Top 3 Summer Must Haves for Picnics and Barbeques! Here at IWOOT, we’ve picked out our three favourite products from our summer selection, each one ideal for an every day summer activity, such as having a picnic or barbeque! We want you to make the most out of the sunshine, which is why we’ve compiled our Top 3 so you don’t have to look far to find your new summer essential.

1. Ice Cooler

Whilst not as interesting as the Condiment Gun an ice bucket/cooler is an absolute necessity for the perfect picnic or barbeque! Keep your beverages chilled and your ice solid with our Ice Cooler bucket, guaranteeing you a refreshing, ice cold drink – exactly what you need on a hot summer day.


2. Condiment Gun

Our absolute favourite summer product at the moment, the Condiment Gun is a novelty item, guaranteed to perk up your barbeque or picnic! Pack it full of ketchup, mayonnaise, whatever your favourite condiment or sauce is, and entertain your guests by firing at their hot dogs and burgers with a stream of ketchup. condimentgun 3. Wine Chiller For the adults, this wine chiller is all you need to help keep you and your friends supplied with this chilled wine, at the perfect temperature. This Wine Chiller automatically takes your wine to the optimum temperature, as all the main varieties of wine are covered by pre-programmed temperature settings, all you have to do is wait, watch and then drink (responsibly). Enjoy! winechiller

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