The enterprising folk at Kitsune Noir have, for about 18 months now, been giving their followers brand new desktop wallpapers every Wednesday in something they, quite logically, have entitled The Desktop Wallpaper Project. By far the best thing about this is that each one is by a different new artist, making for some amazing aesthetic innovations, slightly disturbing pictures and just some plain old interesting wallpaper. Being new to IWOOT, I haven’t yet changed from the rolling hills backdrop supplied with every PC, but now I’ve got a wealth to choose from and the potential to change it every week. Look at this latest one by Ian O’Phelan:


You’d want that on your desktop, wouldn’t you? Amazing designs every week, guaranteed to be at least as good as the Windows symbol. There’s more info here at the project website. I’m going for Mickey Duzyj’s greyhound picture. Fierce!

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