DECK the halls with gifts from IWOOT – Fa la la la la, la la la la. It’s festive season, the perfect time to buy presents for your home – or somebody else’s. Gifts for the home make the perfect presents for those who those who don”t want clothes, sweets, or games for Christmas. To give you some gift ideas, we’ve come up with a list of our top 5 home gifts – some weird and wonderful – some perfectly practical.

1. Skull Stuff Tidy

We seriously need one of these on our office desks! The Skull Stuff Tidy is would make a great gift for anybody who is constantly losing their things. If you know a woman who has more jewellery than sense this would also make a great gift for her. You can store bracelets and necklaces in the back of the skull’s head so you’ll always know where to find them! Click here to buy.

skull candy

2. Chrome Clocky

Since winter hit us, it’s proving even harder to get out of bed on these cold mornings. Not anymore! The Chrome Clocky makes a sound until you hit snooze. If you ignore the alarm, it will wheel itself off wherever it’s perched and wheel around your room until you pull yourself out of bed and turn thr alarm off. Genius! Click here to buy.

chrome lock


3.  Toy Soldier Shaped Book End Homeguard

Attention! We want this Toy Soldier Shaped Book End Homegard and we want it now! Hmmm – now who’s gonna buy it for us? Click here to buy.

toy soldiers

4. Bunny Shaped Lamp

Cute is just not the word! This epic light has a white LED bulb where its little tail should be. Know an animal lover? The Bunny Shaped lamp, £39.99 would make a great gift for them. As well as omit light, it also serves as a quirky ornament for around the home. Practical and pretty! Perfect. Click here to buy.

bunny lamp


5. Sun Jar

A great gift for the eco warrior! Simply leave the Sun Jar perched next to a window or outside during the day and the Jar will omit a warm glow during nighttime. If you know a woman who loves to light up her garden, this would make a fantastic and unusual gift for her! Click here to buy.

sun jar

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