Here at IWOOT we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Those of you with long trips ahead of you – travel safe and take it easy! Remember to take regular stops and take a rest if you start to feel tired.

If you absolutely must use your phone on the trip home, remember to keep safe and use some of our smartphone accessories  to limit how distracted you get. Choose from portable phone batteries and hands-free kits to minimise the amount of concentration you spend looking at your phone.

Winter Travel - 'Tis the Season

Once you’re back home safe and sound, ’tis the season to party. From Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve there’s plenty of opportunity to enjoy yourself (responsibly!) over the festive period – with cocktails, mulled wine, Irish coffees and so much more to choose from, make sure you pick up some last minute Christmas or New Year’s gifts from our barware section to keep everything presented as perfectly as possible.

For the boys, we’ve got all kinds of beer glasses and steins, and even a Viking drinking horn! For those of more sophisticated taste, there’s also champagne flutes and fantasy-styled glasses to imbibe some Christmas spirits and wines from.

Cocktails and Mulled Wine

Whatever you’re up to this Christmas and New Year, make sure you have a great time spent with family and friends. If you’re working, don’t work too hard and make sure you take time to enjoy the festive spirit yourself.

See you (groggily!) in the New Year!

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