‘Frosty’, ‘damp’, ‘grey’ – ‘damn cold’. These are all words that could be used to describe the horrendous weather we all (in the northern hemisphere, at least) must endure at this time of the year. As we slowly approach February like a septuagenarian attempting to cross an icy intersection, we’re all still stuck in the depths of winter. What better time, then, to indulge in a plethora of great gift ideas to make those two ultimate winter warmers: Tea and Coffee?

Chalice or Demitasse?

The unloved hero of the hot drink universe is of course the humble mug, cup or flask that allows you to imbibe that warm caffeinated goodness – or decaffeinated goodness, if that’s your thing – which prevents us from embracing our otherwise inevitable fate: freezing to death. As such I’m here to suggest for you a couple of favorites from the IWOOT store.

My Cuppa Tea / Coffee Mugs

My cuppa sideby sidemycuppa closeup

One of the more embarrassing pitfalls of hot drink preparation is, of course, when you’re making a cuppa for a guest. If you make it slightly weak, you’re provoking the wrath of a builder’s tea lover, or if you make it too strong, you could end up with your gran running around the house like a child on a sherbet binge. Neither is preferable.

These great My Cuppa mugs by Suck UK allow you to leave hot-drink faux-pas a thing of the past, with their handy colour match guide. Also useful when finding the right shade of brown for the accent wall in your office.

Tea for 2 Teacups


Sharing tea or a coffee with someone else can often surpass even the unbridled pleasure of a contemplative solo cup of Joe. Many a great debate has been held over a hot drink, and many great lovers have locked eyes whilst quaffing a cappuccino.

This over-sized cup, designed by Sebastian Errazuriz, splits into two perfectly sized halves, making the sharing process so much easier – a great Valentines gift.

Peripherals for your Pekoe

To quote the title of a 50’s pop song, the ‘little things mean a lot’. There’s a whole stratosphere of thingies and doohickeys to go with the bare essentials of hot liquid and a container, so I’ve also picked a couple from the IWOOT store to help make your experience that much cooler – but not colder, of course.

Monkey Tea Infuser


I mean come on. It’s a tea infuser in the form of an adjustable monkey that hangs on the sides of your mug! If that isn’t cool I don’t know what is. Regardless of whether you’re a Darjeeling dabbler or a Ceylon connoisseur, this little simian steeper is the best pick of the bunch.

Splat Stan Coaster


So whilst you enjoy your tea and coffee throughout the rest of this winter, and make sure you’re not disrespecting your drinks by using naff cups and accessories!

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