Halloween Cupcakes

Real Recipes : Kids Party Food

It’s half term this week for thousands of children across the UK, which means they have extra time (and energy) to get excited and prepared for Halloween and bonfire night parties. With the weather being…well just a bit dull, kids will be spending more time indoors, looking for fun, new activities. So why not get them involved in some party food prep? They’ll be away from the T.V, learning lots of new skills and you’ll have to spend less time hidden away in the kitchen on your own! So, discover some creative party food treats with IWOOT this half term and join in the bake off fun!

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Double Breasted Suits with Reiss

A Mad Men Evening with IWOOT and Reiss

It’s hard to admit, but winter is finally upon us. The evenings are cooler and darker, and unfortunately there’s not much we can do about it; not even the brilliant inventors at IWOOT.com have managed to build a time machine…yet.

Now, although we all love a Saturday evening, sat in watching a classic film, snuggled up under a blanket – we’ve been thinking about how we can make winter evenings at home a little more exciting. Dinner dates, game nights, bake off competitions and movie themed evenings were among our favourites, with a particular stand-out suggestion made by our film and series fanatic, Tom.

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Wall Art 'Home' Sign

Homeware that will make you House Proud

It’s September and the children are finally back at school, which not only means a little peace and quiet, but some time to make your house look less like a chaotic clutter and more like a home again. Well…until the weekend that is. So have a read of our IWOOT blog and find out how to piece your home back together again and get house proud!

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Latest Gadgets : Ollie by Sphero

Attention to all extremely organised parents looking for the best Christmas gifts or birthday presents this year. Here at IWOOT we have found the coolest, fastest, most high-tech gadget around. Please welcome the new Sphero Ollie, guaranteed to keep children and big kids (/dads) entertained.

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Fruit Smoothie

Real Recipes : Smoothie Ideas

So you might have noticed quite a smoothie trend over the summer – whether they’re fruity, creamy, healthy or full of calories, everyone seems to love them. They’re fun to make, taste amazing and are a fabulous homemade substitute for shop bought ice cream or sugary slushies – so have a look at our smoothie recipes below – this is one of the occasions where you SHOULD definitely try this at home!

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Autumn days

Autumn Activities

There’s only one weekend left of summer, so planning in weekends together as a couple, family or with friends for the autumn will help avoid the dreaded summer holiday blues. Here at IWOOT we’ve hand picked a selection of different experience days perfect for family days or romantic outings among the fallen leaves, so take a look and plan some fun-filled weekends together!

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Back to School illustration

Student Solutions : Back to School

With GCSE results over, it’s time to start preparing for September. Here at IWOOT we’ve thought of some ideas to help get children of all ages excited for going back to school. The theory is, if they start the year organised then it’s more likely they’ll stayed organised – so, have a read of our 5-step plan and give them a head start!

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Overpacked car

Student Solutions : University Essentials

The hard part is over – exams passed, university place accepted, now students all around the country just have to get to get there, which strangely enough can be the most daunting part. Trying to fit what seems like your entire life into a car can be a worrying thought – but the IWOOT guide is here to help! We have created a list of university essentials that will help students settle in, make friends and enjoy their time away from home!

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Rainbow Jelly

Real Recipe Ideas : Rainbow Jelly Mould

In keeping with our children’s party theme from last week, we thought we would try SUCK UK’s Rainbow Jelly Mould, a perfect treat for younger children and great fun to make! We tried a number of different flavour combinations for this sweet treat, so have a little read and try it out for yourself!

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Football Party Guide and Competition

It may feel like you said adeus to the World Cup just yesterday, but the start of the Premier League is only a week away! Whether you are a football fanatic or can’t stand sitting still for 90 minutes, we have created an IWOOT Football Party Guide to make sure everyone is happy this season. Have a look through our tips and ideas and get everyone excited for August 16th!

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