At last! It’s here! But is Apple’s brand spanking new tablet-y, computer-y, entertainment-y, eBook-y, baking-tray-y iPad worth your time and money if you already have an iPhone or an iPod Touch? Via the medium of Skype, we Wooters have a little look at what Steve Jobs spent last night having nightmares about…

Danny Woot: So the iPad – doth it rock or doth it suck?

Jimbo Woot: Don’t you mean the Really Big 3G Ipod Touch?

Danny: I think it looks like a baking tray.

Jimbo: I am an Apple snob. So obviously love everything about it. I just don’t see myself ever needing one.

Jenna Woot: It could be the new version of the Trigger Happy “HELLO!” sketch.


Jimbo: I would definitely consider buying one if my daily commute was an hour or so, and if as Jenna suggested earlier in the kitchen, it had an amazing sketching app. I also think that it is quite a bold move for Apple to rely on the delivery of saucy apps determining the success of it.

Jenna: Yeah, I’d love it to sketch on, thing is you can get this awesome stuff – paper and pencil – that costs next to nothing…

Danny: Oh yeah, I’ve heard of that.

Jenna: I’d buy it if it would let me play super flight control.

Danny: So what other apps are going to be available? I’ve read about the New York Times one, but that’s another “should we pay for the news?” issue.

Jimbo: They have the basic word processing and spreadsheet apps.

Jenna: They have plenty games.

Jimbo: Sky News is free on the iPhone. Again, the relevance of the device is determined by third parties. Weird.

Dino Woot: Not really, look at the original iPhone. It was massively successful without an app store.


Dino: But the app store definitely blew it away.

Jenna: Otherwise you have a glorified mp3 player and web browser.

Jimbo: HAHA! I would love to buy an iPad just to walk around pretending to talk on it!

Dino: That would be classic. I am disappointed that it runs on the same OS as the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Danny: What kind of OS would suit it better?

Jimbo: The OS is irrelavant if apps are created properly. This set of pics gets me excited about the iPad.


Jimbo: Imagine walking into a job interview, and showing your portfolio on it. THAT would be sick.

Jenna: If you could use a stylus with illustrator it would be really good for logo design/illustration.

Danny: I could definitely imagine using the bottom right image – kind of like an old word processor machine.

Jimbo: Have you guys ever seen this video?

Jimbo: It’s about Multi Touch interface. Imagine taking some of this and adding it into it – and this was in 2006!

Jenna: eBooks are really popular and they cost £150+.

Jimbo: The new Kindle is £200.

Danny: And what’s the RRP for the iPad?

Jimbo: No one really knows yet.

Danny: Care to hazard a guess?

Jimbo: Starting @ £400? It says it will start at $499 in the US. The Kindle DX Wireless is $489.99.

Dino: That is stupidly expensive for en eBook reader.

Danny: So, without the opportunity to get one on contract like an iPhone, are people really going to pay that much?

Jimbo: Good question. I might actually get suckered into a £20/month contract if I get one for free.

Danny: They can bill you at the same time they bill you for your iPhone.

Jimbo: The standard rule of thumb is generally to wait for 3rd gen anyways 🙂

Jenna: You can get Apple products on credit, it would be sort of like paying for a contract.

Danny: I suppose so, but I think you’re right about waiting – how much of this will be obsolete by the time the next one comes out?

Jimbo: Well for a start they are going to have to increase the memory size.

Danny: Any more physical size and you could do oven chips on it.

Jenna: You could have your steak cooking on the PS3 and chips on the iPad – thats multi-use technology!

Dino: The option for removable media is also disappointing. The lack of, anyway.

Danny: So final thoughts – good or bad?

Jimbo: Only time and the app developers will tell.

Jenna: If I had a private yacht I would totally get one to use on it- it would definitely be my web browsing/word processing device of choice

Danny: I still struggle with an iPod, so I’m going to wait until five years after everyone else has one and then consider getting one second-hand.

Dino: I really think that it has potential in terms of what third parties will do with it, and I am quite excited to see what they will put out. But at the same time I am quite disappointed that it doesn’t seem much more than an enlarged iPhone. Maybe my disappointment will turn around when I see what is really possible with it.

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