After sifting through hundreds of emails I’m very pleased to announce the winner of our Transformers Goody bag. Let’s give Dave from Southampton a huge round of applause – he correctly named the MechRC as the IWOOT product designed by a Transformers artist, and he even remembered to include the link to the product page. He’ll be receiving a Transformer goody bag in the post, courtesy of Paramount Studios.

Now you may be asking yourself “How on earth do they choose the winners without being biased?”, and you’d be perfectly justified in asking. Well, I’ll tell you. I passed the buck completely and used a random number generator, courtesy of I’d heard that quite a few organisations have opted to use their wonderful site for competition purposes, so I checked out their testimonials and decided to give them a shot.

This competition has been quite a success (in spite of the fairly shaky start) so I’m hoping that our marketing team can come up with loads of new and exciting goodies to give away in the near future. In the meantime: watch this space.

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