Kitten Can't Jump

It’s close to home-time on a Monday afternoon, so we thought the only natural way to alleviate that feeling of “eek, there’s probably something I should be doing right now” is to repeatedly watch this video.

Cats. They are ace.

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Star Wars Lego Space Invaders

If there’s one thing you can rely on the internet for (apart from cat pictures) it’s continually taking the Star Wars brand and applying it to various other cool things. Remember this? Well, now Star Wars Lego has gone somewhat retro – this clever person has made a rather beautiful version of Space Invaders made entirely from blocky Stormtroopers and other such paraphernalia. Well done.

Found at Geeky Gadgets, but originally created by someone called Powerpig.

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3.14 = Delicious Pie?

Every day one of the creative team is responsible for making the rest of the team lunch. More often than not, it’s baguettes or wraps. It’s a logical system that benfits us all. The only thing that has from time-to-time thrown a curve ball our way is the fact that JennaWoot is a vegetarian. Initially I thought this would would be the day I least looked forward to lunch. Boy, has she proven me wrong. The hard cold facts are that I love meat, and will never have the will power or the drive to remove it from my life. That aside, I have a new found respect for the culinary ways of the strong-willed ones. I have been fortuante enought to experience the delights of asparagus on a bbq and grilled halloumi cheese. I am constantly on the lookout for new delicious vegetarian things to eat, because we all know that a few veg dinners mid-week are actually GOOD for you.

It is with this in mind that I found Rike Sita’s blog – gibberlicious. It is full with wonderful veg based recipes, and whilst scouring through all of them, found myself laughing hysterically at this particular pie. All meals are provided with step by step instructions, and nice photo slide shows. Give it a read, I’m sure like me, you will find yourself drooling:)


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July's Review of the Month Winners

July has gone, people. Get over it. August has muscled its way in with some distinctly odd weather, effectively trampling over the lovely example July made. What a month-bully, eh? Anyway, calendar quibbles can wait till September gets involved – it’s time to announce the winners of our monthly reviews competition!

First up and firmly poking the bits of us that make us say “aaaah…” is BeckyW’s review of the Picture Pockets. A £50 IWOOT will be tickling your inbox soon Becky, so start pressing F5!

“One of the best buys ever!
I have a 15 month old daughter who is the youngest in a very big extended family. I bought this to put on the back of her room door to fill with family members to help her become familiar with everyone’s faces and be comfortable in a big family setting; and of course learn everyone’s name as it can be a month or so between seeing some of the family.

It has made a difference already and ‘papa’ has been the first – some brownie points await from Papa methinks :)

Thanks IWOOT, it’s a great use of space to get some top photos out of the computer and on functional display for our daughter!”

Sob… we’re still getting over that one… an IWOOT product helped a baby talk! Onward – this month’s winner of a £75 IWOOT voucher is the enigmatically named red2508 for this photo of some lovely cakes (usually a good way to get our attention) made with the Teacup Cake moulds:


Unbelievably there aren’t any video reviews for last month (come on, people!), but we’ve got something rather nice for you instead. All our reviews are submitted via the website, but one intrepid young person deemed it appropriate to send us an actual letter in the post to review our Snug Rugs. Imagine that! Communication that doesn’t happen through a screen! Here’s the evidence:


Thanks Tom! A little something extra will be winging its way to you (via post, of course). No need to press F5.

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I’m antipodean. This basically translates to my love of BBQs (or more aptly braai’s in my case), but more importantly, my love for beer. The problem with beers is that, unlike mixing spirits and soft drinks into one big bottle, you have to deal with the effort of lugging them around during festivals and other such events. A problem that has plagued man for quite some time.

Yes, there have been prior solutions, such as a taking a bag, but generally that’s filled with the missus’ four extra jumpers (it is England after all), her bottle of wine, a bottle of wine for whoever’s party we are going to, an umbrella, and some things that we quite clearly won’t need. Even with a braai, it becomes incredibly difficult to handle being the tong-master and having a fresh can in your hand as you constantly have to go back and forth to the fridge and lose your tong-master status in-between. The solution, my friends is upon us.  Below are some shots ofthe Hops Holster 12 Can Ammo Pack.

“Next time you’re tailgating, camping or attending a BYOB party you can avoid those long, thirsty walks back to the cooler or the fridge by keeping a plethora of your favourite canned beers right on your chest.”

I want one. And I want one now!
Found via Geekologie.
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Street Wars – The Kill

It’s finally happened! JennaWoot has made her first kill. None of us can look at her in the same way ever again…

Kill story: Sleeping with the enemy

“After the woes of looking for an address that didn’t exist and hours of tedious coffee-swigging house stalking we decided that we needed to take a more proactive angle

Some skilled research by ***** revealed that, outside of the briefed work schedule, The Monkeys also teach martial arts classes.

The ruse began as I took on the pseudonym of ‘Anna Mollie’ (geddit?) Created a fake hotmail account and had a nice little chat with the target via email about joining a class. I arranged an appointment to attend a trial kickboxing lesson the following day.

As ***** was otherwise engaged I donned my hottest gym wear and rocked up at the Monkeys’ martial arts HQ alone.

I was greeted at the door by Agent Tarsier – I had planned to take her out then and there but by now I actually quite fancied a spot of kickboxing. Plus I had gone to the effort of dressing up. Brazen as you like I shook hands with Agent Gorilla who gave me an intense one on one lesson. Talk about fraternising with the enemy.

After my grueling workout I graciously accepted a bottle of water from Agent Gorilla and returned with a watery offering of my own… from my gym bag concealed AK47 Aqua Fire.

Lulled into a false sense of security and then BAM! Oh… and thanks, my roundhouse kicks have never been better!”

August 4, 2010, 8:23pm

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Street Wars – The Briefing

As you know, our very own JennaWoot is currently engaged as an aquatic assassin in the London-wide game of Street Wars. Aside from wearing disguises and quivering in fear an awful lot, nothing has changed – but things are about to get a little weird…

“Wearing homemade panda masks to cunningly conceal our identities, we headed to the secret briefing location in Hoxton – a gated club guarded by two suited men armed with super-soakers.

We were asked to state our name and purpose before being buzzed through to an outdoor waiting area. Ten minutes later two evening gowned ladies appeared and ushered us downstairs to the basement.

Pandas. They can kill.

The room was dark – lit only by candles. Two large leather recliners were positioned in front of a table with two laptops. One screen displayed a video link to the “Supreme Commander” and the other the “Mustache Commander”.


As we took a seat we were each presented with a glass of whisky from a giant bottle of Jack Daniel’s. We were handed a file containing details of our first target including a photo, phone number and both home and work address.

After a short pep talk we were released to begin our mission, the final words of the supreme commander fresh in our minds… “Stay dry and live in fear.”

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Creme Egg in a Microwave, anyone?

We put a Creme Egg in the Microwave. Does this post need to say much else?

Obviously, we implore you not to try this at home. We are trained professionals with very poor-quality camera phones.

Blimey! Who knew the goo would come out so weirdly?! Anyway, you might be wondering exactly why we thought this was a good idea. The only thing I can put it down to is the combination of nervous terror and bizarre eating habits (see the picture at the top) that seems to be currently affecting JennaWoot. Poor lass. Still, at least we got to put a Creme Egg in a microwave, eh?

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BBQ Competition Winners

It’s time for us to get all end-of-term-awards-ceremony and announce who the winners of our BBQ competition are! How exciting!

First of all, though, we should probably tell you the answer to the fiendishly difficult (actually, it wasn’t that hard, was it?) question that we set. If you remember, we asked what the South African term for a barbecue was and approximately loads of you answered correctly:


So, now that you know, we can reveal the 5 winners:

Christina from Stafford

Karolina from London

Kelly from Oxford

Thomas from Halifax

Daniel from Ifield

Well done folks, enjoy your super BBQ prizes! We’ve emailed them already, so with any luck they should know by now… Thanks to all who entered, we were overwhelmed with responses!

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The Kindness Offensive Give Away IWOOT Stuff

No-one likes a meanie (if they do, then they’re probably a meanie themselves), and the people at The Kindness Offensive know it better than anyone. Basically, they’re an aggressively nice bunch of people who love nothing more than making other people’s days as often as possible. Of course, IWOOT is just as friendly (even during catalogue season), so we were more than happy for them to give a load of our loveliest products away for free at the Sunrise Festival.

Watch this video to see lots and lots of happy hippies with Lightblade Umbrellas and Selk Bags:

Aaah. Who wants a hug?

You can visit The Kindness Offensive here. Do so for good vibes and such.

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