The Dark Knight Rises…only took him four years. NEW IN statues, perfect for any bat fan

The Dark Knight has returned, out in cinemas TODAY! It took him four years to get here and we can hardly believe it’s been seven years since Batman Begun (Begins- whatever.)The Dark Knight, the third and final part of Christopher Nolan’s acclaimed trilogy has been considered the most anticipated film of the sequel, at nearly three hours it’s the longest film of the three. The first hour is spent tying up a few loose ends from the last film. One review reads “It might also contain the best movie ending in recent memory.” The suspense is killing us. We propose an IWOOT team trip to ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ immediately. You can cope without us for 164 minutes, right?

So…onto the good stuff. We’re about to show you every damn thing you can buy for The Dark Knight Rises… all the stuff we could get our grubby little hands on anyway. Unveiled at the Toy Fair 2012 we bring you Dark Knight Rises figurines. Available in Bane, Batman and Cat woman the BRAND NEW highly detailed statues capture the likeness of the characters like they’ve just stepped out of the film. (We know a few guys in the office that wouldn’t mind if Anne Hathaway jumped out of the screen.) Ranging from £69.99 to £109.99 these busts, 1:6 and 1:12 scale statues are perfect for any bat man. Ooops we mean bat fan. Check them out here: http://www.iwantoneofthose.com/gifts/toys/superhero-figures.list



Here’s what happens…for those of you that don’t like a spoiler- look away now.

Eight years after the events of The Dark Knight, Gotham City is in a state of peace. Under powers granted by the Dent Act, Commissioner Jim Gordon has nearly eradicated violent and organized crime. However, he still feels guilty about the cover-up of Harvey Dent’s crimes. At a function celebrating Dent, he plans to admit to the conspiracy, but decides that the city is not ready to hear the truth. While following a lead in the abduction of a senator from the function, Gordon’s speech falls into the hands of terrorist leader Bane. Gordon is shot in the process, and he promotes patrol officer John Blake to detective, allowing Blake to report directly to him.

As Batman has disappeared from Gotham City, so too has Bruce Wayne, locking himself inside Wayne Manor. Wayne Enterprises is crumbling after he invested in a clean energy project designed to harness fusion power, but shut the project down after learning that the core could be modified to become a nuclear weapon. Bruce suspects that his business rival, John Daggett, has employed Bane to aid in an aggressive take-over of the company. When he attempts to intervene in an attack on the city’s stock exchange, Bruce comes into conflict with Alfred Pennyworth over his plans to return to the streets of the city as Batman. Alfred finally admits that Rachel Dawes chose to marry Dent, and leaves Bruce’s service in an attempt to convince him that he can no longer be Batman.

Following a trail left by cat burglar Selina Kyle, Batman confronts Bane, who says that he assumed the leadership of the League of Shadows following the death of Ra’s al Ghul. Bane kills Daggett and reveals that he was using Daggett’s construction firms to stage a heist on Wayne Enterprises’ Applied Science Division. He steals Bruce’s arsenal before crippling Batman and detaining him in a prison from which escape is virtually impossible. The other inmates relate the story of the only person to ever successfully escape from the prison, a child driven by necessity and the sheer force of will.

Bane lures the Gotham police department underground and sets off a chain of explosions across the city, trapping the officers underground and turning Gotham City into an isolated city-state. Any attempt to leave the city will result in the detonation of the Wayne Enterprises fusion core, which has been converted into a bomb. Addressing the citizens, Bane reveals the cover-up of Dent’s death, and releases the prisoners locked up under the Dent Act. The rich and powerful are dragged from their homes and put before a show trial presided over by Jonathan Crane, where they are given the choice between death or exile, and the city further regresses into a state of anarchy. After an attempt to sneak Special Forces soldiers into the city disguised as aid workers ends with the soldiers hung from a bridge for the world to see, the government blockades Gotham.

Meanwhile, Bruce retrains himself to be Batman and successfully escapes Bane’s prison to return to Gotham. He enlists Selina, Blake, and Lucius Fox’s help in liberating the people of the city and stopping the fusion bomb. Batman confronts Bane, but Miranda Tate intervenes as she reveals herself to be Talia al Ghul. It was she, not Bane, who escaped the prison as a child, and Bane was permanently scarred as he tried to help her. Gordon successfully cuts off the bomb’s ability for remote detonation and Selina kills Bane, allowing Batman to chase Talia. He tries to force her to take the bomb to the fusion chamber, where it can be stabilized, but she remotely floods the chamber. Batman shoots her truck off the road and she dies in the resulting crash, confident that the bomb cannot be stopped. Using a helicopter developed by Fox, Batman hauls the bomb beyond the city limits, where it detonates over the ocean.

In the aftermath of the explosion, the world believes Batman to be dead and Bruce to have been one of the casualties of the riot. As his estate is divided up, Alfred witnesses Bruce and Selina together alive in a cafe in Italy, while Blake inherits the Batcave.



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Kick ass, take-no-prisoners, juiced-up super magnets named ’21st century LEGO’

Described by Time Magazine as “21st century LEGO” Nanodots are set to be the next big craze to hit the UK. Nanodots, named the world’s strongest magnets, can be set into any comprehendible shape allowing you to build almost anything from 3D spheres to cubes. Specifically engineered to be the ideal size, strength and consistency to build complex geometric structures, Nanodots have received global media attention; Wall Street Journal naming them ‘addicting dots of magnetic fun.’

Fun is exactly what Nanodots are and with no flashing lights, batteries or computer chips they’re a refreshing change from digital fun which is becoming indispensable. You only need to watch the video for these things to be absolutely fascinated. Nanodots are available in four colours. Get yours now!  http://www.iwantoneofthose.com/offers/nanodots.list


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The new App Gear toys that interact with downloadable apps! Cool!? Yes, we know.

If you haven’t heard of these yet, where have you been? Gaming reality just got way more awesome with AppGear, a mobile app technology that will give you the ultimate gaming experience. Remember when we once all thought the ultimate gaming experience was a piece of string and a conker? How things change eh? We’re a million (maybe even a trillion) miles away from that now.

Recently toys and electronics have converged to create a fun and engaging way to utilise the newest technology such as smartphone and tablets. A couple of years ago we could have argued that toys would take a backseat to the influx of awesome gadgets and apps we had suddenly available to us – now they enhance it. Everyone loves a happy ending.

So what do they actually do? We hear you say. AppGear is an innovative line of apps that interact with collectible toys, which attach to your smartphone to enable gaming interaction. Take 3D cinema as a rather poor example, you’re watching the film yet you feel like you’re in the film, with App Gear you’re playing the game and you feel like you’re in the game- a beautiful mixture of fantasy and reality.

The range of AppGear games can be played on an iPhone, iTouch, iPad or Android device and is FREE (yes, free) to download. Waheey! App Gear brings gaming to reality and is anticipated to be the best new tech in 2012.

App Gear is recommended for ages 9+ but the games are definitely not restricted to kids. There’s plenty of scope for adult App Gear addicts too.  At IWOOT HQ, Josh (our resident Merchandiser) cannot be beaten at Zombie Burbz, we’ve bet our lunch money plenty of times and had to go hungry.

You can expect to see a lot more of this blending of real-world toys and digital apps in the years ahead, especially with more children having access to devices. Check out the stats below…

– 52% of children own their own app capable device (68% of 6-8s, 32% of 3-5s)

– 8% of children own their own iPhone (11% other app capable smart phones)

– 20% have an iPod Touch (12% of 3-5 year olds)

– 9% have their own iPad (6% of 3-5 year olds

We genuinely think App Gear is totally awesome but don’t just take our word for it…AppGear was first presented at The Toy Fair 2012 and received a fantastic reaction. Jason Bradbury, presenter on the Gadget Show took to Twitter to share his excitement tweeting “Wowwee getting into seriously fun app/toys with AppGear.” He’s not the only one, check out reviews from MSN online and Easier Technology below.

“Best tech toy for 2012” MSN online

“AppGear wows Toy Fair as best new tech” Easier Technology

Fancy a nosey? We now have Zombie Burbz and Foam Fighters in stock ranging from £9.99 to £12.99, they’re available here http://www.iwantoneofthose.com/gifts/toys/app-gear.list

Competition Time!!!

Don’t fret we have plenty more coming soon including Alien Jailbreak, Mysterious Raygun, Akodomon, Elite ComandAR and Doctor Who. Which one will you choose? For the chance to win ‘Zombie Burbz’ tell us what type of devices App Gear can be used on.

A With iPhone, iTouch, iPad or Android devices

B With a bat and ball

C With apiece of string and a conker

To enter this competition simply leave a comment below. Competition closes Friday 25th May, we will announce the winner on our blog and Facebook page.   http://www.facebook.com/iwantoneofthose


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The Hut Group dominates ‘Britain’s Best loved Digital Brands 2012’

What’s your favourite digital brand? In fact don’t answer that, we know IWOOT is waaayyy up there. Well BrandLove25 obviously have a lorra, lorra love for The Hut Group this year as the group  brands dominate the table again.

If you didn’t already know, IWOOT sits very comfortably under The Hut Group, the UK’s leading, multi-website online retailer. The Hut Group launched in 2004 and acquired a range of retail sites, entering entertainment and fashion in 2009,  gifting and health & beauty in 2010 and sports nutrition in 2011.

My Protien,   IWOOT , Zavvi , Lookfantastic  and The Hut all appear in this year’s table, with MyProtien having presented the biggest move from last year shooting up from position 13 to position 6! Iwantonofthose have not disappointed (like we ever would!) with 5 moves up from last year in No.11 spot. Zavvi.com move up 2 positions from last year into No.14, Lookfantastic appear on the list for the first time in position 20 and TheHut.com appear also appear on the list for the first time in the No.21 spot. Not bad going eh?


This year Youtube, Pinterest and Instagram have been added to the algorithm and the brands that have jumped on these early have seen success. We presume you’re following us on Pinterest, if not you know what to do… (Click and follow us immediately, if you were slow on the uptake there!)


We wanted to give a massive virtual hug and a big, fat thank you to all our loyal customers for their continued support… (que emotional IWOOT speech) We’ll spare you the rest!


Best Loved Digital Brands

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Drum roll please… new and exclusive to IWOOT, we bring you FOUL FASHION…

You know here at IWOOT towers we love to embrace anything out of the ordinary. We also know that as a fan you love quirky products, talking points and fun fads. So if you want to stand out from the crowd and make a bold statement we’ve got just the thing. It’s sure to sell like it’s going out of fashion!

Foul Fashion Blazer

We have seen some pretty weird and wonderful outfits in our time but we have always held a special place in our hearts for all shirts floral, outrageous and let’s face it, bold but beautiful. I’m sure you could imagine the array of colours, print and styles going on in the IWOOT office the day these bad boys got delivered. It looked like a rainbow had exploded right before our eyes and we couldn’t help but smile when we pulled on a foul and funky frock (OK, granted there are no frocks but we thought that bit of alliteration worked pretty well).

Foul Fashion Trousers

So, ladies and gentlemen drum roll please… new and exclusive to IWOOT, we bring you Foul Fashion. Foul Fashion shares our sentiment for randomness and originality. It’s handsome and it’s damn right #awesome.  Foul Fashion takes an ensemble of materials from the world’s best known fabric producers (Chanel, Gucci…the people who make your Auntie’s curtains) and chucks them into an enormous mixer. This, along with the all-important Foul Fashion formula creates a funky but foul garment for your gratification. No Foul garment is the same but every garment IS gloriously Foul.

We reckon the Foul Fashion range is perfect for birthdays, holidays, festivals, the golf course, fundraising events or stag weekends. You could always use the full range of foulness to avoid the annual awkward family get together and camouflage into your granny’s couch. Don’t be a fashion victim, if you’re brave enough it’s perfect for everyday wear. Flaunt your alpha characteristics and stick your middle finger up to social pressure and the high-street. Foul Fashion is also an awesome conversation initiator, let your attire do the talking (see what we did there?).

If you see anyone on the street wearing Foul Fashion, give them a wink and a wave and think of IWOOT, the fashion faux pas folks.

We always LOVE to hear feedback from you guys!  Let us know how foul you think this range is and leave a comment below. The Foul Fashion range comes in sizes Small to Extra Large. Pop over to the IWOOT website to find full size specification details.  http://www.iwantoneofthose.com/offers/foul-fashion.list



Foul Fashion and IWOOT have come together to bring you the most unique (and foulest) competition prize ever! We’re giving 3 lucky winners the chance to win one garment each. You could win a Foul Fashion Men’s shirt, trousers or blazer. Three winners will be picked 9/03/2012 and the garments will be sent randomly. No foul play.

It’s easy to enter our competition all you have to do is click here to be sent to our competition page. Best of all it’s FREE to enter!

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Zumba: The Review

When the rectangular white box arrived I was a happy chappy, I never get anything in the post and when I do its usually speeding fines or credit card bills. I had a huge cartoon bubble hovering above my head with an image of my tight thighs, bulging biceps and toned abs. Perfect.

Although my stomach rumbled I quickly opened the box like a kid at Christmas, inside was a total body transformation guide. Right I said resolutely, this will be my Bible for the next two weeks; I will eat, sleep and think Zumba. To get me started the guide contained training tips, a stretch guide, a fat loss programme and much more. The pack also contained 4 DVDs and two big green batons that could have been mistaken for a couple of grown-up baby rattles.

The 4 DVDs were enticingly labelled……

  • Basics and 20 minute express (20 mins..no sweat..well actually hopefully so!)
  • Cardio party (I love a party….party on!)
  • Sculpt and tone (my body is a temple, my body is a temple)
  • Live! And flat abs (Flat Abs? I want rippling Abs)

The packs not only came in English but also Dutch, Spanish, French and Italian. I quickly chose the English version, languages was never my forte, let’s hope Zumba is!

So let’s get to it….Pre party process included making sure that my flat was empty, I closed all the curtains and dimmed the lights, I wasn’t sure how bad I was going to be at this and I didn’t want any witnesses (however I did phone my Mum and ask her to call and check on me in an hour or 2! I’ve not done that since college)

Basics and 20 minute express

I was wondering how on earth I was going to cope with the quick moves and the fast music but the DVD took me through each step and the basics of them, very slowly. Some might argue too slowly but at least it was thorough, I was confident within minutes. The steps were simplified and really easy to manage. I can now declare I’m an expert in the ‘booty circle’ and the ‘diamond step.’

The DVD started with an introduction to the creator of Zumba which gave it a great personal touch. The presenters went through the routines enough times to get the hang of them. There were also handy hints throughout the DVD such as, ‘the higher your hands, the more calories you burn’ which I considered helpful and informative. I was aware how ridiculous I looked, I hadn’t taken dance lessons since I was 10 years old but I didn’t care, I was enjoying myself.

The steps were introduced which helped associate moves with their name. Marching between steps was encouraged which was a great way to keep moving whilst slowing the heart rate- at some points it was needed!

The 20 minute DVD was broken down into four sets of five minutes and concentrated on different dances which gave the workout variety and kept it interesting.


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Zumba Fitness: Full of Zest or ready to Zzzzz?

Zumba fitness at IWOOT

Need to get back into the swing of things this year?

Spring cleaning, drinking less or giving to charity. What was your New Year’s resolution? If you’re anything like the rest of us it will include all of these, along with the most popular New Year’s resolution  – to shed the pounds and fight the fat.

The question is; is it one of those fads that will last all of 2 weeks? The takeaway menus tend to creep out again, chocolate and biscuits lurk in every nook and cranny. Even your favourite restaurants seem to have mouth watering offers.


This year we are determined to find one thing that we will actually stick at, something that won’t get packed back in the loft with the tree and tinsel. Something that would make you want to get up off the sofa, swap them slippers for trainers and get us rocking like Rocky (whilst singing the eye of the tiger, obviously)!


Want to “move fast and have fun” this January?

The popularity of Zumba Fitness has become a worldwide phenomenon, it’s just jumped up and slapped us in the face. Zumba seemed to come from nowhere and now is arguably the most renowned fitness program, enabling millions of fans worldwide to say Hola to living the Latino life; for at least  30 mins each day.

If you’ve heard all the hype but wanted to know, ‘does it really work?’ or ‘is it as fun as everyone says it is?’, we’ll give you an honest account of what we really think. We’ll measure the progress and see if this Zumba lark really works!

So why is Zumba so good? Here’s the Science bit…

You may have heard a lot about Zumba, but did you know it was only created in the 1990s? According to our big, purple Spanish dictionary Zumba translates to “move fast and have fun.” Inspired by Latin dance, it targets areas such as the glutes, legs, arms, abdominals, and the heart (so pretty much every part of the body then) places we may not have felt since October and the onslaught of office dos?!


Let’s say Hola to Olivia

A member of the IWOOT team kindly stepped up (or nipped out on the brew round) and was volunteered to be our guinea pig. We weren’t sure how she would respond to being termed any kind of pig but we hope that at the end of this process she will feel less Miss Piggy and more like Olivia the fit, fun dancing Queen from Brazil (ahem via Blackpool).

So, let us get introduced to Olivia IWOOT, a slightly loopy member of the team, and let’s get started on the challenge… 

Olivia is long, tall and slim, despite largely eating what she wants, when she wants! She is now reaching the tender age of 22 and starting to notice the effects of adults having no playgrounds to tear around. Although she doesn’t mind exercising (when she really, really has to) she would prefer to reintroduce some fun rather than peddling for 3 miles on the spot in the gym (where the scenery has been known to become monotonous).

Olivia seems the perfect candidate to trial Zumba Fitness, the 20 minute express routine.  Currently she knows more about chorizo and cervezas than tempo and tambourines but she will report her progress, the pros and cons of Zumba Fitness, and whether or not it leads to a total body transformation! Hedge your bets, notify the relevant emergency departments and let the challenge commence!


Come back frequently for an honest review of how she is getting on (along with photographic evidence) plus if you are the voice of experience we want to hear from you. Have you tried Zumba? Did it leave you full of zest or merely zzzzz?

Visit IWOOT to feast your eyes on our awesome range of fitness gadgets.


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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Photo gifts at IWOOT

Ever heard the saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words?’  Well we thought (wisely) that a blog without any words wouldn’t be worth reading so we have defied that proverb for one day only…



Here at IWOOT, we offer an amazing range CEWE PHOTOBOOKS, wall art,  posters, greeting cards,  calendars, photo gifts and prints all of which you can completely personalise. This makes them perfect Christmas gifts to recapture and share your favourite memories- or to ensure a certain somebody re-lives that ‘ground- please swallow me up’ moment, everyday! With this in mind photo gifts can be given as an ideal Christmas gift in both a genuine or light hearted way.

You can start the day with a hot mug of coffee with  a funny pic of yourself-splattered all over it, carry your favourite family photo in the shape of a bag or do your planning on a calendar featuring that amazing holiday, a different image every month.  You can even plaster your best angry face or a pointy finger all over your beloved stationary to ensure it never mysteriously disappears ever again!

What’s more we are offering buy one get one HALF PRICE on all photo gifts until 4th December 2011, just enter discount code MYPRESENT at the checkout.  What are you waiting for? Click here


It’s the ideal gift solution, specially personalised to the recipient to make it even more awesome!


CEWE PHOTOBOOKS are the latest version of the photo album, an awesome gift for friends or family to tell a visual story of your adventures. You could kill two birds with one stone (please note, we do not endorse killing birds) and get two Christmas gifts in the bag with our latest CEWE PHOTOBOOK offer.  Buy one get one HALF PRICE on all PHOTOBOOKS with discount code MEMORY, this offer ends 15th December 2011.

So if you’re having the annual struggle of finding something out of the ordinary for your favourite person get on board with IWOOT photo gifts. The ideal solution to ensure your gift is displayed proudly and not left in a dusty corner this Christmas.

Greeting cards

Don’t get us wrong Christmas is our FAVORITE time of year but aren’t you bored of the same old Christmas cards? It’s usually St Chris squeezing down the chimney or our old mate Frosty standing proud in the snow. This year it’s time for a change! Get your greeting cards in all shapes and sizes and ensure your Crimbo card makes it to the very front of the mantelpiece.

Posters and canvases

So, you’ve had your snaps printed and the best one framed but it just doesn’t have the impact you had originally hoped. Send it over to IWOOT and we will ensure your best pic takes centre stage, get it printed on canvas or in poster format to guarantee nobody misses it.

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Say HELLO to the IWOOT Christmas shop!

So, it’s that time of year, nearly Christmas, in fact just 7 weeks! Although the season is filled with smiling faces and festive spirit it can also be a shopper’s worst nightmare!

Late night shopping (after working solidly since 9am) usually consists of circling the car park for 30 minutes, like an eagle to its pray. It’s then time for the desperate dash to the shopping centre, narrowly missing a torrential downpour. Then, into the sea of consumers all frantically rushing around, laden with heavy bags and usually screaming children.

Whilst prams crash into your ankles and ‘All I want for Christmas’ is played for the 17,485th time all you can possibly think of is a cup of tea, your slippers and the comfort of your own home… 

Luckily for you, IWOOT is here to offer you a warm and peaceful alternative to Christmas shopping this year. We have loads of pre Crimbo bargains such as our 3 gifts for £20 offer and under £20 list meaning you don’t have to wait for the Christmas sales to get an awesome buy.


We’ve made it easier and more convenient to do your Christmas shopping, our Christmas shop is now LIVE.

Check it out here: http://www.iwantoneofthose.com/seo/christmas.list 

Here at the IWOOT Christmas shop you will find gifts for himgifts for her and gifts for kids we also have the most wanted for Christmas, secret Santa and  stocking fillers.

Here at IWOOT we have laid it out on a plate for you and what’s more we offer FREE UK delivery!

Visit IWOOT for everything you need this Christmas.

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Are App Toyz THE toy for Christmas 2011? What does the media think?


  Str-app yourself in for the new awesome app toyz range, the must have toys this Christmas available at www.iwantoneofthose.com

 The App Blaster, The App Wheel, The App Copter and The App Racer follow on from the mobile phone app phenomenon we have seen in recent years. The App Toyz provide an interactive gaming experience that brings FREE apps to life.


 So we know our opinion – they are truly awesome! But what does the press say…?


The App blaster

The App blaster is the world’s first interactive gun for gaming! This is a gun which houses the iPod/iPhone in your viewfinder, giving you the best in viewing and gaming experience. Using the camera on your device you can turn your bedroom, lounge, office or local park into a frontline battlefield protecting your surroundings of oncoming aliens, just simply shoot the aliens using the gun’s two triggers and tilt the gun back to reload. Keep a sharp look out, they could be behind you!

The App Wheel 

You can use the App Wheel along with any driving app to deliver the most realistic driving experience EVER! Ever thought you were a racing driver? Prove your skills in any racing game currently on iTunes. Plug the phone into the AppWheel and feel as if you were at the wheel. Don’t forget to indicate.

 The AppCopter 

The AppCopter – a gyro stabilised 3 channel helicopter controlled using your iPhone or iPod Touch. Together with a unique ergonomic peripheral you will be able to turn this into the most intuitive remote control ever!

 The AppRacer

App-tastic racing…The AppRacer is an ‘off road buggy’ style car that works together with the unique ergonomic peripheral (as used with the AppCopter) and turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into an awesome remote control car.


Apps for the AppToyz can be downloaded free from an iPhone or and iPod Touch app store today. The interactive toys are individually priced, the App Blaster is priced at £19.99, The App Wheel is £9.99, the App Copter is £59.99 and the App Racer is £54.99.

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