Some bright spark has managed to shoehorn in those loveable/infuriating (delete as appropriate) Teletubbies into the popular zombie shoot ’em up, Left 4 Dead. This means that where players would normally be hurtling shotgun shells into the rabid undead, they are now pummelling the stars of many a pre-schooler’s early television viewing into a bloody pulp. Seeing as our zombie senses are especially attuned at the moment in IWOOT towers (they’re coming!), we thought it would be foolish not to show you a bit of it. Please be warned, though, it’s not suitable for anyone who harboured any affection for these multicoloured child hypnotists:

As you can see, it’s completely crazy. The bit where flaming Teletubbies burst in nearly made me choke on my cheese & pickle sandwich. Am I the only one who finds the Teletubbies soft voices in this context absolutely terrifying? I think they’re worse than standard zombie moaning and the omnipresent wail of “Braaaaains…”.

Apparently, this is all the brainchild of someone going by the name of Flameknight7. So well done to him. We found it via the MTV website.

PS: I was toying with the idea of calling this post ‘Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, DEAD”, but it seemed a little cold-hearted.

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