iPhone Etiquette

I know that it seems we are iPhone crazy… but the truth is, well, we are! If you’re an iPhone user, you know the addictive feeling of checking your mail, using apps, and generally that terrible little trigger itch your fingers do. You know, the one that you could only ever satisfy by doing the ever-so-cool two finger zoom gesture on your shiny delicious screen.

I have just re-read this sentence I typed and, well, it sounds like I might have a problem. I probably do. I am that annoying person who will check their phone incessantly at the table or, even worse, in the crowded pub. I know it’s anti-social behaviour, but I just can’t help it. My iPhone wielding friends have it too – infact, to the point that we have an unwritten understanding that we don’t even have to apologise for our rude behaviour. Thankfully, I found this flowchart, which helps iphone junkies like myself work out the appropriateness of using an iphone on a date:

iPhone Chart

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And The Winner Is… (Week 10)

It’s finally here. What are we going to do with ourselves now that the iPhone competitions are over? You can make your own minds up, but I know for a fact that some of us in the office will be weeping in the corner and stuffing our faces with cake (of course some will be overjoyed that they no longer have to think of ideas for competitions).

This final week in particular has yielded some astonishingly good entries, and it’s been a typically mind-numbingly hard decision to select a winner. Even if you didn’t win, we sincerely hope you had a lovely time doing whatever it was that you did to prove to us that you wanted that iPhone the most.

For the final time, then, we’re happy to announce that the iPhone winner is Sarah Cank for the amazing songs and videos that she sent us. There is a condition on her victory, however – Sarah, you must never ever sing on record again:

We were also extremely impressed by several other entries we received, in particular Emma Gorman’s begging box, Nicki ‘Knox’ Parsons’ phone-swap idea, and the hilarious video made by Asher Heigham (literally an incredible effort). Well done guys, we’re sorry you couldn’t all win an iPhone.

The beautiful Begging Cake.

That's right, it's two tin cans tied with string.

Everyone, it’s been emotional.

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Advent Calendar Answers for December 7th

Don’t be driven to drink if you didn’t manage to get the answer to this one. Should we tell you the answer? Wine-ot?

It’s obviously the Chain Wine Bottle Holder, an excercise in witchcraft if ever we saw one.

Congratulations go to Beth Bowdler, who no-doubt would love an excuse to make her wine bottles look fabulous.

Here’s the whole thing so you can see we’re not lying:

How do they do it?!

As always, you can go here to see the advent calendar and stand a chance of winning!

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Advent Calendar Answer for December 6th

No matter what you read into it, the answer is simple! (These jokes are getting better and better, aren’t they?)

Of course, it was the Personalised Classics. Perfect for curling up on the sofa with this Christmas (though you’ll be technically be curling up with yourself, which is a little conceited).

Here’s the proof:

Ripping reads, the lot of them.

Have a look at today’s visual conundrum and stand a chance of winning the product pictured!

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Advent Calendar Answers for December 4th and 5th

Hope you all had a good weekend, you’l be hearing about ours in due course. First of all, though, it’s time to unveil who got lucky and won themselves an item from our Advent Calendar!

The items were the 6-in-1 Solar Powered Robot (Friday) and the Sound Hat (Saturday), so congratulations go to Tracey Dowell and Daksha Karavadra respectively. Enjoy your early Christmas pressies!

Just to prove we weren’t lying (and why would we?!), here are normal-size pictures of those items so y0u don’t have to squint:




Keep abreast of all the Advent Calendar products here – enter using the form below the calendar to be in with a chance of winning that day’s item.

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Advent Calendar Answer for December 3rd

Hoover around the furthermost corners of your mind…

It was Henry The Hoover, glorious in miniature and obsessed with biscuit crumbs.

Very hearty congratulations go to Cindy Tatum, who wins their very own little desktop companion to keep their work station neat and tidy.

In case you didn’t believe us, here’s a picture of Henry at his full (yet still beautifully petite) size:


Make sure you check the Advent Calendar daily and enter – you could win a prize just as good as Henry!

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Earplugs at the ready…

This weekend, I will be leaving the safety and warmth of the IWOOT bubble and flinging myself into the dirty, noisy, sticky and exceptionally well-heeled world of ‘alternative music’. That’s right: I will be joining several thousand other like-minded nerds at the ATP Festival in Minehead, Somerset.

The event is being curated by My Bloody Valentine, a band whose leader, Kevin Shields, we waxed lyrical about on this very blog a couple of months ago. That guitar set-up is proper-sick. As you might expect, given the uber-nerdiness of such a festival, My Bloody Valentine’s aural assault looks set to destroy my tiny little eardrums (and not for the first time – a previous encounter last year left me almost deaf for a day or two afterwards). What makes me so sure of this? The following sentence taken from the festival’s website:

“Earplugs will be provided for my bloody valentine sets.”

Can’t wait.

As a result of this whimsical music rubbish, we may have to delay the result of the iPhone competition until Tuesday morning – hope that’s alright! The deadline for entries remains 10AM on Monday morning though. See you (not hear you) Tuesday!

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Advent Calendar Answer For December 2nd

Did you get it? Or did you require some ‘vinspiration’? It was certainly quite a puzzler…

It was, of course, Don’t Break The Bottle – a classic! Congratulations to T. Boyce for being a very clever person and getting it right.

For the record, here’s what the whole thing looks like:





Don’t forget to keep checking the Advent Calendar every day to be in with a chance of winning the mystery item!

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Another Excellent iPhone Competition Entry

The excellent entries for the final iPhone competition continue to rain down on IWOOT Towers like the tabloids on Tiger Woods, thanks to the delightful efforts of one Emma Gorman. Her self-styled ‘Begging Box’ contained the following treats for us Wooters:

1 x Begging Cake
1 x Begging Letter
1 x Batch of Begging Fortune Cookies

and some rubber bands for Pepe (who is currently in fine fettle, thanks for asking).

What a treat! Here are some pictures of Emma’s package:

In case you can't quite read it, that letter on the right says 'really' an awful lot.

The beautiful Begging Cake.

The Begging Fortune Cookies... wisdom comes from within (them).

Well, it would be rude to leave it there...

Can you see Pepe lurking in the background of that last photo? Atta boy… Keep the entries coming folks, show us what you’d do for the last iPhone!

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Dirty Tricks

So, it turns out that DannyWoot doesn’t have an iPhone. Apparently, the people in CS told him that they would help him win the iPhone if he wore a Raul shirt. I have to point out the stupidity of this because: a) he can’t win it ’cause he works here and b) he has now alienated himself from Team Creative. I think we should fire him. I am now also constantly concerned for Pepe’s well-being.

Seriously, was TRYING to win an iPhone he can’t win worth it?!



Guilty as sin.

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