Fonts are something the Creative Department just LOVE talking about. There are good fonts, bad fonts and demented ones (everyone remembers the kid who handed in his homework in Wingdings… clever guy), but they all give a distinct impression of the content you’re reading. The gravitas required to impart due respect in an obituary is not best conveyed with love hearts replacing the dots over the ‘i’s, now is it?

This extends to personal characteristics – we’ve even gone as far as suggesting that a certain nameless person in the IWOOT local is, undoubtedly, Comic Sans personified. There’s no real concrete evidence to substantiate this, they just… are. So we were pleased to discover that some other people have clearly been having the same debates across the internet. The boffins at Pentagram have come up with a neat little test to determine exactly which typeface suits you best – this link (via the similarly brainy folk at Fast Company) will allow you to take it.

Loosely set up like a bizarre Freudian examination, it’s a right old hoot. Enjoy!

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