With the summer in full swing, and the big festivals like Glastonbury just around the corner, now is the time to start planning everything you’re going to take with you – other than beer, that is. It’s all well and good rocking up to Glasto this year with a 6-pack under your arm, but make sure you’re not the one realising you’ve forgotten a sleeping bag, food, or – worst case scenario – your tent. That’s why we’ve put together this handy checklist of festival essentials for you to make sure you’re not the one with both literal and metaphorical mud on your face this year.


The Basics

These are the things that you absolutely should not forget. failure to bring along any of the following could seriously impair your ability to even arrive, sleep, contact the outside world in case of an emergency. Of course, if doing none of those things is your aim, then ignore this section entirely, you crazy sons-of-guns.

Satnav: First and foremost, you need to actually get there. Also make sure you note down where you park or get the bus in, otherwise you’ll be in for a groggy Monday morning wander with a tent on your back. We recommend our Mio Moov Navman, if you don’t have one already.

Sleeping mat: Because just popping a sleeping bag on the ground isn’t as comfortable as you think it is.

Sleeping bag: Make sure you get a light, easy to fold one that also can be fully zipped out. The thing with summer festivals is that it can end up being freezing cold at 4am and boiling hot at 7am. Having a flexible sleeping bag is a big help.

Torch & Batteries: Unless you have infravision, getting around after dark can sometimes be a bit of a hassle, especially if small fires aren’t allowed (*shakes fist at Leeds 2008*). A small torch and some batteries can end up being mighty handy.

Old Phone & Charger: The only thing more annoying than people whinging about breaking their phones at a festival is breaking your phone at a festival. That’s why you should always take an old one instead, along with a portable charger. And if you must insist on taking your iPhone with you, check out our Portable iPhone Charger.

Bin Bags: You should be cleaning up after yourself. Because, you know, the environment is important.

Portable Chair: Do you want to sit in the mud, or on a handy portable chair? Pick up one of our Coleman Standard Quad Chairs and ensure your rear end is parked comfortably when your legs give up on dancing.

Earplugs: Easy to remember, a nightmare if you forget. Blotting out the sounds of morning moaners and snorers alike is a great help in nursing those inevitable hangovers.

Tent: Make sure you get one that stands out! It can be quite the challenge finding your generic green tent in the middle of the night amongst a sea of similarly generic green tents, especially if you’re a bit squiffy. Either paint it beforehand with some wacky colours, or pick up one of our great range of crazy tents here.


Hygiene & Health

Towel: You know, for when the festival showers actually work. Check our selection here.

Dry Shampoo: As mentioned above, oftentimes getting to the shower at a festival can be a bit of a nightmare. For those of us with more than a centimeter of hair, keeping it clean remains a concern – making dry shampoo the ultimate solution.

Deodorant: Hopefully this is self explanatory.

Toothbrush & Toothpaste: With all of those over-priced burgers, mid-morning coffees, and the vast quantities of other sugary, fatty foods and liquids you’ll be throwing down yourself; morning breath might be a great way to get some room in the crowd, but its hardly endearing. Get a travel brush and buck your ideas up.

Plasters: With all the litter and drunken shenanigans that happen at a festival, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Ibuprofen: I think we all know why you’ll be needing this.

Loo Roll: Because having your own, just in case, will save you a whole lot of trouble when you stumble into a grotty portaloo.

Wet Wipes: Eminently useful in every situation and perfect for cleaning the odd bit of mud (or worse), they also make an excellent backup to a shower if you’re feeling particularly immobile or if they’ve gone and broken again.

Rehydration Sachets: Not just for hangovers. These things can quite literally be a lifesaver at a festival, with the combination of heat, alcohol and other questionable substances flying around, dehydration is a real problem. Stay ahead of any problems with a pack or two.



T Shirts: For when its sunny.

Jumper: For when it’s not.

Underwear: For both kinds of weather. Bring a few back-ups too, just in case.

Ski Socks: Perfect for both wellies and when its cold at night, but probably not what you want to wear when you’ve got your sandals on.

Jeans: Again, for when it’s hella muddy and cold. 

Shorts: Great for the hotter days and also for sleeping in, always bring a couple of pairs.

Wellies: Perhaps the single most important piece of clothing when it comes to going to a british festival, wellington boots are what are going to stop you from contracting trenchfoot. We’ve got a terrific selection of festival feet here at IWOOT that you’d be mad not to take a butchers at. 

Sandals: For those of you who are lucky enough to be going to a beach festival or one in the sun on the continent. 

Hats: An oft forgotten part of the festival clothing repertoire, hats are a big help for fending off heat exhaustion or at least keeping your bonce dry when its starts, inevitably, to rain.

So, have we missed anything out? what festivals are you going to this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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