Advent Calendar Answers for December 14th

Alas, the same ‘hovering around the answer’ joke from the other day is all we’ve got the energy to think of. Sorry about that.

Yesterday’s IWOOT product was the super-cool RC Nighthawk helicopter, which will make for some adrenaline-fuelled nights for one lucky person as they annoy the heck out of everyone with this nocturnal beast.

Here’s a nice normal-sized picture of it:


If you didn’t manage to get that one, then have a go at today’s – it’s EASY.

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Mini Buck's Dad Found!

After Years of searching, Mini Buck The Talking Stag‘s father has been found – right here in London! Just head on down to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park and you can see him for yourself. When I managed to find time in his busy schedule to chat with him, he assured me that he was well and being looked after. Mini Buck is ecstatic, and looking forward to being re-united with his dad… this is Jimbo Woot signing off for IWOOT NEWS.



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Advent Calendar Answers for December 11th-13th

There’s no point in trying to sugar-coat it, it’s as plain as the magnets on your fridge. That’s enough hovering around the issue, let’s get down to the answers.

The 11th was the Retro Sweet Jar, the 12th was the Digital Video Memo, and the 12th was the amazing RC Tandemz (in red, if you’re wondering).

Here’s that precious evidence to prove that we weren’t lying:






This man scares us slightly.

Two rotors are better than one.

And remember, you can always enter the festive fun by visiting the advent calendar here.

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Advent Calendar Answers for December 10th

I don’t think we need to drum this one into you.

It was the Rhythm Sticks – surely the perfect way to bring out your inner John Bonham (and possibly an exception to the rule that you should always buy very quiet Christmas presents for your children).

The real thing looks like this:

Rhythm Sticks. Please don't hit us with them.

Now off you pop to the Advent Calendar to have a go at today’s puzzler – you could win it!

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Mario Kart Nostalgia

We’ve had something rather special arrive at IWOOT Towers – samples of some new remote control Mario Karts. That’s right. Mario Kart, but in real life. And miniature. It’s difficult to express quite how cool this is if you weren’t beguiled by the ludicrously addictive early Mario Kart games, but for those among you that were, you’ll know that this is Super Mario-mazing. Rather than showing you pictures and silly videos of us larking about with them (no doubt that’ll happen in the new year, stay tuned), I thought we should stop to consider the original game itself.

I’ve spent a good portion of this afternoon racking my brains about the original SNES version (bought in Currys for my older brother and I as a Christmas present in about 1994, good times…), and am now a nostalgia-ridden mess of pixelated pining. By far my favourite thing about this game was the solitary time trial mode. I really must have been a lonesome child. Hours were whiled away, trying desperately to get a sub-20 second lap time on Rainbow Road, a sub-12 second lap time on Mario Circuit 1… ah, memories.

Anyway, a little bit of trawling has yielded some interesting results – I was never as good as this:

Nor this:

Perhaps even more amazingly, there are several websites dedicated to the current (well, current for a game released in 1992) world record holders and leader boards. An amazing subculture. I feel like Louis Theroux. Have a look here to see who’s currently the niftiest with Donkey Kong around the ghost levels (I was always a Koopa man myself…).

Apologies for the terrible nerd-out, it is a Friday after all.

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Advent Calendar Answers for December 9th

Relax, take a seat on the couch and just ease into this one… snuggle on down, it’s easy.

Of course, it was the Snug Rug Lites, which are literally perfect for those of you who’ve spent all your money on gifts and can’t afford to heat your house any more.

Here’s what it should’ve looked like:


If you were curled up on the couch and the thought of entering the Advent Calendar comp was just a little too much for your blissed-out brain to manage, then make sure you have a stab at today’s.

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Mac and Tom Cruise?

I am a huge Apple Fan. I love their ads. I love Top Gun. I love 80s Tom Cruise. I am not so sure I like modern Tom Cruise. He’s creepy. This ad is funny. Watch it now.

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Advent Calendar Answers for December 8th

I’m trying to wangle in a joke relating to Rihanna’s ‘Umbrella’, but I’ve exhausted all the possibilities. It can’t be done in this instance. Sorry. Normal service will be resumed tomorrow.

Anyway, yesterday’s product was a Lightblade Umbrella. Lovely.

As always, here’s some visual proof:

Perfect for Blade Runner-ing up your festive season.

Hang on – when it’s Rihanning (raining), why not step under one of these Umb-er-ellas? Nah, that’s rubbish…

Enter the advent calendar competition here.

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iPhone Etiquette

I know that it seems we are iPhone crazy… but the truth is, well, we are! If you’re an iPhone user, you know the addictive feeling of checking your mail, using apps, and generally that terrible little trigger itch your fingers do. You know, the one that you could only ever satisfy by doing the ever-so-cool two finger zoom gesture on your shiny delicious screen.

I have just re-read this sentence I typed and, well, it sounds like I might have a problem. I probably do. I am that annoying person who will check their phone incessantly at the table or, even worse, in the crowded pub. I know it’s anti-social behaviour, but I just can’t help it. My iPhone wielding friends have it too – infact, to the point that we have an unwritten understanding that we don’t even have to apologise for our rude behaviour. Thankfully, I found this flowchart, which helps iphone junkies like myself work out the appropriateness of using an iphone on a date:

iPhone Chart

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And The Winner Is… (Week 10)

It’s finally here. What are we going to do with ourselves now that the iPhone competitions are over? You can make your own minds up, but I know for a fact that some of us in the office will be weeping in the corner and stuffing our faces with cake (of course some will be overjoyed that they no longer have to think of ideas for competitions).

This final week in particular has yielded some astonishingly good entries, and it’s been a typically mind-numbingly hard decision to select a winner. Even if you didn’t win, we sincerely hope you had a lovely time doing whatever it was that you did to prove to us that you wanted that iPhone the most.

For the final time, then, we’re happy to announce that the iPhone winner is Sarah Cank for the amazing songs and videos that she sent us. There is a condition on her victory, however – Sarah, you must never ever sing on record again:

We were also extremely impressed by several other entries we received, in particular Emma Gorman’s begging box, Nicki ‘Knox’ Parsons’ phone-swap idea, and the hilarious video made by Asher Heigham (literally an incredible effort). Well done guys, we’re sorry you couldn’t all win an iPhone.

The beautiful Begging Cake.

That's right, it's two tin cans tied with string.

Everyone, it’s been emotional.

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