As you may have previously read, my battle with my laptop running Windows Vista is a bloody and long one, and has led to several embarrassing situations (the less said about the times I told friends I’d be at their house in two minutes, clicked ‘Shut Down’ and been half an hour late, the better). I can really feel it culminating, and the urge to splurge and get myself a technology-related early Christmas present is almost impossible to ignore. My plan to save up for a Mac may have beaten into second place, though…

According to The Guardian, the new Windows OS, Windows 7 (another storming Ronseal title, much better than Vista) works faster than the OS it replaces on most computers. This, for me, is reason enough to upgrade. The basic Home Edition retails at £79.99, while Apple Macs start at around £799. That’s ten times the expense. Is it worth me saving up for a solution to a problem that could be solved very quickly and with much less of an impact on my wallet? True, it wouldn’t solve everything (my cheap-as-chips laptop must shoulder some of the blame), but it’s a start, isn’t it?

The only thing really standing in my way is the fact that I might be forced to have a Windows Party and partake in the kind of forced jollity displayed in the publicity campaign mounted by Microsoft in the run-up to its release. They come across as much like a social skills seminar as they do a Windows tutorial. Yuck.

So what is it to be? Expense, scrimping and saving, or throw my own Windows Party?

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