Jam Jar Light

Interior Design & Home Decor Ideas: Jam Jars and Mirrors

Keeping on top of all the amazing interior design trends for your house can be a bit of a pain at times. Thats why here at IWOOT we’ve rounded up some of the best interior design ideas from around the web so that you don’t have to. From using jam jars as light fixtures to the perfect shape for your mirror, we’ve managed to find all sorts of ways to spruce up your rooms with cool home accessories

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The IWOOT Guide to Festivals: Essentials Checklist

With the summer in full swing, and the big festivals like Glastonbury just around the corner, now is the time to start planning everything you’re going to take with you – other than beer, that is. It’s all well and good rocking up to Glasto this year with a 6-pack under your arm, but make sure you’re not the one realising you’ve forgotten a sleeping bag, food, or – worst case scenario – your tent. That’s why we’ve put together this handy checklist of festival essentials for you to make sure you’re not the one with both literal and metaphorical mud on your face this year.

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Slushy Maker

The Best Slushy Recipes from The Web

As we get deeper into this summer, and the heat slowly ramps up, it’s important to keep yourself properly hydrated. Now, of course, water is the best way to do this, but why not do it with some style. You can easily pick yourself up some of our terrific Chill Factor Slushy Makers and start making yourself some healthy, super-tasty and cooling slushies.

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Life is Beautiful

Not just another Father’s Day gift guide

I’m pretty sure that by now everyone, like me, has just gotten around to remembering that Father’s Day is this upcoming Sunday, the 15th of June. This means that many of you, like me, will have begun to scour the internet desperately looking for some Father’s Day gifts. The problem, as ever, is that dads are notoriously difficult to buy for (and as a result, often get notoriously bad presents).

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Beech Click Clock Lamp

Interior Inspiration | Interior design ideas and thinking outside of the box

Divining inspiration for your house can be both an exciting, enlightening experience and also an absolute, utter nightmare. With almost every possible experience providing the potential to inspire you and fill your (virtual or real) scrapbooks, we’ve decided to help you out by providing some starting points to help you find your inspiration.

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A way with eggs – the best ways to eat eggs!

The little white and yellow liquid ball of protein is one of the oldest foods chosen by humans to nourish and satisfy us. I’m talking about the egg of course. We don’t really know whether it came before the chicken or not, but what we do know is it has become a valuable part of our breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner. It’s safe to say that the egg is a cornerstone of the British culinary catalogue.

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3 Famous Fathers to celebrate this Father’s Day

Every Father’s Day we celebrate the dads in our lives and the love and support they’ve shown us throughout our lives. However, seeing as Father’s Day was only invented in 1909, whole generations of great fathers haven’t been celebrated. In this guide we aim to celebrate 3 great ‘fathers’ who never got to experience their own Father’s Day.

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urban family planter

Biophilia Interiors – Indoor Gardening Ideas

Ever wondered why having the odd indoor plant dotted around the house can make you feel a little more at home? Biophilia hypothesis is the idea that humans feel a tendency to seek connections with nature. Philia is the opposite to phobia, so by having living things in your home you give yourself more opportunities to ‘feel good’ through a natural attraction toward nature. Are you feeling a little demotivated and blue at home? Or is your home feeling drab and dreary? Why not give it a go!

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2 Easy Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Not figured out what to get your dad for Father’s Day yet? Fear not! Here at IWOOT we’ve got 3 fantastic ideas for you to try this Father’s Day – on their own or all together, they will be sure to brighten your dad’s day. First up, the…

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stone roses

3 quick festival must haves for music events this summer

As the days grow longer and the sun dares to peek out from the clouds, as trousers become shorts and our shoes become espadrilles, it’s apparent that summer is edging its way in and attempting to have its 5 minutes of fame amongst the dim spring.

This week we’re thinking about summer festivals and what we need to get ready for them. Here at IWOOT we’ve got together three things that you can bring along to your festivals to maximise your fun and get the most out of your time there.

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