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Need to get back into the swing of things this year?

Spring cleaning, drinking less or giving to charity. What was your New Year’s resolution? If you’re anything like the rest of us it will include all of these, along with the most popular New Year’s resolution  – to shed the pounds and fight the fat.

The question is; is it one of those fads that will last all of 2 weeks? The takeaway menus tend to creep out again, chocolate and biscuits lurk in every nook and cranny. Even your favourite restaurants seem to have mouth watering offers.


This year we are determined to find one thing that we will actually stick at, something that won’t get packed back in the loft with the tree and tinsel. Something that would make you want to get up off the sofa, swap them slippers for trainers and get us rocking like Rocky (whilst singing the eye of the tiger, obviously)!


Want to “move fast and have fun” this January?

The popularity of Zumba Fitness has become a worldwide phenomenon, it’s just jumped up and slapped us in the face. Zumba seemed to come from nowhere and now is arguably the most renowned fitness program, enabling millions of fans worldwide to say Hola to living the Latino life; for at least  30 mins each day.

If you’ve heard all the hype but wanted to know, ‘does it really work?’ or ‘is it as fun as everyone says it is?’, we’ll give you an honest account of what we really think. We’ll measure the progress and see if this Zumba lark really works!

So why is Zumba so good? Here’s the Science bit…

You may have heard a lot about Zumba, but did you know it was only created in the 1990s? According to our big, purple Spanish dictionary Zumba translates to “move fast and have fun.” Inspired by Latin dance, it targets areas such as the glutes, legs, arms, abdominals, and the heart (so pretty much every part of the body then) places we may not have felt since October and the onslaught of office dos?!


Let’s say Hola to Olivia

A member of the IWOOT team kindly stepped up (or nipped out on the brew round) and was volunteered to be our guinea pig. We weren’t sure how she would respond to being termed any kind of pig but we hope that at the end of this process she will feel less Miss Piggy and more like Olivia the fit, fun dancing Queen from Brazil (ahem via Blackpool).

So, let us get introduced to Olivia IWOOT, a slightly loopy member of the team, and let’s get started on the challenge… 

Olivia is long, tall and slim, despite largely eating what she wants, when she wants! She is now reaching the tender age of 22 and starting to notice the effects of adults having no playgrounds to tear around. Although she doesn’t mind exercising (when she really, really has to) she would prefer to reintroduce some fun rather than peddling for 3 miles on the spot in the gym (where the scenery has been known to become monotonous).

Olivia seems the perfect candidate to trial Zumba Fitness, the 20 minute express routine.  Currently she knows more about chorizo and cervezas than tempo and tambourines but she will report her progress, the pros and cons of Zumba Fitness, and whether or not it leads to a total body transformation! Hedge your bets, notify the relevant emergency departments and let the challenge commence!


Come back frequently for an honest review of how she is getting on (along with photographic evidence) plus if you are the voice of experience we want to hear from you. Have you tried Zumba? Did it leave you full of zest or merely zzzzz?

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