You might not be au fait with current trends in the rapidly advancing world of toilet innovation, but it seems that a minor revolution is taking place. This week, the first Toto Toilets are going on sale in the UK. Previously available (and monstrously successful) in Asia and the US, they’re basically the Rolls Royce of, err, going to the loo. As this video ably explains, the technology is pretty impressive:

But come on – it’s just a toilet, right? I mean (and I don’t want to go into too much detail here), going to the toilet is a pretty straight-forward process. Cleanliness is certainly an issue, but this is just nuts. Is it really worth paying over £2000 for a bog that gets the bowl a little bit cleaner than squirting some bleach around the rim? And who needs to be able to immediately flush the toilet again after you’ve flushed it once? Actually, don’t answer that… Also, what a self-important video! It’s a toilet, not a time machine. Although that’s an avenue worth exploring.

There are advantages to a nice toilet, yes, but as soon as you put another novelty item in the bathroom the wow-factor immediately disappears. We’re thinking, of course, of the Glow In The Dark Loo Roll here. Click here to learn more about the bogs anyway.

So – would you pay over £2000 for one of these bathroom behemoths?

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