If you are struggling to find gift ideas for her, gift ideas for him, or just gift ideas in general then experience days are a unique way of showing someone you care by giving them something exciting to look forward too. On the off chance you are stuck for something to get both your parents, both your sister and brother-in-law, or some newlywed friends this Christmas, then why not give them something they can enjoy together as a couple. Maybe they would like an activity that will get the adrenaline running, soothing the stresses of everyday life or simply sampling fine wine and dining in inspiring places. Here are just some of our favourite experience days for couples.

For the Adrenaline Junkies

Why not get the love hearts pumping for two people you care about with this exhilarating Lover’s Leap Bungee Jump! They will be able enjoy this tandem bungee jump in one of 9 locations in the country, and once they have completed the much anticipated jump, they will be able to enjoy a bottle of champagne and watch there day back on DVD for days to come. Click here for more information.


Silly, Random, But Super Fun

If you know a couple that enjoy trying new things, but wouldn’t be quite up for a bungee jump, then why let them have a laugh racing each other on Segways for the day! They will be able to take part in their race for two around a circuit in one of many places in the country. Click here to view this Segway Rally for Two with Photo Offer.


Sophistication at its Best

If you are looking for something with a bit more class, then how about a Brewery Tour and Tasting Experience for Two? Your couple of loved ones will be able to explore of one England’s finest breweries in the heart of the Oxfordshire countryside, and then have fun sampling some of their splendid beers, ales and fine wines. Click here to find out more.


Romantic Break Away

Do your parents deserve something really special this year? Do you know a couple of new parents that could really do with a break away from the little ones? Treat them to a romantic break away in the beautiful countryside so they can truly relax, or to the bustling streets of the city to let off some steam. Click here for more information.


For the Animal Lovers

If you know a couple that love nothing betting then exploring the wilderness to catch a glimpse of some our finest flora and fauna, then maybe you could treat them to one of the ultimate UK wildlife experiences there is. Get up close and personal with the cheeky meerkats with this experience for two. Meerkats are much loved members of the animal kingdom. Their cheeky antics and curious nature has endeared them to millions. Click here to read more.

meet the meerkats

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