This month’s review winner…

Have you bought anything from www.iwantoneofthose.com recently? Did you review your product? You could be £100 richer. You’re probably aware that each month, we look through each and every product review and pick our favourite. We then award the winner with £100 worth of IWOOT vouchers. Yes, that’s right, £100 to spend on IWOOT.

So, ladies and gentleman (drum roll please…) this month’s review winner comes from Cindy. Congratulations Cindy! Check out her review below:

“I bought the Pickmaster Plectrum as a present for a 14 year old boy who loves his guitar but is always losing plectrums. Now he is searching for suitable materials to use as plectrums and has made a variety of personalised plectrums. He’s suddenly very popular at music class and has started his own business selling plectrums to other kids! A brilliant product.”

Our only question is…What percentage cut do we get from this plectrum business, hmm?!

Buy your Pickmaster Plectrum here



To leave a review just click on your favourite product and scroll to the bottom of the page where you’ll find a link. www.iwantoneofthose.com




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UK EXCLUSIVE! Angry Bird Air Swimmer. The giant, inflatable, remote control, floating Angry Bird!

A GIANT, inflatable, remote control, floating Angry Bird, sold yet? We thought so. At 3ft tall, flying at an altitude of 5ft this impressive remote control Angry Bird is set to be a Christmas must have. And guess what…there’s no one else selling them in the UK…yet. Visit www.iwantoneofthose.com now to snap one up!

You must remember the Air Swimmer phenomenon last Christmas? No? Well, let us update you. Last year Air Swimmers swam to fame in the UK after appearing on the Jonathan Ross show. The official YouTube video racked up a staggering 9 million views and Air Swimmers were voted ‘Best Overall Toy’ at Toy of the Year Awards 2011. 5,000 flew out of the IWOOT warehouse quicker then we could shout wewantoneofthose! With all that patented technology it was no surprise, they’re a joy to fly. Remote control toys have never been so unique.

This year, theAir Swimmer supplier has signed a licence to produce a pair of Air Swimmers based on the app sensation Angry Birds. They were originally planned for launch in 2013 but here at IWOOT we managed to get our grubby little hands on a limited amount.  CEO of Wow Stuff Richard North said “Limited stock will be available so whoever shouts first and books stock will sell out; we decided to make a quantity available in 2012 for those retailers that love exclusives or non-mass market availability.” Yeah, that’s us!

Priced at £49.99 they’re sure to fly out the door (no pun intended) but HURRY! We’ve got limited stock, order now to guarantee it’s swimming round your living room on Christmas morning. Check their video out here: Angry Bird Air Swimmer Video

Check out the features here:

  • Giant, inflatable, flying Angry Birds Red Bird (4ft 8 inches with tail)
  • Requires 4x AA batteries (included)
  • Radio controlled handset – requires 1x 9v battery (included)
  • Radio controlled frequency
  • Auto Swim mode for anyone to fly
  • Complete 360 degree turning movement
  • Will stay inflated for weeks
  • Can be refilled again and again
  • Neutral buoyancy from the helium means it is very easily controlled, and can move in small spaces
  • Remote Functions: climb, descend, and tail fin control
  • Range: Up to 40 feet
  • Material: Nylon
  • Length: 57 inches (4ft 8 inches)
  • Height: 36 inches (3ft)
  • Voted ‘Best Overall Toy’ at Toy of the Year Awards 2011

Please Note: Helium not supplied but widely available from any florist or local supermarket. For indoor use only.




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“WIN a Kindle 4 with Wi-Fi!!!” And the winner is…

It’s not that long ago, you’ll remember over the past few weeks we have been running a competition to WIN a Kindle 4 with Wi-Fi. All you had to do was visit www.iwantoneofthose.com and review your favourite product.

The competition closed TODAY and we’ve waded through alllll your reviews and chosen our favourite one. So before we announce the lucky winner, we’d like to say a great, big thank you to everyone who took the time to enter and leave a review. Anyway, enough of that gushy stuff; drum roll please…

Congratulations to LB7 (we’re still awaiting an email confirmation of their real name) who reviewed the iTek iRise Tower Speaker, check out their amazeballs review below…

“I went round in circles reading reviews about speaker towers and I was still left unsure which one to buy, so I plumped for the ITEK iRise Tower Speaker and boy is it good quality! The sound quality is superb; volume can be pumped up really loud to fill the house or garden (as well as perfect quality when set at a quiet volume). The remote makes it really handy and the charging time for my iPhone is so fast. It’s smart, sleek, powerful and seems really sturdy. If you’re looking for a negative, the only fault I could find is the lack of hand holds for moving it but the subwoofer (I think that’s what it is) on the back makes a handy hole to lift it up with. If you’re looking for a tower look no further – order one of these!”

Hey! If this isn’t your review DON’T fret, each month we run a review competition to WIN a £100 IWOOT gift voucher! All you have to do is leave a review at the bottom of your favourite product’s page and you will be automatically entered into the monthly prize draw to win. It could be your time to shine next month…

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Crash * Bang * Wallop! SUPER SATURDAY is HERE!

Super Saturday, BIG savings, every Saturday


Hello Ladies and Gentlemen. Please everyone give a big, warm welcome to SUPER SATURDAY the newest and most exciting addition to the IWOOT weekend! We’re pleased to announce the arrival of Super Saturday, every Saturday only at www.iwantoneofthose.com

What is Super Saturday we hear you say? Well, Super Saturday is a 24 HOUR PRICE DROP on our best sellers and favourite stuff. Yes, really! During this period we’ll offer you market leading prices on some pretty awesome stuff, that’s our promise. All you have to do is visit us every Saturday at http://www.iwantoneofthose.com/offers/super-saturday.list for your chance to bag a bargain but HURRY you don’t have much time, 24 hours and counting. 

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Combat Creatures- The Attacknid Robot. “The Greatest Toy in the Universe”


Behold. What you see before you is the ultimate Christmas 2012 toy. Yes, that’s right, a radio controlled 10” tall robot with 6 legs, a 360° rotating head and weapon firing abilities up to 30ft. Impressed yet?


Nicknamed ‘The Greatest Toy in the Universe’ the Attacknid robot is set to be the ultimate Christmas 2012 toy. Stuff Magazine reckon ‘they’re going to sell out faster than crackers at Christmas…’ And they’re a crackin’ deal at £69.99. (Excuse the pun)

Easily controllable via a wireless, radio control handset, the Attacknid comes with the cunning Bolt ‘n’ Battle Combat Armour that explodes on impact. Its Battle Brain disables itself when hit three times in a battle, leaving you with a good target to aim at. If that wasn’t enough, the robot has 3 different rapid repeat weapons which you can clip on and off in seconds, great in the heat of the battle.

The “greatest toy in the universe” can be played both indoor and out. You might want to think about creating your very own version of Robot Wars. You remember Robot Wars, right? Everyone remembers Robot Wars. The Attacknid combines fun with strategic play (yes Mum, strategic play- it really will enhance your brain power!) Hmmm, kind of/probably not.

We know you’re itching to know more so check out the Attacknids features here:


  • Six legged battling robot
  • Fires up to 30 feet
  • 360° rotating head for ultra-manoeuvrability
  • Easy to use wireless radio control handset, 2.4ghz chip allows for over 40 robots to battle at once
  • Three rapid repeat weapons: Snyper Dart, Destroyer Spheres and Dissector Discs
  • Weapons attach on and off quickly and easily
  • Requires 6x AA batteries (2 for handset, 4 for Attacknid) – batteries not included

Due for release on 12th November 2012, the Attacknid is available for pre-order on www.iwantoneofthose.com  Order TODAY to guarantee yours (and squeals of delight on Christmas morning!) With FREE UK delivery and six legs to travel with, it’ll be waiting on your doorstop as quick as a flash.


Click here to see video:   http://www.iwantoneofthose.com/gift-gadgets/combat-creatures-attacknids-deletor-robot/10634078.html





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QUICK! WIN a Kindle 4 with Wi-Fi!!! (Enter before 25/09/12)

What would you do for £100? 

Ever fancied being the proud owner of a Kindle 4 with Wi-Fi?  Here is your chance to WIN! All you need to do is leave a review on any IWOOT product (be nice!) and you will be entered into a prize draw to win a Kindle 4 with Wi-Fi worth £89. Simple.

Help us, help you. We want your feedback to help us expand and improve our product offering.   Just visit the page of your favourite item, scroll down the page and leave your review at the bottom. 

The best review will be chosen and the lucky reviewer will be contacted via email and congratulated on our Facebook page, on Tuesday 25th September.  Please note only product reviews will be accepted. Good luck!

Ever been indecisive? Help other customers by sharing your thoughts… 

Click here and visit your favourite product NOW http://www.iwantoneofthose.com/


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Mayan Countdown Clock – on your marks…. get set for the end of the world


London, August 2012:  So, that’s your lot. London 2012 is done and dusted; the Olympics are unlikely to grace these shores again in your lifetime. Post-Olympic Depression is everywhere and set to get worse once the Paralympics are but a distant memory – and there’s nary a royal wedding or jubilee in 2013 to offset the misery.

Enter the Mayan Countdown Clock from one of our suppliers, thumbsUp!. If the Mayans were right, the end of the world is fast approaching….. so at least we have the apocalypse to look forward to! And what a year for Britain to go out on! As you are ticking off the seconds until 21 December 2012 – when the ancient civilisation claimed the world would come to an end – you can hold onto the fact that the Olympics and 2012 is what we will be remembered for when the Earth falls out of the sky.

Of course, there’s a slight possibility that the Mayan calculations are off – so handily the Mayan Countdown Clock can be reset to countdown to any key event you’ve got coming up. Like Rio 2016, which is just 1,451 days away…

The Mayan Countdown Clock is available early September from www.iwantoneofthose.com for £9.99.

Click here to buy yours NOW with FREE UK delivery: http://www.iwantoneofthose.com/gift-home-office/mayan-countdown-clock/10624713.html

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The Dark Knight Rises…only took him four years. NEW IN statues, perfect for any bat fan

The Dark Knight has returned, out in cinemas TODAY! It took him four years to get here and we can hardly believe it’s been seven years since Batman Begun (Begins- whatever.)The Dark Knight, the third and final part of Christopher Nolan’s acclaimed trilogy has been considered the most anticipated film of the sequel, at nearly three hours it’s the longest film of the three. The first hour is spent tying up a few loose ends from the last film. One review reads “It might also contain the best movie ending in recent memory.” The suspense is killing us. We propose an IWOOT team trip to ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ immediately. You can cope without us for 164 minutes, right?

So…onto the good stuff. We’re about to show you every damn thing you can buy for The Dark Knight Rises… all the stuff we could get our grubby little hands on anyway. Unveiled at the Toy Fair 2012 we bring you Dark Knight Rises figurines. Available in Bane, Batman and Cat woman the BRAND NEW highly detailed statues capture the likeness of the characters like they’ve just stepped out of the film. (We know a few guys in the office that wouldn’t mind if Anne Hathaway jumped out of the screen.) Ranging from £69.99 to £109.99 these busts, 1:6 and 1:12 scale statues are perfect for any bat man. Ooops we mean bat fan. Check them out here: http://www.iwantoneofthose.com/gifts/toys/superhero-figures.list



Here’s what happens…for those of you that don’t like a spoiler- look away now.

Eight years after the events of The Dark Knight, Gotham City is in a state of peace. Under powers granted by the Dent Act, Commissioner Jim Gordon has nearly eradicated violent and organized crime. However, he still feels guilty about the cover-up of Harvey Dent’s crimes. At a function celebrating Dent, he plans to admit to the conspiracy, but decides that the city is not ready to hear the truth. While following a lead in the abduction of a senator from the function, Gordon’s speech falls into the hands of terrorist leader Bane. Gordon is shot in the process, and he promotes patrol officer John Blake to detective, allowing Blake to report directly to him.

As Batman has disappeared from Gotham City, so too has Bruce Wayne, locking himself inside Wayne Manor. Wayne Enterprises is crumbling after he invested in a clean energy project designed to harness fusion power, but shut the project down after learning that the core could be modified to become a nuclear weapon. Bruce suspects that his business rival, John Daggett, has employed Bane to aid in an aggressive take-over of the company. When he attempts to intervene in an attack on the city’s stock exchange, Bruce comes into conflict with Alfred Pennyworth over his plans to return to the streets of the city as Batman. Alfred finally admits that Rachel Dawes chose to marry Dent, and leaves Bruce’s service in an attempt to convince him that he can no longer be Batman.

Following a trail left by cat burglar Selina Kyle, Batman confronts Bane, who says that he assumed the leadership of the League of Shadows following the death of Ra’s al Ghul. Bane kills Daggett and reveals that he was using Daggett’s construction firms to stage a heist on Wayne Enterprises’ Applied Science Division. He steals Bruce’s arsenal before crippling Batman and detaining him in a prison from which escape is virtually impossible. The other inmates relate the story of the only person to ever successfully escape from the prison, a child driven by necessity and the sheer force of will.

Bane lures the Gotham police department underground and sets off a chain of explosions across the city, trapping the officers underground and turning Gotham City into an isolated city-state. Any attempt to leave the city will result in the detonation of the Wayne Enterprises fusion core, which has been converted into a bomb. Addressing the citizens, Bane reveals the cover-up of Dent’s death, and releases the prisoners locked up under the Dent Act. The rich and powerful are dragged from their homes and put before a show trial presided over by Jonathan Crane, where they are given the choice between death or exile, and the city further regresses into a state of anarchy. After an attempt to sneak Special Forces soldiers into the city disguised as aid workers ends with the soldiers hung from a bridge for the world to see, the government blockades Gotham.

Meanwhile, Bruce retrains himself to be Batman and successfully escapes Bane’s prison to return to Gotham. He enlists Selina, Blake, and Lucius Fox’s help in liberating the people of the city and stopping the fusion bomb. Batman confronts Bane, but Miranda Tate intervenes as she reveals herself to be Talia al Ghul. It was she, not Bane, who escaped the prison as a child, and Bane was permanently scarred as he tried to help her. Gordon successfully cuts off the bomb’s ability for remote detonation and Selina kills Bane, allowing Batman to chase Talia. He tries to force her to take the bomb to the fusion chamber, where it can be stabilized, but she remotely floods the chamber. Batman shoots her truck off the road and she dies in the resulting crash, confident that the bomb cannot be stopped. Using a helicopter developed by Fox, Batman hauls the bomb beyond the city limits, where it detonates over the ocean.

In the aftermath of the explosion, the world believes Batman to be dead and Bruce to have been one of the casualties of the riot. As his estate is divided up, Alfred witnesses Bruce and Selina together alive in a cafe in Italy, while Blake inherits the Batcave.



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Kick ass, take-no-prisoners, juiced-up super magnets named ’21st century LEGO’

Described by Time Magazine as “21st century LEGO” Nanodots are set to be the next big craze to hit the UK. Nanodots, named the world’s strongest magnets, can be set into any comprehendible shape allowing you to build almost anything from 3D spheres to cubes. Specifically engineered to be the ideal size, strength and consistency to build complex geometric structures, Nanodots have received global media attention; Wall Street Journal naming them ‘addicting dots of magnetic fun.’

Fun is exactly what Nanodots are and with no flashing lights, batteries or computer chips they’re a refreshing change from digital fun which is becoming indispensable. You only need to watch the video for these things to be absolutely fascinated. Nanodots are available in four colours. Get yours now!  http://www.iwantoneofthose.com/offers/nanodots.list


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The new App Gear toys that interact with downloadable apps! Cool!? Yes, we know.

If you haven’t heard of these yet, where have you been? Gaming reality just got way more awesome with AppGear, a mobile app technology that will give you the ultimate gaming experience. Remember when we once all thought the ultimate gaming experience was a piece of string and a conker? How things change eh? We’re a million (maybe even a trillion) miles away from that now.

Recently toys and electronics have converged to create a fun and engaging way to utilise the newest technology such as smartphone and tablets. A couple of years ago we could have argued that toys would take a backseat to the influx of awesome gadgets and apps we had suddenly available to us – now they enhance it. Everyone loves a happy ending.

So what do they actually do? We hear you say. AppGear is an innovative line of apps that interact with collectible toys, which attach to your smartphone to enable gaming interaction. Take 3D cinema as a rather poor example, you’re watching the film yet you feel like you’re in the film, with App Gear you’re playing the game and you feel like you’re in the game- a beautiful mixture of fantasy and reality.

The range of AppGear games can be played on an iPhone, iTouch, iPad or Android device and is FREE (yes, free) to download. Waheey! App Gear brings gaming to reality and is anticipated to be the best new tech in 2012.

App Gear is recommended for ages 9+ but the games are definitely not restricted to kids. There’s plenty of scope for adult App Gear addicts too.  At IWOOT HQ, Josh (our resident Merchandiser) cannot be beaten at Zombie Burbz, we’ve bet our lunch money plenty of times and had to go hungry.

You can expect to see a lot more of this blending of real-world toys and digital apps in the years ahead, especially with more children having access to devices. Check out the stats below…

– 52% of children own their own app capable device (68% of 6-8s, 32% of 3-5s)

– 8% of children own their own iPhone (11% other app capable smart phones)

– 20% have an iPod Touch (12% of 3-5 year olds)

– 9% have their own iPad (6% of 3-5 year olds

We genuinely think App Gear is totally awesome but don’t just take our word for it…AppGear was first presented at The Toy Fair 2012 and received a fantastic reaction. Jason Bradbury, presenter on the Gadget Show took to Twitter to share his excitement tweeting “Wowwee getting into seriously fun app/toys with AppGear.” He’s not the only one, check out reviews from MSN online and Easier Technology below.

“Best tech toy for 2012” MSN online

“AppGear wows Toy Fair as best new tech” Easier Technology

Fancy a nosey? We now have Zombie Burbz and Foam Fighters in stock ranging from £9.99 to £12.99, they’re available here http://www.iwantoneofthose.com/gifts/toys/app-gear.list

Competition Time!!!

Don’t fret we have plenty more coming soon including Alien Jailbreak, Mysterious Raygun, Akodomon, Elite ComandAR and Doctor Who. Which one will you choose? For the chance to win ‘Zombie Burbz’ tell us what type of devices App Gear can be used on.

A With iPhone, iTouch, iPad or Android devices

B With a bat and ball

C With apiece of string and a conker

To enter this competition simply leave a comment below. Competition closes Friday 25th May, we will announce the winner on our blog and Facebook page.   http://www.facebook.com/iwantoneofthose


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