Yesterday, I was ill. Off sick. Laid up. Bunged up. It was horrible, frankly, and probably compounded by it being man-flu or whatever other stereotypical names you may want to give my afflictions.  Whichever way you slice it, having a cold is one of the most insulting things that human civilisation has to deal with – it’s not life-threatening, it debilitates you, it puts you in a bad mood, you can’t taste all that lovely chicken soup you’re supposed to have and it makes your face look like the Michelin Man’s bicep. Anyway, I was out of action for the day, and my diet and activities looked a little like this:


Tissues and Lemsip. Good times.

Yuck, I’m sure you’ll agree. Honestly, another teaspoon of that disgusting blackcurrant swill would be enough to make me hack off a toe. Horrible stuff. Anyway, my thinking was that, as long as I’m sitting about feeling sorry for myself and blowing my nose, I could at least get something productive done on my day off. I sent DinoWoot an email early on asking him to send me the login details for this here blog (his response of “whoops, forgot” came at about half past four) to enable some home-blogging, and set about dumping the contents of my iTunes library onto my external hard drive. What an exciting blog post this is.

After some much-needed dozing and whining and Lemsip, I flicked the telly on to see Eamonn Holmes and that other woman from This Morning telling people how to keep their children safe online. This, coupled with the emptying computer on my lap, turned my mind to the omnipresence of technology. Even on a sick day, we can potentially be at work while we snivel.

Initially I though that this was a marked difference from when we used to milk an illness for as much as possible to get out of school. Ah yes, the days when all we had to entertain us on a sick day was the current copy of the Radio Times and educational programming… but then I remember what my mum used to shout at me on such days: “if you’re well enough to play with your Game Boy, you’re well enough to go to school!” Times, it seems, have not changed much.

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