They don’t care what people think. They want to dance. They want to drink. But most of all, they want to play dirty secret hardcore bingo. IWOOT has been supplying top notch prizes to the beautiful people from The Underground Rebel Bingo Club for quite some time now, so we were more than a little chuffed when they were reviewed by Time Out and received the coveted Top Pick for Bingo Clubbing.

“Bingo Nights are taking over clubland. We rate each one’s assets out of five and tally them up to see who’s got the bounciest balls. . . Luckily a new wave of bingo trendifiers are trying their best to reclaim full houses and dabbers from the blue-rinse brigade. From Bring and Share Musical Bingo’s substitution of numbers for songs, to the foul mouthed corset-clad bingo callers of Underground Rebel Bingo, we’ve rated the best night’s trying to revarnish the game’s appeal and give bingo wings.”

Scoring a massive 23 points out of a possible 25, Underground Rebel Bingo came out on top. We’re so proud of them. Their Bingo night is held at a secret location in the East End so we’re afraid if your name’s not on the list, you’re not getting in.


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