The Great British Bake Off contestants survived the first week of the series baking cakes, now it’s time to see how they handle the good old biscuit! Our sources tell us that they will be tested on savoury biscuits as well as sweet snacks & the showstopper will challenge them to create 3D biscuit scenes. Read on to find out our IWOOT GBBO biscuit week essentials.

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Customisable cookie stamp‘Eat me’ cookie stamper l ‘Homemade’ cookie stamp

First things first, if you are going to bake biscuits, you need to let everyone know that you made them! Because if you don’t post a photo of your bakes on Instagram, they don’t count, right? What better way to make sure that people know you are a star baker than to brand your biscuits with this customisable cookie stamp? It comes with a range of easy to use letters & symbols so you can put your own stamp on your creations. If this seems too faffy for you, we have ready made ‘eat me’ & ‘home made’ stamps instead.

3D dinosaur cookies
3D dino cookie cutters l 3D safari cookie cutters l 3D space cookie cutter

If you, like the GBBO contestants, are wanting to take on the challenge of 3D biscuit making, why not give these cookie cutters a go? You can make your very own Jurassic Park with these Dinosaur shapes! Dinosaurs not your thing? How about making your own Safari squad or even make out of this world 3D spaceship cookies!

I heart biscuits mug

You’ve made the biscuits, you’ve stored the biscuits, now it’s time to sit back & enjoy them! Keep your enemies close & your biscuits closer! What better way to keep your snacks by your side at all times and show the world that even though you are one tough cookie, you also have a soft biscuit loving side. It’s also a great gift idea for any brew & biscuit fan!

Jame Oliver retro biscuit tin
Jamie Oliver retro biscuit tin
Now what are you going to do with all of these extra sweet snacks? You could be a nice human & share them with your friends, family , work mates, cat… but you know you probably won’t be doing that! You obviously need somewhere to store them so why not go full Bake Off with this retro style tin?  Mary Berry would be proud!

Cookie Monster Funko POP vinyl
Cookie Monster Funko POP!

If you are more of a biscuit eater than a biscuit maker then this little guy is probably more up your (Sesame) Street! Every cookie fan needs a Cookie Monster mascot. This Funko POP! would be a great addition to any kitchen, displayed in or out of his illustrated window box. Just make sure you keep him away from the cookie jar!

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