We all love the irremovable permanence of a graffiti’d body part, now don’t we? The reminder of a past lover, a simple declaration of love for one’s mum, or the classic ‘love and hate on the knuckles’ design… they’re all mint. We’re joking of course – many tattoos are amazingly intricate, artistically impressive and a neat compliment to the show-off in your circle of friends. Surfers in particular have more cause than most to make their bodies into living murals, what with being half-naked all the time, so if anyone’s going to take care over their tattoo, you’d think it woule be these guys. However, some surfers are not blessed with sound artistic judgement and choose to do things like THIS to themselves:


It gets worse:

Good grief.

So next time you’re thinking about irreversibly (well, not without having a face-off with a prop from ‘Goldfinger’) doodling on your body, have a look at this list to make sure you’re not going to look like you’ve just been kicked off the Bulldog Bash.

Thanks to Transworld for compiling this bizarre gallery, and to KieranWoot for the spot.

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