Le Creuset One-Pot Recipes

With the colder months kicking in & us generally having a lot less sunlight to play with, let Le Creuset do the hard work! one-pot cooking is the only answer to save you time & say cosy without having to make that much of an effort.

One-pot cooking, there are so many options! You could cook a stew, noodles, a rice dish, the possibilities are endless & really tasty. Not to mention, the Le Creuset one-pots look pretty cool while they are working too! Well, if they are good enough for Taylor Swift, they are good enough for us!

Why not try a simple one-pot tomato pasta. Just place all of your ingredients into the Le Creuset one-pot (including the dry spaghetti) & let the water slowly come to the boil. Seriously, it really couldn’t be any easier!

One Pot Tomato Pasta

One Pot Tomato Pasta – Image Source: Sonja Paetow

A one-pot risotto is also a tasty choice. Just toss everything into the Le Creuset one-pot and simmer. This one will require a bit of stirring every so often so the rice doesn’t get stuck to the bottom of the pot but other than that, you will barely have to lift a finger.

Fancy something a little different? One-pot a ramen bowl! Place all of your ingredients in the Le Creuset One-pot nice & neatly, add water pop the lid on & let the pot do all the work!

So what do you think? Will you be trying any of these One-pot ideas out?

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