Top 5 Gifts for Her

IWOOT is your one stop shop for gifts this Christmas! With only 2 weeks shopping time left you may find yourself desperately needing some unique Christmas gift ideas for your loved ones. To make it a bit easier, we have tailored our blog to help you in your quest to be the ultimate gift giver – challenge the festive skills of Santa’s elves by gathering some truly special gifts this year. For those of you looking for some gifts for women, we have listed our top 5 gifts especially for you.

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Top 5 Gifts For Him

Men are not the easiest to buy for when it comes to Christmas (or birthday, or anniversary). So to give you a little guidance, we’ve compiled an interesting fun-filled list of our favourite gifts for him so you can have some inspiration on us this Christmas. Did we mention that our gift guide has no mention of the usual prerequisite socks? Win.

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Go Go Gadget Santa | Geeky Gadget Gift Ideas

Whether you are looking for luxurious gifts for him or some little additional gifts for her, we have a wide range of gadget gifts and accessories to feast your festive eyes upon this Christmas. Ranging from cheap and chips to something a little more special, you are bound to find gathering Christmas gifts for your loved ones easy at our gadget shop. To give you an idea of what we have in store, see below for just some of our favourite gadget gift ideas.

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More Dash Than Cash | Cheap Gifts For Him

We’re officially counting down the days to Christmas. Here’s the situation: you’re strapped for cash, you still have a million and one people to buy for and the days of gift hunting for those last minute bargains are quickly running out. Well, IWOOT’s got it covered. Here’s our gift guide showcasing our favourite gifts for him under £20, so you can handle the lack-of-cash situation, without having a meltdown.

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Roll the Dice | Board Games and Puzzles for Christmas

You have just had Christmas dinner, Dad has cracked open the Irish cream and there won’t be any decent films on the television for an hour or so. Income the board game! Whether you need to keep the kids entertained or you just want to enjoy some competitive banter, we have board games to suit everyone’s taste.

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Cheap ‘N’ Chic | Cheap Gifts for Her

The season of giving is upon us but your presents needn’t cost an arm and a leg in order for the recipient to appreciate them. After all, it’s the thought that counts. Whether you’re buying stocking fillers for your glamorous girlfriend, gifts your stylish sister, or a secret Santa gift for your oh-so-fabulous friend, if you’re feeling the pinch this season, steal some gift ideas from our gift guide. 

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Silhouette Harlequin Towels - Red

Hibernate In Style | Christmas Gifts for Your Home

With the temperature dropping, nights out getting more expensive and our favourite films creeping onto the TV, sometimes staying in is just the better option. Whether you are entertaining Christmas guests or snuggling down for winter, we have a variety of home gifts to suit every room and occasion.

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Money No Object? | Luxury Christmas Gifts

We’ve made a Christmas list, we’ve checked it twice and we’ve got something for everybody – the naughty and the nice. Some might call us haughty, but we’d just say we have exceptionally good taste. So if money’s no object this Christmas, we’ve sourced some of the best products money can buy and compiled a gift guide to delight in. Click here to browse our range of Christmas gifts. 

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Oh, I Wasn’t Expecting That | Unusual Gift Ideas

‘Oh, some more socks for work! Thank you’. Some of us can pull off a convincingly pleased response when we receive a Christmas gift we were completely expecting. OK, so you may actually be pleased you won’t have to go to work in holey socks anymore, but sometimes it is better to open a gift and be surprised, even if it is (for every day purposes) useless!

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Secret Santa Gifts Under £10

Secret Santa is a common festive trend amongst offices. There’s a reason we don’t mind writing names on little pieces of paper, picking them out of a hat and buying a gift for a colleague you don’t really know very well. Taking part in this Christmas tradition of gift giving is fun and festive and if you set a decent, reasonable price limit – it’s really affordable too. Plus, nobody likes the awkward ‘should-I-buy-for-them-are-they-going-to-buy-for-me?’ situation. So, if you’re looking for a secret Santa gift that the receiver will appreciate, won’t send the wrong message and won’t break the bank this Christmas, here’s a gift guide to inspire you with gift ideas for everybody.

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