our iPhone giveaway craziness, it’s easy to get swept up in the competition itself and forget just how happy an iPhone can make someone. It’s like Rocky III. We spend so long thinking about the way in which Rocky could beat Clubber Lang, but ultimately the overriding importance has to lie with the happiness of victory itself. The payoff for all that hard work is seeing Rocky collapse on the floor of the ring after slugging through round after round of fisticuffs with Mr T off The A-Team.

But we digress. Here’s a picture of last week’s iPhone winner with her iPhone:


See how happy she is? If you try hard in our competition, you could be that happy too! Good luck and get entering!

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