National Cupcake Week

Flipping heck, us Brits know how to theme a week, don’t we?! Whoever had the idea of having a National Cupcake week clearly has some kind of higher intelligence than ours, but at least we’re prepared with some rather nice Cupcake-y products. In fact, just this week we launched a new Giant Cupcake Pan for you to make oversized cupcakes with, and there’s always our trusty Teacup Cakes if you’ve got someone important coming round for tea.

If you’re looking for inspiration for making your own cupcakes to celebrate this most tasty of festivals, then look no further than the winner of the 2010 Cupcake Champion competition (honestly, who thought of this? It’s amazing!). David Bennett, who previously worked in several Michelin-starred restaurants, obviously values the humble cupcake high enough to craft a sumptuous-sounding Mango & Passion Fruit cupcake that won him the coveted title. There’s a list of the finalists and their cupcake creations at this link – some of them are literally insane. Mojito cupcake, anyone?

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Commuting ain't so bad…

It may have been a pain getting in to work what with schools back and the tube strike, but it was a beautiful morning to commute for our Creative Director:



Good thing he’s always got his camera with him, eh?

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Tube Strike Funnies

For anyone adversely affected by the London Tube Strikes over the next day or two, take comfort in the fact that the staff themselves are taking it very seriously. They’ve posted this super picture (below) on their unofficial blog and, for my money (not my travelcard money, mind), pretty much makes the hassle of getting 47 buses to work tomorrow acceptable. Well done chaps, have a nice couple of days off!


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IWOOT Party In The Park

Woop woop, it’s party o’clock at IWOOT Towers! Well, it was yesterday evening anyway. We packed up some of our favourite toys, a whole load of booze and food and made ourselves rather fat and drunk, all in the course of a few hours. Good times. Pics below…



We really do work very hard.

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iPhone to replace the Stethoscope?!

Seriously, is there anything iPhones can’t do nowadays? Alright, it was a novelty when you could split the bill, work out where the nearest loo was and crack out Sonic The Hedgehog, but the world of apps has become an awful lot bigger and more impacting on our daily live than was initially thought. Medical professionals all over the place are downloading the iStethoscope to their pocket-bound potential lifesavers, invented by brainiac chappy Peter Bentley.

That’s not the only development, either. According to The Guardian, there are several other apps that could be taking the medical world by storm very soon. Coughing into your phone can determine your ailments with one app, x-rays from remote locations… it’s a revolution in the making.

So if you’re a budding doctor, get head start and download as many medical apps as you possibly can and start practising on the cat. Similarly, if you’re a designer or developer, it looks like the smart money is in new apps that check your blood pressure or wirelessly perform a tracheotomy, so get cracking!

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Firemen Called to EllaWoot's Barbecue

So… a nice family BBQ was plotted for Bank Holiday Monday. My brother, sister and I would cook and then my Mum and Stepdad would come round and eat. It clouded over so I, Ella ‘I feel the cold’ Williamson, suggested we cook everything in the oven and then my brother and sister were going to finish it off on the BBQ so our parents would never know we hadn’t been slaving over hot coal all day. We were all feeling lazy so we decided to pop the mini BBQ on the windowsill. It was pretty smoky so we had all the windows open, but were generally feeling pretty smug about our genius plan.

The doorbell went minutes later and we buzzed our guests up assuming it was the parentals. Imagine our horror when not one, not two, but three firemen in full regalia walked into my brother’s flat and extinguish our BBQ. The neighbours must have been alarmed by the smoke and called the Fire Brigade. We were mortified. The firemen (thankfully) didn’t have any other fires on that afternoon so found the whole thing quite amusing. They even stayed for a photo shoot:


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Mario Kart Street Graffiti

Mario Kart is officially the funnest thing ever (except working at IWOOT, obviously), so we’re always on the lookout for developments in the world of banana skins, green shells and reckless driving. A recent news bulletin shows perhaps the most mysterious incident of Mario Kart invading real life – a cycle path in Portland, Oregon has had some interesting graffiti drawn on it:

Thankfully, the banana skins don’t cause you to spin out and fall off Rainbow Road. While we’re on the subject, there are some seriously dangerous Mario Kart enthusiasts out there too:

Don’t try this at home, obviously.

Via Cnet.

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Has Japan made a pact with our future galactic overlords?

Chris from Customer Services has done us a blog about Japanese robots. Obviously. Over to you, Chris…

“Everybody knows that robots are cool. It’s the name of the game here at IWOOT – gadgets that make you go “whoa!”. Every little human child has wished for a robot friend to smite our foes, be a best mate or just do our maths for us. These wishes come from our influences. Who has seen Rocky IV and not wanted Balboa to be giving that bug eyed robot to them rather than his boozed up, freeloading, brother in law? Or watched Johnny 5 wasted in a life of servitude building mini-mes (procreation metaphor methinks) under the guise of ‘helping a friend’? Don’t we all just want him to laser gun his Guttenberg master with a “kiss my robot ass Mahoney!”?

What is the problem with Japan then? Why are they not building the robots of our fantasies? (Fembots!…) They seem to be hell-bent on providing us with robots of an increasingly horrifying nature.

Behold the work of inventor Hiroki Kunimura:


This bundle of terror is Yotaro, a robot constructed by Dr Kunimura to aid in Japan’s population problem. You see, what you don’t get told in re-runs of Akira and in the narrative of Tokyo Drift is that Japan has real issues with its population in that, much like giant Pandas, they just won’t make babies.

Yotaro, according to Hiroki, is designed to “trigger human emotions so humans will want to have their own baby”. First issue: why is he referring to humans as if he has never seen one outside a lab? Second issue: Yotaro feeds, cries, gurgles and leaks like we are told real babies do and has gone down a storm with the robot-making communities of Japan, many declaring that they felt new emotions rising up in them after making contact with Yotaro (dread and despair, presumably).


Interestingly Kunimura has said that the baby crisis was not in the front of his mind when he developed Yotaro. What was he developing this bed ridden hell-globe for?!”

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BBC Computers used to teach Computing A-Level

Crikey we’re nostalgic, aren’t we? If it wasn’t enough for us to ceremonially mark the birthday of Windows 95 yesterday, we’ve now gone all gooey over BBC Computers. When I was but a lad of primary school age, these alien pieces of technology (we were an Amstrad family) seemed unwieldy, almost scary – but get a game of Tanks going and suddenly the fear subsides. Ah, the healing power of armed combat…

Even with their relatively basic (quite literally BASIC, in fact) operating functions, it seemed an unassailable piece of kit, to be bettered only by alien technology or the arrival of Buck Rogers in an IT lesson. While you’re playing Granny’s Garden, the thought of there being any sort of more advanced computing intellect seems like the idle dream of an impossible optimist.

It’s heartening, then, to learn that some students have turned to the trusty old relic for insight into how modern computers work:

Via the BBC, logically enough.
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Toaster Bacon!

Yup, you read it right. Bacon for your toaster. How frikkin’ cool is that? What with microwave poached eggs taking about two minutes – you could have an awesome breakfast in three. I did notice the advert looked a little old. So there must be a reason why we cant currently buy this…


“Reddi-Bacon (1964) was precooked and there was very little extra fat involved when the foil packets were heated. However, there was occasional slight leaking from torn or damaged foil packages, and that undoubtably caused some smoking and ruined toasters. The problems with the packaging was vexing enough to the company that Reddi-Bacon never really made it out of test markets before the product was pulled from the market.”

Oopsy – probably should have shown this to Danny Woot before I gave him the pack I found in the back of the fridge!!!!! I hope our toaster’s ok.

Via Geekologie

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