Some customer photos…

Now that Christmas is done and dusted (though the streets still seem to be littered with pine needles from discarded trees), we’ve had a couple of photos sent to us of people enjoying their IWOOT Christmas presents. This is exactly the sort of thing we love to receive at IWOOT, and heck, it makes us feel all warm inside, so we thought we’d share it with you.

First up, here’s an alternative use of one of our boxes, courtesy of @weeniebeenie on Twitter:

And this one from @harrietjeckells, who bought one of our Sumo Suits for her little brother:

Happiest boy ever? Probably. Furthermore, here’s one of his dad:

Do feel free to tweet us your snaps of IWOOT stuff in use, even if it’s just a cat in one of our boxes. Actually, make that particularly if it’s just a cat in one of our boxes.

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Skiing Is Believing

Anyone looking forward to careening effortlessly down an Alpine mountain this season will already be rather excited (I just checked the Courchevel webcam for about the seventh time this morning… it’s definitely been snowing…). Well, prepare to be even more excited – we’ve just stumbled across the ultimate pair of skiing goggles to make your impending descents that little bit more Bond-esque.

These rather ridiculous Zeal Transcend GPS Goggles are fiendishly clever, and turn the skiing experience into something that resembles the POV text-sightedness of Robocop rather than Ski Sunday. And that, folks, is definitely a good thing. Due to some intense wizardry (probably mirrors), it’s possible to track your ski routes via GPS and watch them back later, and view your stats as you go. That means temperature, speed and even the height of your jumps are recorded and shown to you as you go. In short, it’s properly amazing.

Slightly frivolous it may be (and naysayers will undoubtedly go on about it turning real life into a computer game… don’t see the problem myself…), but it’s difficult to argue with the functions of this spanking set of specs. A slope essential, if you’ve got a spare three or four hundred quid.

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Worst Christmas Present Winner

As soon as Santa had delivered his last gift (feel sorry for whoever got that), we launched a competition to find the worst Christmas present given this year, and boy did we have some strong contenders. Of course, we had to select one winner from the photos submitted, and it turned out to be a pretty unanimous decision here at IWOOT Towers.

So without any more dilly-dallying, we unveil the winner:

We’re sure you’ll agree that this is literally unbelievable. A onesie. With elephants on. Pink elephants. Poor old Samantha Coles. She could at least try and look grateful. Congratulations and £100 of IWOOT vouchers are winging their way to her as we speak!

Thanks to everyone who entered the competition, we had a right old laugh wondering who on earth would think giving Sellotape as a Christmas present was a good idea.

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International Space Station visible in Solar Eclipse

You might not be able to tell from the dinky picture we’ve got on the left there, but if you click on this link you can see an amazing photo taken during yesterday’s lunar eclipse. You can quite clearly make out the shape of the International Space Station as the moon blocks out a fair chunk of the sun, a rare glimpse of what’s going on just outside our atmosphere. Also, it looks rather a lot like Pac-Man, so we’re down with that too.

Apparently the International Space Station itself is a mere 100 metres in length, so it’s truly incredible that we’re able to even see it. Thanks to the snapping skills of one Thierry Legault, we can. What a clever chap. You can find out more about the photo here. Here’s a picture of him taking the picture:

Via Bad Astronomy which looks, on first inspection, to be rather excellent.

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Rice Bunny Loves The Gift Of Nothing

When we were trawling our analytics over Christmas (we lead exciting lives…) we noticed that a rather large amount of traffic had come via this odd little video on YouTube:

We’re rather fond of our gift of Nothing (perfect for when you can’t think of what to give someone), but it seems our friend Rice Bunny has a rather more in-depth appreciation of it than we thought possible. Listen to her extol the virtues of this most ingenious of gifts, it’s clear she’s thought long and hard about what to get her financially secure boyfriend.

Thanks Rice Bunny, we hope he enjoys it!

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No More Loud Typing

As I type this, I can hear people across the office wincing at the volume of my clickety-clacking. Even though it’s a highly rhythmic affair, and the means whereby works of written genius are regularly produced. Chances are there’s a heavy-fingered person in your office too, the one who can smack the space bar with enough force to disable a small rodent. Well, if it’s really getting to you, we suggest you look into getting one of these:

Basically, it’s a cover for your keyboard that allows you to still see what you’re typing, and crucially keeping your clomping fingers comparatively quiet. Ingenious, you’ll agree, if a little silly. It also acts as a nifty way to keep crumbs out of the gaps between the keys, but people who eat at their desk is a whole other issue entirely…

Via Geek Stuff 4 U.

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Lego Zombie Apocalypse

As if our zombie obsession wasn’t dangerous enough, a clever person has managed to make a zombie apocalypse set out of our favourite toy, Lego. Unsurprisingly, this leaves not knowing which way to turn – surely a union of such aceness hasn’t been seen since that bit in Alien Vs. Predator when Predator swings Alien around by the tail?! We digress. Here are some pictures of the impending blockular bloodbath:

As you can see, should all our Lego men suddenly be killed and reborn as plastic-eating ghouls with limited speech capabilities, all we need to do is whip some of these sets up and we’ll deal with the threat before you can say “remove the head or destroy the brain”.

Via Geekologie, and ApocaLEGO. Who is, frankly, a genius.

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More Google Street View Stuff – This Time, Weight Loss

Cripes. So it’s not enough that Google Street View can now catch criminals in the act, now it’s good for life-improvement as well. The man in this image from the popular routefinder/stalker’s favourite has reportedly turned his life around and lost 7 stone after seeing himself as the rest of the world does:

Thanks to some nifty dieting and a bit of exercise (there really is no better way), this rotund self-regarder proves that there are potentially no limits to the good Google Street View can do (we are not sponsored by Google). So when’s the bad stuff going to start happening? People discovering affairs, working out who ran over their dogs, that kind of thing? Surely it’s only a matter of time…

Via The Telegraph.

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Cycling the 6: Dr. Steven Fabes continues…

After some serious setbacks, the intrepid (and possibly insane) Dr. Steve Fabes’ mission to cycle across 6 continents continues.

Make sure you have a read of his latest blog post, it’s honestly quite incredible and a real measure of what the good doctor is putting himself through for the sake of his charity. Let’s put it this way – theft, fever, fat tourists and ukuleles. Wowsers!

To see how the whole thing kicked off, visit Steve’s blog – then have a look at this one we did earlier that explains why we’re sponsoring him.

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Google Street View Catches Criminals! Sort-of!

Now, the whole Orwellian argument against Google Street View might be a worn debate by now, but those pesky crims really need to watch out for the Google van when it drives past, yeah?

This silly chap (identity unknown for now, surely only a matter of time before the feds find him?) has been photographed in the driveway of someone whose caravan was stolen soon after the photo was taken. We’re not detectives here at IWOOT (though one of us is considering buying a Sherlock Holmes hat), but that’s got to be a bit of a clue. Flippin’ Google won’t give details of the number plate to the police though, so they’ve resorted to asking the public instead. Whether they find the culprit or not, the omnipresence of Google Street View could go some way to fighting crime or, conversely, to ‘1984’ becoming a non-fiction work.

Via the Beeb.

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