IWOOT’s Free Delivery, Next Day Delivery and Gift Wrapping Service!

It’s treat time at IWOOT HQ! We thought it’s time we showed you how much we care. We love that warm, fuzzy feeling we get when we do something nice. So…we are now offering free delivery, a gift wrapping service and new next day delivery option to all our delightful customers.

Avoid unexpected charges with Free UK Delivery!

How frustrating is it when you have carefully handpicked an item, studied it thoroughly, entered every detail you have and then when you arrive at the checkout…delivery costs more than your order? We know everyone loves a freebie so we now deliver all our quirky, crazy and unconventional items FREE! 

Last minute gift then pick Next Day delivery!

Whether you’re too excited to wait or in a rush to meet a birthday deadline, our next day delivery has you protected against impatient and excitable buyers or slightly last minute or just in time givers. Choose next day delivery for only £3.95 to guarantee you see the stuff you really, really want as soon as possible.

Pay with PayPal

It’s now even easier and stress free to buy online with IWOOT, you can now pay with PayPal for a seamless transaction. Easy peasey lemon squeezy!

Want gift giving all wrapped up then choose our gift wrapping service!

We have gift giving all wrapped up now you can now send your gift directly to the lucky recipient, lusciously wrapped and eagerly awaiting to be ripped open.  Armed with Sticky tape, the gift-wrapping fairies at IWOOT towers are primed and ready to go! We know the score, love buying presents, hate wrapping them up. Whether you’re sending a gift to someone extra special or simply too busy to do it yourself, send it laced with IWOOT’s tender love and care for only £3.49.  





















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Pets do the funniest things…


Pets come in all shapes and sizes, from cute and fluffy to damn right scruffy, here at IWOOT we love them all the same. Pets are always there to give us a helping hand through a hard day, give us a giggle or a snuggle. Check out our pet gifts to please your pets…Click here for pet gifts.



Stuff for your pets…

Cat Play Houses - Fire Engine 	            Frolicat Bolt                         Dog IQ Test

Frolicat Bolt                          Cat Play Houses                  Dog IQ Test

As we are a nation of pet lovers we thought it’s time to show how much we love our pets…and the reasons why. Send us pictures of your pets. We want to see funny, cute, creative, weird and wonderful pictures of your pets.

Here are a few of our favourites…Can you do better?

Add your comments and post your pictures below! (If you have any trouble, email Olivia.olsson@thehutgroup.com) Who’s got the best pet…?


Spot the difference

Still searching for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow…?

Peeping Tom
Hitchin’ a ride

Make yourselves comfy…











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‘Remember that time when…’ IWOOT rewinds to the good times.

We all remember those times when things were easy, worries were absent and times were fun… (Ahhhh…sigh!) The IWOOT team have gone all nostalgic, so join us as we take a trip down memory lane and dust off our Betamax’s and Sinclair C5’s to embrace a retro revival.


We love retro

Whether it be by telegram or pigeon post, email or twitter we want to hear from you. Share your favourite childhood memories and post your cringe-worthy retro pictures! Our favourite wins an awesome retro prize (and we don’t mean an old 50p piece)! 

Email: Olivia.Olsson@thehutgroup.com

Remember that time when we had mobile phones bigger than our briefcases?

’80s Retro iPhone Case

'80s Retro iPhone Case

There was no chance of leaving those things in a bar, or losing it in your own handbag.  We thought it was the most extraordinary creation; a phone that you could carry around! Who knew that the mobile phone, born in 1973 weighing two kilos would be the demise of these….

Mayfair Retro Phones 

Mayfair Retro Phones

Remember that time when we played games without the interference of technology?

                                                 Rubix’s Speaker

  Rubik's Speaker

Games and toys were simple and straightforward and would keep us entertained or just perplexed for hours. We didn’t need a friendship with batteries, electricity or power for that matter… Those that did were beyond impressive (or only available to the Royal family!)

 The Rubix cube became one of the most popular games of its time and an icon during the 1980’s.  Luckily, this one comes in the shape of a mug, so you can relax with a biscuit rather than endure the frustration of solving the thing!

Remember that time when our hoovers had names?

Henry the Hoover

Henry the Hoover             

OK, we hear you already. Henry is still alive and well and so is Hetty for that matter, Henrys pink companion.  We thought this delightful duo definitely needed a mention; created in 1981 our lovable bright red dirt demolishing friend has brought a smile to faces around the world.

Remember that time when you got a Big Trak for Christmas and you were the happiest kid alive?



In 1979, children’s faces lit up when the coolest toy in town could remember up to 16 commands whilst firing its photon beam headlamp. Cool or what? Since we got our grubby IWOOT hands on the new one, nothing much has changed since the good ole days. It’s good enough just to relive the fun you had all them years ago with your dearest 80’s companion .

Remember that time we used to use cassettes? Oddly, remember that time we used to use CD’s!

Cassette Notes

Cassette Notes

Rewind for a bit, fast forward a little bit more. Stop. Play. Now rewind for a bit, stop. Play. Fast forward…remember the days? Yes and we don’t miss them one little bit. If we worked out how much time we wasted rewinding, fast forwarding, pausing, playing and stopping, we would be as ancient as these retro replicas. Luckily these notepads don’t play Cliff Richard but will turn a few heads.

Remember that time when we had 1 hour of P.E in school EVERYDAY!

Retro Sweet Chewbz 

Retro Sweet Chewbz

P.E in schools…and lots of it. Probably to burn off all those retro sweets we used to eat. Refreshers, Flumps, Black Jack, Fruit Salad, Sherbet Fountain, WHAM, Candy Sticks, Popping Candy…all the classics from your childhood tuck shop. Mmmm!

Remember that time when our computer games involved Blinky, Pinky, Inky, Clyde and Pacman?

 Pac Man And Ghost Wind Ups 

Pac Man And Ghost Wind Ups

You can’t get any more retro than these little beauties. You must remember them well.  Pacman was released in 1979 as an alternative to Space Invaders and is one of the longest running video game franchises from the era of video arcade games. Instantly recall all the dedicated hours (and not a wasted moment) you spent battling for the top position whilst your thumb and forefingers indented to the shapes of the buttons during lengthy space attacks…

   Retro Arcade Salt and Pepper Shakers

    Retro Arcade Salt and Pepper Shakers

It’s a shame we don’t play the license plate game on long road trips anymore, or pretend we are power rangers in the playground. We don’t want to take over the world like we used to, it’s now almost impossible to become a Princess when we grow up and can’t play out till dark.

Why not take a look at our retro section and with a little help from your friends at IWOOT, we can help relieve your memories and recreate your retro past… 

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Turn on the water works with our top 10 water guns!

As typical British weather goes, it’s usually the splash of raindrops we feel during the summer months. We thought it’s time our IWOOT team changed that and got you armed for fun whatever the weather with our wonderful array of Top 10 watery weaponries (and handy hints on how to choose the winner!)



Fun and games for all the family:  IWOOT Recommends…



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Win a Kung Fu Panda 2 Goody Bag and Tickets

It’s been three years since the awesome Po the Panda hit the silver screen and tried to bring peace to his land in ‘Kung Fu Panda’. Well now he’s back with a double dose of awesomeness.

To celebrate the release of Kung Fu Panda 2 we’ve got a really cool bundle of film merchandise to give away plus 4 tickets to Pandamonium in the Park in July for one lucky winner. For a chance to win just answer this question as a comment below the post:

Giant Panda’s live in the Bamboo forests of which country?

The goody bag includes the following:

3D Movie Guide
Colouring Book
Mini Board Book
Story Activity book with Stickers
The Novel
The Official Handbook
Window Shade
Paper Lantern
Po Towel Door Hanger

Plus a family ticket to Pandamonium in the Park*, a day-long event, organised by Sainsbury’s and DreamWorks Animation, guaranteed to entertain the whole family; you’ll meet Po, the star of the film, enjoy an outdoor concert by the esteemed composers from the movie, Hans Zimmer and John Powell and discover a world of Chinese culture including shows by The Chen brothers who are Chinese Lion Dance Champions and the Shaolin Monks, stilt walkers, Chinese kite fliers, martial art demonstrations, face painters, calligraphers and more. This event is held near Northampton and a family ticket is worth £45**.

kung fu panda 2

Competition ends 20th June 2011. One winner will be picked and notified shortly after this date. Open to UK residents only.
*SAINSBURY’S ‘PANDAMONIUM IN THE PARK’ EVENT at Althorp Estate, Saturday July 9th from 11.30am to 6.30pm. Purchase tickets to the event from Sainsbury’s here: http://www.sainsburys.co.uk/panda
**Family ticket includes 2 adult and 2 child tickets. Travel costs are not included in the prize.

More about the movie: Po fulfilled his dream of becoming dragon warrior and protecting his peaceful homeland in the first movie, so what could possibly go wrong in Kung Fu Panda 2? Villains, that’s what! A fearsome baddie plans to conquer china and rid the world of Kung Fu and it’s down to Po to find inner strength to stop him. In cinemas from June 10th (Cert. PG), the latest movie from DreamWorks features a huge array of celebrity voices including Jack Black, Angelina Jolie, Dustin Hoffman, Jackie Chan, Seth Rogen, Lucy Liu and many more.

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Top Celeb Dad’s and What We’d Buy Them For Father’s Day

As grateful sons and daughters across the country should know only too well, June 19 is Father’s Day, a day to honour the perennially grumpy, DIY obsessed, eternally lawn mowing head of your household.

Now we know not all of you banked on having to buy your Dad a Gift this year, but given that we all survived the Rapture, our attention now focuses on showing that ‘old geezer’ in the armchair that we love and care for him (probably thrusting a present into his hands on his way to the fridge before the Grand Prix starts)

So from heart warming gifts to simple token gestures here at IWOOT towers we have compiled some great gift ideas suitable for all types of Daddy, Father, male parent, pops, papa, poppy!

Is your dad a RETRO dad?

Retro Dad Paul MccartneyCommon Traits: King of the Bad jokes, dodgy dancing and cringe-making discussions about sex a retro Dad is a creature from the bye–gone age to commonly found driving a Ford Capri, sucking liquorice whirls, wearing turn ups and reading Viz they love to pick you up from a groovy party and talk with your friends.

Celebrity Retro dads: Paul McCartney, Rod Stewart, Arnold Schwarzenegger, David Hasselhoff

Perfect products: 80s IPhone case, The Big Trak, Catapencil, Nighthawk Gyro Helicopter, Monty Python Wafer Mints, Rock n Roll Quiffs

Is your dad a GEEK dad?

geek dad ross gellerCommon Traits: He continues to monitor your development on a high chart despite you leaving home some years ago the geeky dad built you a tree house using mathematical precision and gave you an abacus for your first birthday. His enthusiasm for comics, World Cinema, toys and Japan qualify him as one of the biggest geeks around.

Celebrity Geek dads: Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Darth Vader, Ross Geller

Perfect products: Binary Watch, Sudoku Loo Roll, Bucky Balls, Equation Clock, Iphone 4 mini microscope, Dr Who boxset

Is your dad a TECH dad?

tech dad johnny deppCommon Traits: There are plenty of Dad’s who can just about turn on the computer, but not tech dad. Tech Dad wants every gadget going whether it’s too look cool in front of his mates or ‘cos he think it’ll make life easier. The fact he’s got a bunch of gadgets relegated to the spare room after they’ve been used once or twice is besides the point. Only the newest gadgets will do.

Celebrity executive dads: Johnny Depp, Jonathan Ross, Kramer from Seinfeld, Tim Lovejoy

Perfect products: Laser Theatre, Anti-Gravity Platform, Telly Terminate

Is your dad an EXECUTIVE dad?

executive dad alan sugarCommon Traits: The executive dad is a workaholic and desperate to give his children the chances he never had. Jet setting, swarve, sophisticated or simply in a flap these dads often need a hand relaxing, unwinding and throwing their golf clubs in the back of the company car.

Celebrity executive dads: Alan Sugar, Tom Cruise, Peter Jones, Donald Trump

Perfect products: Camera Lens Cup, My Scratch Mat, USB Cup Warmer, Stressberry, Undercover laptop sleeve

Is your dad an OUTDOOR dad?

outdoor dad david beckhamCommon Traits: Daredevil dads with a zest for life these outdoor dads are good at pitching a tent and rustling up a bonza bbq! Up at the crack of dawn to get you to your swimming lessons, ballet practice and piano tuition these dads are full on and ready to dive in!

Celebrity outdoor dads: David Beckham, Brad Pitt, Ray Mears

Perfect products: Pocket Fishing Rod, Portable Kitchen Sink, BBQ Swords, Beer Machine Brew Master

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Review of the month winner for May

It’s that time of the month again. No not that time of the month, but the time of the month where we pick our product review winner… What did you think we were on about?! Without a doubt the winner this month is Alex who wrote a review of the QU-AX Unicycle and also uploaded photos of his son having a really good attempt at looking controlled and dignified on it. We’re impressed. It’s certainly a lot better than any of us lot could do.

If you’ve got any photos of you using your IWOOT product then why not upload it to our Facebook page. We’ll soon be launching the functionality to upload photos on the product pages again like the olden days so watch this space…

QU-AX Unicycle – 5 stars

Excellent for one wheel…

My son purchased one of these out of money he had saved from selling his old toys. He is mad about unicycling and really wanted his own when we came across this decision was instant. Excellent item cheaper than everywhere else and very strong unicycle lovely condition really well made very strong. The added bonus of 2 seat posts so unicycle can grow along with user is fantastic. My son has since recommended this to all his friends as he is well and truly happy.”


Buy the QU-AX Unicycle from iwantoneofthose.com

Write a review for your product on IWOOT and you could win £100. A new winner picked every month.

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And the Geekiest IWOOT fan is…

Geek Pride competition winners

As we bid farewell to Geek Pride Day on the 25th May 2011, we’re reeling at the great entrants into our daily competitions on Facebook and Twitter. But don’t forget being a geek is an everyday thing so keep up the good (hard?) work (and keep us amused with your thoughts and photos). Here are the winners of Talking Yoda’s and IWOOT vouchers:

Who’s the geekiest IWOOT fan?

Emma Griffiths Tysoe wins as her picture goes to show with her ‘I’m a Geek’ necklace, Nintendo consoles, Spectrum which she used to write I am a Geek on the monitor and the rest. How much geeky stuff can you fit into one picture?! Emma wins £150 worth of IWOOT products.

geeky winner

Geek Quiz Day 1: Share with us a line of ‘Geek Speak’…

Richard ‘Coley’ Cole wins with this excellent school yard chant: “My pokemon brings all the nerds to the yard, and they’re like you wanna trade cards? Darn right, I wanna trade cards, I’ll trade this but not my charizard. I would love to change the world, but they won’t give me the source code :(“

Geek Quiz Day 2: Tell us what’s the geekiest thing you do or have ever done…

Rosie Hogan is a clear winner with her two confessions:
“ Hm.. There’s a lot of things, I used to live on 1 hour a sleep at ‘night’ during High School. I’d get home from school, eat, then stay up till 6am the next day playing videogames (Usually Diablo :D), sleep from 6-7am, then head out to school…
…I also went to GMEX’s Sci-fi con a few years back and had a awesome conversation with ‘Ray Park’, who plays Darth Maul about how Lucy Liu totally kicked his ass during the making of “Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever” and I also got his autograph :)”

Geek Quiz Day 3: We want to know who your geek crush or hero is?

We think Kathy Black’s suggestion is a new one for our top 10: “The dude who all gave us mobile phones – Martin Cooper :)”

Geek Quiz Day 4: Replace a word in the title of a song, movie, book or TV show with something geeky…

Emer Hough came up with “How I Met Your Motherboard”

Geek Quiz Day 5: Who would win the award for Best TV Comedy Geek?

Moss from the IT Crowd was a clear winner with Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory trailing behind in 2nd place. Ben Tokeley wins the poll with his addition of a legendary Moss quote:
“What are you laughing at Moss?”
“This flipping circuit board Jen, some chump has run the data lines right through the power supply, amateur hour!”

Geek Quiz Day 6: Where do you feed your geek habit? Share your source for all things geeky with us please…
Kitty Falls gets thumbs up for this nifty knowledge stealer: “The answers on the back of Trivial Pursuit cards”

Big thanks to everyone who entered the Geek Pride competitions. More coming soon…

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The Top 5 Geekiest Amusement Parks in the World

Happy Geek Pride Day everyone! If there was one way we could celebrate today, if we weren’t in the office and money was no object, then it might be to spend some time at a few of these weird, bizarre and downright geeky amusement parks. We’re just waiting for some of them to be finished construction…

1. Star Trek Theme Park in Jordan
There’s no point in booking your tickets to Jordan just yet (well not purely to visit this park) as it won’t be finished until 2014 (if it actually gets completed that is). We’re excited never the less at the prospect of 184 acres of Star Trek themed adventure space. However the artist’s impression doesn’t really resemble Star Trek, more a mixture of sci-fi type ideas. Still looks fun though.

star trek theme park

2. Universe of Starcraft and Terrain of Warcraft at Joyland World, near Shanghai, China
A dream come true for Starcraft and World of Warcraft fans as this theme park (currently under construction) will let you ride your way through these fantasy universes.

universe of starcraft and warcraft

3. Star Tours: The Adventures Continue at Walt Disney World, Orlando
This Star Wars themed park is part of the world famous Walt Disney World resort in Orlando, Florida. It only just opened its doors on 20th May 2011 after a refresh of the original Star Tours from 1987, so we imagine it’s full of the latest technology as far as theme rides go including 3D simulated adventures.

stars wars theme park

4. Alien Apex Resort in Roswell, New Mexico
Following some alien related conspiracies back in 1947 in this New Mexico town, this theme park lets you experience what it might possibly be like to be abducted by a pack of aliens. For the extreme alien fans you’d find the exhibit hall out of this world as it’s packed full of stuff about extra-terrestrial life plus a show recreating the 1947 conspiracies of the town.

alien apex resort

5. Nintendo Amusement Park in New York, New York
This Nintendo-style theme park is largely a prototype making it largely under construction (including the website which looks like it’s not been updated since 1996. they’re looking for volunteers to test the rides though and it looks like you can do that for free, so don’t all rush at once guys. Check out this amazing video & tell us you don’t want to go after seeing that…:

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Don’t make Dad sad on 19th June – It’s Father’s Day don’t forget!

Father’s Day Gift Ideas from IWOOT

With Father’s Day 2011 fast approaching you’re probably starting to think… “What gift can I buy him that he doesn’t already have?” Well fortunately you’ve landed on the iwantoneofthose.com doorstep where we’ve made it easy for you. We’ve got literally hundreds of gadgets, gizmos, toys and more that will make perfect gifts for men of all ages and interests.

Obviously not all dads are the same; they don’t all spend hours in the garden trying to look busy. That’s why we‘ve split out our Father’s Day gift ideas into different collections based on the type of Dad you have.

father's day

Excecutive Dadclick here for the Potty Fisher, Bucky Balls, Stressberry and more…

Retro Dadclick here for the BigTrak, Laser Theatre, 80’s Retro iPhone Case and more…

Geek Dadclick here for the Lav Nav, Lego Star Wars Clone Turbo Tank, Sudoku Loo Roll and more…

Outdoor Dadclick here for the Mini DV Camera, BBQ Sword, AK47 Aqua Fire Gun, Waboba Ball and more…

Techno Dadclick here for the U Record Music Convertor, Telly Terminate, Bendi Lightup Keyboard and more…

father's day

Get some inspiration from our Father’s Day gifts and make his day with one of our great gifts for him.

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