New Boffin on the Block Min-Kyu Choi has won the highest accolade a this year’s Brit Insurance Design Awards (do you think that sometimes they just call them The Brit Awards to try and make themselves sound cooler? I do).

Anyway, Choi has cleverly managed to design a plug that will not cause intense pain if you step on it upturned. Which is a tremendous bonus. Speaking of plug-based injuries, I’ve got a scar above my left eye from when I bent down to unplug something and smacked my head on the corner of a table. I was about 6. I’ve hated plugs ever since. Can’t trust ’em.

Anyway, as this video shows, it really is a miniature marvel:

Naturally, this is the most annoying, facepalm-inducing inventions in the world because we didn’t think of it. Damn. See the full story (featuring Janet Street Porter!) at the Beeb, here.

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