It seems that Windows has come in for a bit of a kicking lately, PR wise, and this old Windows 95 tutorial video is doing them no favours either. Hindsight is certainly a wonderful thing, but even at the time this must’ve seemed a little stilted as a promotional tool. What’s worse is that they clearly haven’t learned their lesson, as anyone who’s seen their latest Windows 7 videos will tell you. Not that Apple have displayed much better form – remember the Mitchell & Webb Mac and PC ads? Either way, have a look at these guides starring comedy stars of the day Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry:



Hilarious, eh? Those multi-million dollar paycheques were certainly money well spent. I particularly liked the “so you can fax from your computer?!” line – JimboWoot will be quietly celebrating the triumph of technology’s inexorable rise beyond the fax machine. As I said in a blog entry last week, it’s not a matter of Microsoft proving their worth, it’s a matter of affordability and until Apple’s prices drop, I’m going to have to use this kind of tutorial video to get my computing tips. Renaming documents is going to be a cinch!

Good on the Guardian for listing a load of interesting viral videos.

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