The sun has suddenly decided to peek it’s head out from behind the clouds and grace us with its presence. We’d usually be really happy, but IWOOT towers feels like an airing cupboard, especially on those humid will-it-rain-or-will-it-just-be-hot-and-sticky days when everybody just wants to be outside. The guys at Spain’s Selgascono have the right idea – designers Jose Selgas & Lucia Cano have created an office smack bang in the middle of nature. They’ve rather imaginatively called it “office in the woods”, but what’s in a name?

The office is in a long tunnel covered by a 20mm thick transparent acrylic window, so it keeps the office nice and bright (perfect for the creative team. . .hint hint) and the walls are made from fibreglass and polyester. The best thing about it is that it can be kept nice and cool by popping the edge of the office open to create some much needed air circulation. I know that I’d love to work in an office like this, and as soon as I find the right forest I’m going to send the proposal to our finance department.







Selgascano via Dezeen via Dvice.

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