Pepe’s cause has been furthered by this tremendous gentleman, a noble and upstanding example of the Royal Mail’s loyal foot soldiers. Here he is pictured with our very own Gadget Girl In Residence, EllaWoot, handing over what seems to be a gargantuan haul of precious red rubber bands, all in aid of making Pepe as big as he possibly can be. Admire the majesty of this joining of office silliness and excellent postmen (not that Ella in some way represents office silliness, obviously):



Thank you, kind sir. Thank you.

In other news, we’ve received a slightly strange package containing a whole new DNA strand – ‘purple’.

A new breed of rubber band ball?

Apparently these are for holding asparagus together, but we think they could be some sort of strange genetic insurgence that, if made to be a part of Pepe’s structure, could be harmful to our little (but rapidly growing) friend. So, Becky Newett (who sent them in), we’re supremely grateful for the bumper pack of red ones you sent through, we’re a little nervous of our new purple friends.

WE STILL NEED RED RUBBER BANDS! The 25th, 50th and 75th packages will all receive a prize, so get posting!

Send all packages to:

Pepe, Creative Department
Unit C11 Parkhall Trading Estate
40 Martell Road
SE21 8EN

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