Happy Geek Pride Day everyone! If there was one way we could celebrate today, if we weren’t in the office and money was no object, then it might be to spend some time at a few of these weird, bizarre and downright geeky amusement parks. We’re just waiting for some of them to be finished construction…

1. Star Trek Theme Park in Jordan
There’s no point in booking your tickets to Jordan just yet (well not purely to visit this park) as it won’t be finished until 2014 (if it actually gets completed that is). We’re excited never the less at the prospect of 184 acres of Star Trek themed adventure space. However the artist’s impression doesn’t really resemble Star Trek, more a mixture of sci-fi type ideas. Still looks fun though.

star trek theme park

2. Universe of Starcraft and Terrain of Warcraft at Joyland World, near Shanghai, China
A dream come true for Starcraft and World of Warcraft fans as this theme park (currently under construction) will let you ride your way through these fantasy universes.

universe of starcraft and warcraft

3. Star Tours: The Adventures Continue at Walt Disney World, Orlando
This Star Wars themed park is part of the world famous Walt Disney World resort in Orlando, Florida. It only just opened its doors on 20th May 2011 after a refresh of the original Star Tours from 1987, so we imagine it’s full of the latest technology as far as theme rides go including 3D simulated adventures.

stars wars theme park

4. Alien Apex Resort in Roswell, New Mexico
Following some alien related conspiracies back in 1947 in this New Mexico town, this theme park lets you experience what it might possibly be like to be abducted by a pack of aliens. For the extreme alien fans you’d find the exhibit hall out of this world as it’s packed full of stuff about extra-terrestrial life plus a show recreating the 1947 conspiracies of the town.

alien apex resort

5. Nintendo Amusement Park in New York, New York
This Nintendo-style theme park is largely a prototype making it largely under construction (including the website which looks like it’s not been updated since 1996. they’re looking for volunteers to test the rides though and it looks like you can do that for free, so don’t all rush at once guys. Check out this amazing video & tell us you don’t want to go after seeing that…:

Nintendo Amusement Park

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