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A sense of New York

the original melting pot, NYC

is a veritable kitchen of

countless cultures and counter cultures –

from Broadway to the New York School,

the Furious Five and the Yankees too –

hard bop and free jazz,

hip-hop and breakdance,

doo wop and big bands –

from the Bronx to Manhattan,

Brooklyn and Staten –

did you know in Queens

(although there’s a palpable New Yawker accent)

current estimates suggest

that some 800 languages

are spoken there?

inspiring and exciting,

extravagant and inviting,

from the lush greens of Central Park

to the crisp gleam of skyscraper horizons

(best seen after dark):

New York is the indomitable heart

of this month’s Scent From candle box.

The Sound of New York

NYC’s discography reads like an A-Z of music’s Hall of Fame: from the Beastie Boys, Biggie and Bob Dylan to Jay-Z, Kiss and Lil Kim; Moby, Mos Def and Patti Smith to Talking Heads, Wu-Tang Clan and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs – if it’s music you want, then NYC is, most likely, the city that you need.

Video source: YouTube

What’s the most popular food in New York?

Arguably, there is no one ruling food in New York. Instead, there is a Gemisch of post-European (typically Italian) and Eastern favourite savouries and sweets that includes: chicken & waffles, hot dogs, pastrami on rye, General Tso’s Chicken, pizza (pie!), bagels, spumoni, bagels, knishes and cheesecake. Ooh wee.

cheesy pizza pie being pulled apart on chopping board filled with mushrooms, tomatoes and peppers, indicative of a scent from new york

Image source: via Pexels

Why is New York important?

When the first Dutch settlers of New Amsterdam (as New York was first known) bought the neighbouring Manhattan island from the Lenope natives, NYC became significant. Centuries of war shaped New York as we know it now: a former colony of 300 Dutch, now home to over 8 million people from every corner of the world, who identify as New Yorkers. The city that never sleeps, New York is integral to America’s identity and how the States are perceived by the rest of the world. And when one building is big enough to host over 1,000 businesses, so that it can have its own zip code – as The Empire State Building does (10018) – even if New York were without history and without culture, its financial clout means that, if New York sneezes, then the rest of the West will catch a cold…

Check out kylenowinski’s ‘view from Greenwood Cemetery’ on nycgo:

 New York by Number

  • Coordinates: 40.7128°N; 74.0059°W
  • Currency: US Dollar (USD)
  • Population: ~8.5 million
  • Language: (American) English, Spanish, Chinese
  • Music: All of the above + Punk
  • Religion: Predominantly Christian, then Jewish
  • Temperature: average 25°C in July; average 2°C in January.

Check out kylenowinski’s ‘IRT pulling into 183 street’:

Scent From So Far

So far on our premium candle subscription journey, we’ve been to Marrakesh and Stockholm and rumour has it that the next destination will be slightly alpine… From fact or fiction, where would you like to go next? Let us know on social @iwoot with #scentfrom!

What was in Scent From New York?


  • Bah! Humbug Peppermint and Sweet Candy Tin Candle
  • Christmas Tin Candle – Chocolate Orange
  • Soybean Flamingo Candle Cake Wax Melt – Vanilla
  • Geometric Structured Candle Holder

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