With synth rings tones, small two tone screens and plastic keypads features of yesteryear, there are plenty of gadgets and accessories that celebrate the touch screen mobile phone. If you are after Christmas gift ideas for men, women and children or simply after some added stocking fillers and secret santa gifts, than you can’t go wrong by picking up some iPhone gadgets here at IWOOT. Here are just some of our favourites gadget gifts.

The Snap Remote

Make taking a selfie easier with the nifty little gadget from Thumbs Up. All you have to do is download the free app, set up the shot, position yourself and your friends up to 3 metres away from you phone and SNAP…you have yourself the perfect photo without the need for a photographer. Easy peasy! Click here to read more.



Dance floor shuffle your way back to the 80s with this cunningly disguised retro iPhone speaker. Pop your phone into the cassette slot, crank up the volume and bust some moves! At £22.99, this funky piece of kit is bound to put a smile on any music lover’s face this year, turning any room into a slammin’ disco dance floor. Click here for more information.



With bracing winds hitting the country, sometimes texting will just have to wait when you’re back in the warm…well not with these gloves! For just £6.99 you can keep your hands toasty warm whilst texting and surfing the net in the unforgiving elements of the British weather. Click here to view on site.



If you know someone you enjoys the quirkier things in life, then why not treat them to this unusual, yet fun charging kit for £14.99. With a USB connection, this charger is compatible with any phone or tablet that can charge via USB. Click here for more information.


Dual Power Bank

If you are looking for a charger that is a little more sophisticated then perhaps this dual power bank will be more you and your loved one’s taste. A perfect gift for someone who travels around a lot or is caught outside most of the day, this handy portable gadget can hold enough charge to power an iPhone 3 times over. It also has the ability to charge two items at the same time and will boost the power of almost anything with a USB charging connection. Click here to find out more.


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