The Woodvale Atlantic Rowing Race is, by all accounts, a bit tricky. In essence, a load of two-man boats have to row the Atlantic (from the Canary Islands to Antigua), not only enduring the swelling seas and turbulent conditions, but enduring them for about 7 weeks. So we’re extremely chuffed to be supporting out the Pytheas Club as they embark on this amazing adventure (look out for the IWOOT logo on the side of their boat, The Spirit Of Montanaro).

The Pytheas Club are Adam Rackley and James Arnold, two gung-ho outdoorsy sorts that seem to literally thrive on near-impossible challenges. They’ll be taking it in turns to row for two hours at a time each, meaning that they spend literally 12 hours a day rowing. They’ve elected to send any sponsorship money they can raise to Save The Children, so it really is important that they make it – a worthy course, we’re sure you’ll agree.


Now, we’re a considerate bunch here at IWOOT Towers, so we’re sending them off with a few select IWOOT bits and pieces which they’ll show off proudly as they row themselves silly. We’ll keep you updated on their progress and let you see those handy products in action (we were thinking of sending them a couple of inflatable wigs, but it turns out they’ve already got lifejackets), so make sure you keep checking back.

Weather permitting, they’ll set sail (well, set oars, I suppose) on Tuesday 29th December. You can read more about The Pytheas Club here, and more about their challenge here. Good luck guys!

La Gomera, the starting point for the challenge.

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