Men are not the easiest to buy for when it comes to Christmas (or birthday, or anniversary). So to give you a little guidance, we’ve compiled an interesting fun-filled list of our favourite gifts for him so you can have some inspiration on us this Christmas. Did we mention that our gift guide has no mention of the usual prerequisite socks? Win.

Sharpener Shaped Desk Tidy

The Sharpener Shaped Desk Tidy, £8.99 is a great way to keep that office desk tidy. Okay so yeah it won’t sharpen his pencils – but since when has practicality stopped us from buying anything? Click here to buy.

desk sharperner tidy


Bottle Opener Key 

Whilst cracking open bottles with your teeth might be considered intrinsically masculine, it’s really not good for the teeth. Nor is it convenient to have to hunt through the kitchen drawers for a bottle opener every time you need to open a bottle. Save him the hassle, and buy him the Bottle Opener Key from SUCK UK instead. Click here to buy.

bottle opener


Beer Games Bar Mats

The Beer Games Bar Mats, £6.99 are an essential gift for him now that party season is upon us. There are 30 mats in the pack, each one featuring either a drinking game, a quiz, a puzzle or a challenge. The more beers you have, the more difficult the challenges become. Everybody loves a game that brings people together, and never has this been more true of the festive season, as we welcome friends, family and long lost relatives into our homes. Click here to buy.

bar matts

Shot Gun Flask (4oz)

We love this Shot Gun Flask by SUCK UK, £6.99. Made from stainless steel and featuring a pistol design on the one side, it would make the perfect stocking filler for Dad. Let him knock back a few shots his favourite festive tipple in a stylish flask and click here to buy.

shot gun glask

Fetch My Keys – Key Finder

Know a guy who’s always losing his keys? This would make a suitable gadget for them. You simply whistle when you can’t locate your keys and the Key Finder will set off a bleeping sound. Genius. Click here to buy.

fetch my keys

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