As grateful sons and daughters across the country should know only too well, June 19 is Father’s Day, a day to honour the perennially grumpy, DIY obsessed, eternally lawn mowing head of your household.

Now we know not all of you banked on having to buy your Dad a Gift this year, but given that we all survived the Rapture, our attention now focuses on showing that ‘old geezer’ in the armchair that we love and care for him (probably thrusting a present into his hands on his way to the fridge before the Grand Prix starts)

So from heart warming gifts to simple token gestures here at IWOOT towers we have compiled some great gift ideas suitable for all types of Daddy, Father, male parent, pops, papa, poppy!

Is your dad a RETRO dad?

Retro Dad Paul MccartneyCommon Traits: King of the Bad jokes, dodgy dancing and cringe-making discussions about sex a retro Dad is a creature from the bye–gone age to commonly found driving a Ford Capri, sucking liquorice whirls, wearing turn ups and reading Viz they love to pick you up from a groovy party and talk with your friends.

Celebrity Retro dads: Paul McCartney, Rod Stewart, Arnold Schwarzenegger, David Hasselhoff

Perfect products: 80s IPhone case, The Big Trak, Catapencil, Nighthawk Gyro Helicopter, Monty Python Wafer Mints, Rock n Roll Quiffs

Is your dad a GEEK dad?

geek dad ross gellerCommon Traits: He continues to monitor your development on a high chart despite you leaving home some years ago the geeky dad built you a tree house using mathematical precision and gave you an abacus for your first birthday. His enthusiasm for comics, World Cinema, toys and Japan qualify him as one of the biggest geeks around.

Celebrity Geek dads: Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Darth Vader, Ross Geller

Perfect products: Binary Watch, Sudoku Loo Roll, Bucky Balls, Equation Clock, Iphone 4 mini microscope, Dr Who boxset

Is your dad a TECH dad?

tech dad johnny deppCommon Traits: There are plenty of Dad’s who can just about turn on the computer, but not tech dad. Tech Dad wants every gadget going whether it’s too look cool in front of his mates or ‘cos he think it’ll make life easier. The fact he’s got a bunch of gadgets relegated to the spare room after they’ve been used once or twice is besides the point. Only the newest gadgets will do.

Celebrity executive dads: Johnny Depp, Jonathan Ross, Kramer from Seinfeld, Tim Lovejoy

Perfect products: Laser Theatre, Anti-Gravity Platform, Telly Terminate

Is your dad an EXECUTIVE dad?

executive dad alan sugarCommon Traits: The executive dad is a workaholic and desperate to give his children the chances he never had. Jet setting, swarve, sophisticated or simply in a flap these dads often need a hand relaxing, unwinding and throwing their golf clubs in the back of the company car.

Celebrity executive dads: Alan Sugar, Tom Cruise, Peter Jones, Donald Trump

Perfect products: Camera Lens Cup, My Scratch Mat, USB Cup Warmer, Stressberry, Undercover laptop sleeve

Is your dad an OUTDOOR dad?

outdoor dad david beckhamCommon Traits: Daredevil dads with a zest for life these outdoor dads are good at pitching a tent and rustling up a bonza bbq! Up at the crack of dawn to get you to your swimming lessons, ballet practice and piano tuition these dads are full on and ready to dive in!

Celebrity outdoor dads: David Beckham, Brad Pitt, Ray Mears

Perfect products: Pocket Fishing Rod, Portable Kitchen Sink, BBQ Swords, Beer Machine Brew Master

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