We encourage all are readers and customers to get in touch with tidbits they think we might find amusing, but we were a little surprised that dedication to IWOOT has crossed over into the animal kingdom. That’s right: man’s best friend has started living the brand.

An animal-loving customer of ours has sent us this great video of her husky Loki saying “I Want One”… which obviously isn’t quite the whole of our website name, but what an effort! You can make up your own mind as to whether Loki is in fact spluttering out the hallowed phrase.


Our thanks go to Niamh for making her dog do such a thing, and videoing it as well. Impressive. We’d be over the moon if you managed to make Loki go the whole hog (or, indeed, the whole dog… ha ha ha…) and nail “of those dot com” as well, but for now this is ace!

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