We’re nothing if not supportive of the burgeoning folk resurgence here at IWOOT. Proof, as if it were needed (you should see the collection of Steeleye Span rarities lying around the office), comes in the shape of these great pictures from two acoustic types who call themselves ‘Men In Black’. We’re assured that it’s nothing to do with aliens and the polite face of modern hip-hop. Mid-set, possibly even mid-strum, they turned instantly from traditional folkies into biking ‘muthas’, thanks to IWOOT’s surprisingly convincing Tattoo Sleeves.

From their photographer:

“I thought you would be interested to see how amazing your tattoos look on 2 professional musicians! By professional, I mean that Paul is a Chartered Accountant and Charles is an Engineer. Together they are ‘Men In Black’ and they played last May at the Wimborne Music Festival in Dorset.

They did a costume change during their set and became ‘Men In Tattoos’. They really got into the swing of the mean and moody biker look with the tattoos.

By the way, the picture of Paul ‘Setting Up’: he hadn’t smoked a cigarette in years and thoroughly enjoyed it!”

Nice boas, lads...

Looking Mean

The guys' rendition of 'All Around My Hat' raised a few eyebrows...

Limbering up to folk out

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