The University of New South Wales has come up with a new positioning system that looks like it was pulled straight out of a Grand Theft Auto game – the Squad Firefighter Positioning System. A map of the burning building and the fireman’s position are displayed on the Squad’s nifty LED screen. How does the gadget work all this out? By using sonar. Oh yeah, the designers have gone proper old skool for this little beauty.

At the moment the Squad is still only a concept, but if it does get made you know that we’re going to want one of these for the office – this place is huge! It took us two hours just to get back from lunch today (which had absolutely nothing to do with it being Friday or the fact that we spent it in the pub).

What Video Game gadgets would you like to see made into a reality? Let us know in your comments.


Australian Design Award via Gizmag, via Gizmodo, via Dvice.

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