Review of the Month Winner for April

We’ve had a tonne load of reviews for the products you rate the best (or if you’ve been honest, the not so good) this month and as usual we’ve read through them all and selected one lucky winner. Our thanks go to GarryBacon who produced this thorough review of the ZAGGmate iPad Case & Keyboard and walks away with £100 of IWOOT vouchers. Not bad for stringing a few sentences together.

Practicality, Simplicity and Ingenious!

Those three words sum up this product. It’s Practical because you can get the Apple Keyboard Dock but you have to carry that around additionally and it’s bulky. This is a keyboard and case. The keyboard is bluetooth so you can have the orientation set to how you want it. It’s simple to pair, use and pack away, my nan can do it! It’s just ingenious in the way everything fits together to form what is effectively a very strong protector for the front of the iPad. Another thing is it’s cheap! A bluetooth keyboard and a good case costs more than this and with this your getting a case and keyboard that are made for each other. The design is so nice because it’s the exact same aluminium they use to make the iPad. If you get this case you will be as happy and as proud to own one as I am. I would really recommend this to anyone and everyone!”

ZAGGmate iPad Case & Keyboard

This could be you next month, so do keep reviewing your purchases – you could win big (£100 to be exact)!

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Ironing is more fun when you do it on the motorway

Many of you will agree that ironing isn’t one of the most exciting things to do. But some wacky people in the East Midlands (UK) discovered, back in 1997, that if you do your ironing in an unusual location and call it extreme then it becomes all that more fun. We’re not convinced you’d leave with perfectly ironed collars and crease-free trousers though.

Today we saw one EI (extreme ironer) make the headlines as he planted board on ground and placed iron to shirt in the middle of the M1 (one of the UK’s busiest motorways). For those of you unaware, the M1 has been causing havoc in recent days as it has been shut due to a fire, so the mystery ironer was playing safe all along. So the question is, does that actually class as extreme ironing?

extreme ironing

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IWOOT’s New Clothes

In a similar fashion to the tale of The Emperor’s New Clothes, IWOOT’s two weavers (actually a design team of about 5 strong) have been grafting away to reveal a jazzy new site which we’re actually quite impressed with. Good work team.

Unlike The Emperor’s New Clothes (which didn’t actually exist, remember the story?) our new site is there in all its glory and we’d like you to take a look and tell us what you think about it.

Click on the image below to be swept away to pastures new or if you prefer the old fashioned way type www.iwoot.com into white bit on top of your browser.

new iwoot site

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Lovely Customers & their Delightful Testimonials

Blimmin ‘eck, we can’t believe the nice things people have been saying about us. And as we tend to agree with them we thought we’d share it with the rest of you (us gloat? Never). If you also feel the need to sit down and write a kind word about IWOOT then please leave your thoughts/memoirs/philosophical musings in the comments below.

Michael who hails from Oldham – 5 stars

Best shop on the net I just need a better job with more money so I can buy more stuff

Rowena (we’re not sure where Rowena comes from) – 5 stars

Just wanted to say how absolutely fantastic your Customer Service Team are, just so helpful & nice, a real pleasure to deal with them. Thanks for everything :-)

Ema (Ema also didn’t tell us where she was from) – 5 stars

Love the Site and the randomness xx

Lee & Hannah (and their zoo?) from sunny Brighton  – 5 stars

Been Shopping with these guys a few years now – 100% recommend best stock, best price, best delivery, fantastic communication, website well laid out always a joy to log in from birthdays, forgotten anniversaries (sorry Hannah) to Christmas and they are doggy people and that really counts in my books.

You will not be disappointed. Best wishes …and thank you IWOOT you’re the best….Lee, Hannah and the zoo. xx
P.S. guess I’m not right as iwant and ineed, you ask my misses I could find a reason to buy and home all these gadgets given half the chance.

Sam – 5 stars

When in trouble during Christmas shopping, turn away from that department store… stop flicking through Argos brochures and get yourself onto IWOOT! They have it all, reasonable prices and guarantee a unique Xmas gift – 5*’s

Fai all the way from the Maldives (probably a lot sunnier than Brighton) – 4 stars

Wow I have never seen such a cool gadgets in my 26 years… yeah those things really don’t need but want so much to make friends crazy… hehe hahaha…

Eghosa – 5 stars

Having only looked at the IWOOT website, I felt a sense of fulfilled excitement knowing that whatever I decide to actually get from the store can be liked by just about anybody!! Gifts you wouldn’t find anywhere else… makes me feel like a child again… a big child. lol

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Nintendo 3DS Arrives at IWOOT

Well, with this being one of the most anticipated gaming console releases of recent times, we thought we’d better get in on the act and start stocking the Nintendo 3DS – and boy are we excited to be doing so!

As you’re probably aware, the 3DS had a whopping great launch event in Amsterdam the other day (get all the info here), at which the release date of March 25th was announced. You can already pre-order yours over at IWOOT by clicking here (ooh, two colours!).  There’s a fantastic range of games already in the pipeline for the 3DS as well, including a Metal Gear Solid title (will it ever beat this moment?) and Pro Evo Soccer as well.

Most exciting, though, are the advances made with all the extras. Three cameras allow you to take 3D pictures, the StreetPass function allows you to exchange data with other players as you walk past them, and with the augmented reality feature you can watch your 3D games spring into life in front of your eyes. In short, it’s rather excellent and we can’t wait to get our mitts on one. Can’t even believe we’re saying this – it might be even more exciting than zombies and RC helicopters combined. Yikes!

On a side-note, look at this horrendous trailer for the 3DS. Thank goodness they haven’t made getting burned alive a major part of the PR campaign.

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RC Helicopters Building Towers

Regular readers may already know that we love RC Helicopters. We love them enough to make obstacle courses, smash them to pieces, repair them and sell them (not in that order). Naturally, we were rather excited to see that some boffins across the pond (it usually is) have managed to create a small fleet of RC choppers that are capable of building towers. What next? Supermarkets? Branches of Poundland?

We’ll let those boffins explain:

Via Geekologie.

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Some customer photos…

Now that Christmas is done and dusted (though the streets still seem to be littered with pine needles from discarded trees), we’ve had a couple of photos sent to us of people enjoying their IWOOT Christmas presents. This is exactly the sort of thing we love to receive at IWOOT, and heck, it makes us feel all warm inside, so we thought we’d share it with you.

First up, here’s an alternative use of one of our boxes, courtesy of @weeniebeenie on Twitter:

And this one from @harrietjeckells, who bought one of our Sumo Suits for her little brother:

Happiest boy ever? Probably. Furthermore, here’s one of his dad:

Do feel free to tweet us your snaps of IWOOT stuff in use, even if it’s just a cat in one of our boxes. Actually, make that particularly if it’s just a cat in one of our boxes.

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Skiing Is Believing

Anyone looking forward to careening effortlessly down an Alpine mountain this season will already be rather excited (I just checked the Courchevel webcam for about the seventh time this morning… it’s definitely been snowing…). Well, prepare to be even more excited – we’ve just stumbled across the ultimate pair of skiing goggles to make your impending descents that little bit more Bond-esque.

These rather ridiculous Zeal Transcend GPS Goggles are fiendishly clever, and turn the skiing experience into something that resembles the POV text-sightedness of Robocop rather than Ski Sunday. And that, folks, is definitely a good thing. Due to some intense wizardry (probably mirrors), it’s possible to track your ski routes via GPS and watch them back later, and view your stats as you go. That means temperature, speed and even the height of your jumps are recorded and shown to you as you go. In short, it’s properly amazing.

Slightly frivolous it may be (and naysayers will undoubtedly go on about it turning real life into a computer game… don’t see the problem myself…), but it’s difficult to argue with the functions of this spanking set of specs. A slope essential, if you’ve got a spare three or four hundred quid.

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Worst Christmas Present Winner

As soon as Santa had delivered his last gift (feel sorry for whoever got that), we launched a competition to find the worst Christmas present given this year, and boy did we have some strong contenders. Of course, we had to select one winner from the photos submitted, and it turned out to be a pretty unanimous decision here at IWOOT Towers.

So without any more dilly-dallying, we unveil the winner:

We’re sure you’ll agree that this is literally unbelievable. A onesie. With elephants on. Pink elephants. Poor old Samantha Coles. She could at least try and look grateful. Congratulations and £100 of IWOOT vouchers are winging their way to her as we speak!

Thanks to everyone who entered the competition, we had a right old laugh wondering who on earth would think giving Sellotape as a Christmas present was a good idea.

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International Space Station visible in Solar Eclipse

You might not be able to tell from the dinky picture we’ve got on the left there, but if you click on this link you can see an amazing photo taken during yesterday’s lunar eclipse. You can quite clearly make out the shape of the International Space Station as the moon blocks out a fair chunk of the sun, a rare glimpse of what’s going on just outside our atmosphere. Also, it looks rather a lot like Pac-Man, so we’re down with that too.

Apparently the International Space Station itself is a mere 100 metres in length, so it’s truly incredible that we’re able to even see it. Thanks to the snapping skills of one Thierry Legault, we can. What a clever chap. You can find out more about the photo here. Here’s a picture of him taking the picture:

Via Bad Astronomy which looks, on first inspection, to be rather excellent.

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