Amazing R2D2 Pumpkin Sculpture

That’s right, we’ve been bowled over by another Star Wars novelty. This time, it’s an exceptionally impressive pumpkin carving, fashioned into the shape of R2D2 by a clever and improbably-named person called Noel Dickover. Pictures are on your left and below…

Now, we don’t want to get you too excited, but you might call this an inspiration for a forthcoming competition at IWOOT. So best keep your eyes peeled (that’s a good Halloween-y sort of phrase, isn’t it? Surprised no-one’s made a decent pun out of it yet… here’s hoping…).

Via the ever-excellent NPR.

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Win a 32" TV to celebrate 'Brooklyn's Finest' on DVD!

To celebrate the release of the rather excellent ‘Brooklyn’s Finest’, we’re giving a 32″ TV away – and we’ve also got 10 DVDs of the film as well for some lucky runners up. And if you don’t like the idea of either a huge TV or Richard Gere in serious-mode, then heck, we don’t know what to do with you. Enough rambling, simply read the following po-faced plot synopsis (no spoilers, don’t worry) and answer the question below.

“From the director of Training Day comes Brooklyn’s Finest, a slick urban drama set in the morally ambiguous world of the New York police force. Burned out cop, Eddie (Richard Gere) is just one week away from retirement, whilst drugs officer Sal (Ethan Hawke) is realizing there’s no line he won’t cross to provide a better life for his family.

Meanwhile, Clarence “Tango” Butler (Don Cheadle) has been undercover so long that he feels a closer allegiance to infamous drug dealer Caz (Wesley Snipes) than he does to the force.

All three cops find themselves hurtling towards the same crime scene on one fatal night in this tense, edge of your seat thriller.”

And the question…

Who plays Eddie?

1. Don Cheadle
2. Ethan Hawk
3. Richard Gere

Of course, the real question should be ‘why on earth is Wesley Snipes playing someone called ‘Caz’?’, but that’s by-the-by. Hang on, Ethan Hawke plays someone called ‘Sal’ as well – what’s going on in this film?! Send your answers to marketing@iwantoneofthose.com to be in with a chance by November 14th and good luck!

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Cat Uses Fork To Eat

We’re not kidding. This is ridiculous.

Now, we know what you’re thinking, and you’re right. Anyone who takes their cat FOR A WALK in the first place needs to take a long hard look at themselves. Man’s quest to anthropomorphise his pets has often led to some bizarre outcomes, but this has to be among the strangest. Fortunately the look on the cat’s face as the batty old lady washes its paws is full of enough contempt to leave you in no doubt that the cat knows that what’s happening is totally wrong.

Via Robot Vs Badger.

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Do You Feel Lucky? Enter our new Competition!

Some things in life are good, while some are, frankly, a bit rubbish. That’s just the way of it. Here at IWOOT, rather than lie to you and say that everything you get in life is super, amazing and just dandy, we thought it was about time we gave everyone a dose of reality. Enter our competition and you could win something wicked, or you could win something totally rubbish – it’s that simple. The real question is: Do You Feel Lucky?

To enter, all you have to do is ‘like’ us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter, and you’ll be in with a chance of winning the one good and one bad prize. The closing date is October 21st. Don’t worry if you’re already liking/following us, you’re already entered automatically. And don’t even think about asking us what the prizes will be – all we’ll say is that the good prize is really good, and the bad prize is really bad. You’ll just have to enter to find out exactly what they are! *Laughs maniacally and contemplates buying a cape*

So what are you waiting for? Get over to our Facebook page or our Twitter feed and get yourselves entered!

Some important Terms and Conditions are below. Ignore them at your peril…

• Closing time for the free prize draw will be at 12:00 noon on Thursday 21st October 2010.
• Two winners will be picked at random from anyone who ‘likes’ I Want One Of Those on Facebook or who follows us on Twitter at the close of entries.
• Anyone who currently ‘likes’ or follows IWOOT will be automatically entered into the competition. It is not necessary to ‘unlike’ or ‘unfollow’ first.
• The winners will be notified by their Twitter or Facebook account within 48 hours of the prize draw
• If the prizes are not claimed within 7 days of notification, another prize winner(s)will be drawn and the original prize winner(s) forfeits the prize
• The prizes will not be revealed until after the prize-draw and are decided by IWOOT.
• No alternative products or cash alternatives available.
• IWOOT’s decision is final and in the event of a dispute, no correspondence will be entered into
• Entry into the free prize draw will be taken as acceptance of the terms and conditions.
• This competition is open to residents of the UK only.
• This prize draw is completely free to enter, no purchase is necessary.
• The prize draw is not open to anyone associated with the promotion, employees of IWOOT, families or agents

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Review of the Month Winners for August

August has long since toddled off – we know. We’re slow. But you know what, good things come to those who wait, isn’t that what they say? Unless you haven’t won, of course, in which case nothing but disappointment awaits you. Sorry. Anyway, on to lighter matters – which lucky so-and-sos have managed to pique the interest of our moderators?

First of all, the written review winner is the enigmatically (or possibly drunkenly) named VKKKKKKKKKKKKK, who has gotten themselves into a frenzy over our Steel Playing Cards:

“These steel cards are a steal! I’ve never spent money more wisely. I bought these for my brother at first but once they had came I got so hooked to them i kept the for myself. haha! The detail in this in UNBELIEVABLE! I’ve searched for interesting cards all over the net and my friend told me about IWOOT and its the site for me! :D I spilt some coffee over a few of the cards (accidentally of course) and it dried and i just wiped it with a wet wipe and PRESTO! The coffee came off – no stains no hassle! Also, these cards are suprisingly light weight! Which is great considering you have to hold them. ;) Also, if playing in hot weather, these cards make excellent fans. ahaha! Easy to clean, light weight, beautiful, interseting and hassle free – why wouldn’t you want these cards! I recommend them! :D”

Now that’s depth. And what an excellent opening pun. As for our photo review winner and the happy recipient of £75 to splurge with us, look below at the efforts of the appropriately named whippersnapper Gadgetman64 and his Boombox Speaker. Easy there, fella. Don’t throw it.

Our video winner is Spikeyseth, who wins our £150 IWOOT voucher and has evidently been having lots of fun with the Nighthawk Gyro:

This could be you next month, so do keep reviewing your purchases – you could win big!
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Retro Is Back…

…which is sort of interesting, really, cos that’s the whole point of retro, isn’t it? That it comes back once in a while. Otherwise it’d be called ‘stuff we’ve forgotten and won’t dredge up for the purposes of a blog post’. Still, it can’t be ignored that retro is going to be a theme as we run headlong into Christmas – and we’re positively drowning in it (not actually, you understand).

Chief amongst them is undoubtedly the Big Trak re-release that we’ve been shamelessly sending to TV shows. Did you see it on This Morning the other morning? It was featured along with the equally nostalgia-tastic (nostastic?) Stylophone, which was used, bizarrely, by one of Sam & Mark to play the This Morning theme tune. Now there’s a sentence you don’t hear everyday.

We’ve also got a mammoth category on the site that’s jam-packed with retro goodness, all manner of things for you to get your milk teeth into. So pop over here for that.

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Star Destroyer Umbrella

Star Wars-related paraphernalia is by no means new (much to the delight of George Lucas’ bank balance), but this incredible design has, shockingly, yet to join the galaxy of merchandise. It is, as you can see, an umbrella fashioned to look like an Imperial Star Destroyer.

The potential manufacturers/designers behind the idea maintain that this will work as well as a normal umbrella, but of course has the distinct advantage of being unbelievably cool. Certainly a lot cooler than George Lucas, anyhow. Honestly, anyone who thinks it’s OK to have his haircut beamed in from 1938 and then extol the virtues of futuristic design and digital technology needs to have a serious think about style.

Rain, may you fall upon the forest moon of Endor, the ice planet Hoth and the dual-sunned wastelands of Tatooine until the funding for this product becomes available.

Via some brainiacs at One More Gadget.

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At last, the winner of our iPad Competition!

At last, after much online prodding from the public, we are able to reveal that the winner of our much-coveted iPad is Twitter follower Emma Baines!

Of course, very many congratulations go to her, and we fully expect to see some evidence that the iPad is being used to its maximum potential. To everyone who entered, we thank you most graciously and hope you enjoyed (and will continue to enjoy) the ridiculous banter we laughingly call “social media interaction”. Recommend us to your friends, tell your pets, spray-paint IWOOT on the front of your house and remember to stop by once in a while to say hello!

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National Cupcake Week

Flipping heck, us Brits know how to theme a week, don’t we?! Whoever had the idea of having a National Cupcake week clearly has some kind of higher intelligence than ours, but at least we’re prepared with some rather nice Cupcake-y products. In fact, just this week we launched a new Giant Cupcake Pan for you to make oversized cupcakes with, and there’s always our trusty Teacup Cakes if you’ve got someone important coming round for tea.

If you’re looking for inspiration for making your own cupcakes to celebrate this most tasty of festivals, then look no further than the winner of the 2010 Cupcake Champion competition (honestly, who thought of this? It’s amazing!). David Bennett, who previously worked in several Michelin-starred restaurants, obviously values the humble cupcake high enough to craft a sumptuous-sounding Mango & Passion Fruit cupcake that won him the coveted title. There’s a list of the finalists and their cupcake creations at this link – some of them are literally insane. Mojito cupcake, anyone?

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Commuting ain't so bad…

It may have been a pain getting in to work what with schools back and the tube strike, but it was a beautiful morning to commute for our Creative Director:



Good thing he’s always got his camera with him, eh?

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