Welcome to 2014, the International Year of Family Farming! This worldwide initiative is focused on promoting policies to help eradicate poverty and hunger by supporting small holding farmers with the introduction of sustainable farming development methods. There is also an aim to try and protect our fragile natural environment in the process. This raises the question that perhaps we can all be a bit more sustainable in our daily routines. You might be thinking that you just don’t have the time to make any changes, but even small changes in our day-to-day lifestyle can make all the difference and it might be easier to consider then you think.

Here at IWOOT we have collected a few ideas to help you along your way by perhaps making the idea of being a little more sustainable that much more inviting. As an extra bonus, when living a slightly more sustainable lifestyle, it usually saves you a little cash too!

Solar Energy

Ok, so we all know solar panels are a good thing but most solar lighting can be ugly. However this subtle outdoor light for £17.99 has the solar panel discreetly hidden on the top, making it easy to light your garden or front porch with ease and with no added electricity. Click here for more information.

Flask it Up!

Cut out a trip to the café for a takeaway coffee in the morning and bring a flask of your favourite brew to work instead. Not only will this save you throwing away yet another cardboard cup and plastic lid, it will also save you a few pounds every day. If you can spare a couple of extra minutes in the morning, why not save yourself some extra spending money for the weekend! Click here to buy.

Home Grown Chilli Plants

So, not all of us are green fingered, or have the time to nurture a growing plant let alone a garden to put one in! However, don’t let that put you off. All you need is a windowsill with a good exposure to sunlight and a willingness to try something new. If you are not convinced then this would make a great gift or men or women keen on exploring those spicy dishes in the kitchen. Click here to read more.

Little Green Fingers

It can be hard to get your children interested in nature with so many exhilarating films and computer games around. Why not try getting them interested in the outdoors, away from the TV set, with this nifty little microscope from Eureka. With this educational toy, they will be able to discover the beasts and villains of the garden in superb detail, which is bound to grab the attention of even the most vivid imagination! Click here for more information.

Rice Measure

One sure way to be more sustainable and cautious with your food budget is to take extra care with your food waste. This isn’t always easy, especially when you are cooking for a big family, however there are some tools to make it all a bit easier. It is far too easy to cook too much rice, not enough rice, or even the dreaded soggy rice! This great little tool not only measures how much rice you need for one portion, but how much water you need to cook the rice. From now on get perfect rice every time, with no extra waste. Click here to buy.

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